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June 17, 2014



Christ with Mary and Martha




A. EAKER Omaggio a Luigi Nono








“I told some teammates that I would score in the 80th minute and win the game and I did it – in the 86th minute. The dream was two days ago, and it was also a header from a corner.” John Brooks (World Cup)


I find these dreams intriguing. His dream has him scoring in the 80th minute—but on that day it was the 86th minute … a difference of 6. And the score was a HEADER from a CORNER.

What does this dream tell the world? If a minute stands for an hour, and an hour stands for a day, and a day stands for “Time Signature” … then in SIX Time Signatures, man will realize his destination. The question now would be: What is a Time Signature?

A Time Signature in Spiritual Language is AWARENESS. Being at the right place at the right time both physically and mentally to initiate PERPLEXITY OF TRUTH. This is another way of saying that the Word of God (often viewed as the Bible, but it is far more than just this) will be in Light.

Now, why didn’t John score in his dream at the exact same time he did on that day? This is where mystics and seers often miss the message. The message is symbolic, not so literal as man’s mind thinks, but is literal in Spiritual Sense, just as God’s Word is born of SYMBOLIC imperative. If man could learn to see in this realm of realism, there would be a lot less distance between himself and God.


chagall moses


Peace and Love




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