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Penitent Light … ongoing

June 7, 2014

“Our 20th century history shows that for a large part of that century, this was not a very nice place to live, particularly if you did not fit in, like unmarried mothers or gay people,” he said. “One thing that gets forgotten is the connivance of families and communities. The impression is given that the nuns behaved like the child catcher in ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.’ But it was a community thing. If their daughter became pregnant, parents were quite happy to send her off to a laundry with the firm intention of never seeing her again. Sometimes we forget that the nuns and religious who did these things did not come from Rome. They were our neighbors.”







I can see their minds at work … the patriarchs want to redirect the blame to those under their spell.  Is this a way to make the distinction between acts religious and acts spiritual? Is this person cleverly trying to plant a seed that Rome is spiritual and would never do such a thing? Yes, they are their neighbors, but the Vatican is no saint. The question that one should be asking is this: Who instituted this mindset? The Vatican is no Lover of women, or girls  … and they control with fatalistic dogma—demanding that these people wed themselves to it. There was little choice for most of these spiritually bereft communities. Their lives were inundated with Roman Catholic commitment fueled and fed with Roman Catholic dogma.


Yes, these men and women made a choice—going against Sacrament of Reason—alienating Conscience, but who taught them that VIRGINITY was a celibate priest, or a celibate pope, or a sexless, inhuman Goddess called Mary, their Jesus’ mother? Mary was far more of Spiritual Relevance than these religious fanatics made her out to be. They made her an impossible role model, and in doing so, demonized sex, pregnancy, love, even if it was not a mature love, but these women were often very young, girls really, children, and were under the possessive culture of man being the dominant partner and the one to dictate. I even read a post from a Roman Catholic (what Alf would call a Patriarchal Cheerleader) on the Amazon Forum (sinless mary thread), where she stated that man possesses woman. I could not contain myself and had to respond that this thinking is WRONG! But this IS Roman Catholic patriarchal mindset—a brainwashing of its members, but what I found interesting was that she, and a few other ‘women’ on the forum were lovebombing the men. This was really weird. I know of one sect of Roman Catholicism that is known for this. Are these doing the work of their father?





ISLAMABAD (AP) — An 18-year-old Pakistani woman “miraculously survived” after being shot and thrown into a canal by her father for marrying against the family’s wishes, police said Saturday, describing the latest in a series of such attacks on women in the Muslim-majority country.

The assault on Wednesday came days after a 25-year-old woman was beaten and stoned to death by her family for marrying a man they did not approve of, one of hundreds of so-called “honor killings” carried out every year in Pakistan against women accused of bringing shame to their conservative families through sexual transgressions.

Local police officer Ali Akbar said the teenager’s father, with help from some of his close relatives, attacked her in Hafizabad, a conservative city 200 kilometers (120 miles) southeast of the capital Islamabad.

Akbar said Saba Maqsood was in love with a man from a nearby city and married him last week, but her father Ahmed brought her back to his home, promising she would not be harmed. Akbar said her family members beat her, and the following day Ahmed took her to a deserted area and tried to kill her.

The woman told police her two uncles looked on as her father shot her in the face, put her in a burlap sack and threw her into a canal, Akbar said.

“Saba Maqsood told us that her father and other relatives had assumed that she was dead, but she regained consciousness, opened the sack and came out of the canal,” he said. He said she made her way to a gas station, where she alerted a security guard.

“We are raiding different places in an effort to capture her father and all those who participated in the assault,” he said.

The fatal stoning last month cast a harsh light on violence against women in Pakistan, where human rights activists say perpetrators are often acquitted or given light sentences.

Under Pakistani law, those charged with killing women can see their criminal case dropped if family members of the deceased forgive them or accept so-called “blood money.”


The stories coming to the public eye of the poor young women and girls in Pakistan and other places of unrest where there is a collision of interest—religiously-politically—is like a wave of something insistent on reaction—reaction both distracting and of a need for consequence. The media has two objectives. I raise the awareness to help the reader understand the climate of ignorance born of religion, and fueled by money, control (property) and hate. These women and young girls are nothing but property—an object used to butcher like an animal for slaughter as a sacrifice to their gods. This is similar to those brainwashed to commit suicide by using themselves as human explosives. Religious tenet is a dangerous weapon to the masses. The religious and political leaders know how to manipulate and deceive. What works in these  unstable minds is an enemy that mankind does not understand, and he does not desire to gain a greater understanding in—within its dimension of illicitness and horror of cleverness and brutality. Why? He is born of money, hate, and the demographic of sin, languishing and or dozing in his seat of entitlement. He was enslaved to its ideology at birth, no differently than much of the denominations claiming Christ, but using the cross as a weapon of destruction. Yes, he is BORN OF these and other factions of disunity and separateness from God. These demons are no more my brother than the cancer that ravages the body. Those who do business with these sell their souls to the highest bidder. They look away from the bloodshed and the suffering, and tell themselves that these incidents are not their business because its religious property. These make their choice in the world, and choose worldly over what is of the LIVING AND TRUE GOD. They see only the forest and never the trees, and desire the wood for burning for their own indecent housing. They have no respect for Earth, or matters of the Spirit.


One must study the climate of the times. One must see what pervaded the communities, and determine its source. I would not be so quick to dismiss Rome as innocent in these illicit acts in the nun brothels of celibacy within Roman Catholic Hierarchal living,  and do not be deceived in thinking that the RC hierarchy did not have their hands in as much political pie as they could muster … and that is a HELL of a lot! The hand of religion forged with the hand of state and created a fist that swept the nation, and told sister she was a whore. But who is the whore in all of this? The children of these times?


The ROMAN FIST played punching bag with all who opposed it … and the offspring took up arms in various ways. Who has blood under their dagger nails? The Christ still hanging from the cross? Does Rome still desire that you believe this? A good question to ponder away from the demonic eyes of those capsizing the wee one’s boats.


I recall the story of my own baptism, and that of one of my brothers. My dad was not permitted to stand with us because he was not a member of the church where we were being baptized. He left the congregation never to return. This caused somewhat of a hardship for my mom, especially as she was organist for the church, but this, I believe, was where balance comes into purpose. I DID NOT BECOME CONSUMED BY THE TENET OF THAT CHURCH. Thank God. But one must ask: where did Calvinism get its doctrine? What massive wave engulfed its breath that it would be such a stingy bitch unwilling to share the milk of the symbolic water? I was blessed. For my dad’s 80th birthday, I asked that my brother baptize me in the river with my father standing in attendance. My mother then asked that I baptize my brother. And so it is. REJECTION WITHIN RELIGION OF PARTIALITY IS NOT ONLY A GOOD THING, IT IS OF NECESSITY IN THE LIFE.


TO BE OWNED BY RELIGION IS SPIRITUAL DEATH. To belong to a church man-instituted for man’s will instead of God’s will is to be without SPIRITUAL BREATH, and this includes all matters worldly.


And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Romans 12.2



Fatalistic dogma. What could have been a heart-warming symbolic celebration of life … pregnancy, birth, baptism, love … no matter how immature, and sometimes reckless … was forced into a death sentence, by those owned by RELIGIOUS BELIEF AND PRACTICE—a mindset as distant from the heart as the Papal Curia is distant from God—the Living and true God—for how could one of Spirit command itself in the manner that the institution of the Roman Catholic Church has done in governing the masses. Use your SENSE of impartiality and Gift of Reason, and you will come into understanding in how an enemy of God perfects itself within distinction of selfish purpose and agenda for power. Why is Papal Curia distant from God? Because it set itself up as GOD IN THE WORLD. It FORCED its belief system, much the same way that the families of Religious murder and distrust are doing with their daughters in Pakistan, and others, upon those less capable of defending themselves …


WHY MUST THE BITCH OF RELIGIOSITY DOMINATED BY PATRIARCHAL POWERS MAKE THE CHILDREN SUFFER? The thought of those wee ones feeling the loneliness and desperation of feeling unloved, or misunderstood, or that life is stolen from them … is almost unbearable. THIS IS OFTEN THE FEELING OF THE VICTIM HAVING BEING SEXUALLY RAPED. Even the Spiritually Gifted feel the rape of man in his stealing of innocence …


The demons of the world now desire … THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT. Those in societies where children are not being sold into the slavery of the RELIGIOUS OF NO RETURN—that stagnant mindset of denial and destruction, where there is no FLOW OF THE SPIRIT HOLY—who are trying to FIND BALANCE IN THE HELL OF RELIGIOUS POLITICS—having to find schooling, work, and some form of sanity within this world. As you know, or should know, it has been the “religious philosophies” that have permeated the masses in the governance of the people. How do you take out the fatalistic religiosity from a politician sold to its own death sentence? What are you PRIESTS going to do about it? Cling to fatalistic dogma, wait for Spiritually insufficient bishops or patriarchs to tell you want to do … or TAKE UP YOUR CROSS?  I am reminded of a recent dream; briefly, I was called to a college because there was an approaching danger. I stood in one room of this place, and saw that there was need for Understanding in how to help the children. One side was full of windows. I went up a set of stairs and called to follow me three dressed in unusual garb, and headed outside, to find that the windows were covered with things … things I knew to be ominous. I heard those inside with the ‘students’ call me for help.  I went back inside and down the steps. As I did this I saw that the things on the windows became scorpions. I went up to them and I asked: What do you want?



Look at the extravagance of the Roman Catholic RESIDENCY, and how this has been since its first  … “9. that the pope is the only one whose feet are to be kissed by all princes and 19. that he himself may be judged by no one” (just two of 27 of the Dictatus papae dealing with the Roman primacy/ see THE CHRISTIAN EAST AND THE RISE OF THE PAPACY). What do you see in the ways of these? You think pope Fran is going to tear down those walls? He called the Muslim his brother … bowing to these. Political puppetry? “He” also told the LWCR to “shut up” (systematically speaking), but do see that when Thomas Merton used William Blake as his thesis topic, and clearly he had great admiration for this brother, there was no crack down … What gives here, priests? This is just plain silliness, and would be much to ignore if it weren’t for all of those sorrowful graves …




The RCC masterminded “the marriage” in Christian society—what it should be composed of, and what it should look like, and yet it took liberties where it served itself. It’s a fatherless institution of no regret—no real remorse … no PENITENT LIGHT. Thankfully, members fought and disagreed with this unstable place of ignorance and mediocrity, and thank God some did break from the hypocrisy. Artists forged new alliances and struggled to redeem … to try and make sense of their mystical experiences and build a place of Sense and Temperature and Life … of a more Spiritual Placement. The RCC and its brothers gouged their eyes and sliced off their ears … (do not think Vincent like Jeremiah did not send a message … so few in their love of labels could understand).


The Roman Catholic Church and its brothers will NOT control this image. Why? It has hung itself up on that cross … well, if we have to take this dead wood to build the platform of SPIRITUAL AWARENESS … then WE, as LOVER OF TRUE LIVING GOD will become …




Peace and Love

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  1. opheliart permalink

    bromance – funny, except I cannot tell a lie … The Patriarch just wants his school back. Why can’t he have ‘his’ school back? Maybe because it’s GOOD LORD saying it’s time for these men to step down. Discrimination is not HOLY, and partiality is a sin. Get with the program—the WORD OF GOD says:


    So, patriarch, how does discrimination feel?

    … as for the rest of you … your day is coming … MARK that Gregorian Calendar … and you can special mark MOTHER’S DAY on it, because you will be likely serving HER for the remainder of your discriminating and partial lives!!! In this, you might want to consider yourselves blessed.

    Peace and Love

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