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The Serial Tiller (continued…)

May 24, 2014


The above article intrigued me, and so I share it with you that you might begin to understand how God works. What we see in this figure is another figure, one that is what we might view as angelic, spiritual—mystical (of mystery). The outward appearance is one thing, while what exists inside is quite another. Although it is merely a visual illustration, it does hold that representation of what is present in God Work, or the Spirit at Work in one chosen. It’s what we call a two in one, but what is NOT seen, is the MAKER. Here is your believer’s Trinitarian make-up in God. That which is hidden, is hidden for good Purpose, but that which is given (gifted), is gifted for Life in the Eternal. Jesus said he came not to bring peace, but a sword. That the figurine was dropped and had broken open to reveal the “figure” within  is symbolic of: the VEIL OF THE TEMPLE WAS TORN IN TWO FROM TOP TO BOTTOM … the earth did quake … the rocks split. The Prophet demonstrated through Word, Prophesy: the Evolution of God and Man. A believer should be asking: what does the veil of the temple represent? Of course it represents the separation of mind from heart; Man from God—Masculine from the Feminine Understanding within Truth.


Might religious then begin to Understand Paul in 1 Corinthians 11?




Jesus also said: And I will PRAY the Father, and He will send a Comforter, Advocate, Counselor … Helper. I ask, is this not what the Lord did in the Garden when He made for Adam a helper? Did Eve partake of the fruit of the Tree before Adam, before what is unseen was to be seen? Is this not what Paul is saying in 1 Corinthians 11. 17 … Had prayer been initiated? Was this command even a command? Where was Adam, and why was Eve, the younger, left alone? In this, we see the angel of the Lord in the Place of Initiation.


God does hear the prayers of those repentant, and striving for holiness, but do these asking understand that God uses the least likely, the less adorned, one not defiled, enslaved, conceited, partial, unforgiving, outwardly pedantic, and given over to worldly agenda and sacrifice. He uses one virginal in His Name. One who knows Love, for one who knows Love, will know Peace.


Why do the religious stand in garments of great expense, living in houses of great expense, eating in great expense, buying and selling … buying and selling … bartering … when they have no Feast of the Harvest of the Lord? Why are their hands no longer tilling the earth, and where is their Love? Where is Gift of the Lord? What became of Truth? Where is the gathering Agent on Light? Be amazed, brothers … be amazed … She rides the dragon …



The Apostles on Truth were foot soldiers. They came without fanfare and global affiliation. They did not announce through media and  declaration of name brand bias–political or otherwise–their cause, agenda, or religious representation.  TELL THEM ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF GOD was what Savior commanded. Luke 9: “Take nothing for the journey, neither staffs nor bag nor bread nor money; and do not have two tunics apiece.” Each one of these articles symbolizes something relating to Spiritual Growth, but one must reach for it. THE APOSTLES HAD TO REACH FOR THESE. Do you know what each article represents in the Spirit?

For starters, the tunics placed on the beasts (donkey and young colt: Matthew 21) for Him, as He rode into Jerusalem  (name meaning “peace”) are symbolic of the removal of the flesh.  Who shall come as my bride? The disciples chosen have not yet known Love, therefore they do not yet know Peace. Stripped of the conventional way, but had not stepped into Spirit ID. Their walk had not yet begun—their cross not yet lifted. The Apostles of Christ were not yet Apostles; they had not united with their given Name, which is paramount to Servitude in the One. They had not gone from disciple to apostle—talent had not yet been realized as Gift.

Love is the masculine as peace is the feminine; who shall come as my bride?



The following is from an earlier essay: THE ARTISTRY OF THE ART

… to demonstrate a mystic’s course of revenue, which I will share in a text from On the Inner Nature of Things by Nikitas Stithatos.

From The Philokalia, Text 45, page 119 of Volume four.

“Those who have not tasted the sweetness of the tears of compunction and are ignorant of its graces and of how it operates, think that such tears differ in no way from those shed for the dead; and they invent all manner of specious reasons and pretexts for thinking this, such as might naturally occur to us. But when what was haughty in our intellect inclines towards humility, and when the soul has closed its eyes to the deceitfulness of visible things and aspires solely to the contemplation of the material, primal light, repudiating all that derives from sense perception and receiving the grace bestowed by the spirit, then as water from a spring tears at once gush from it and sweeten its senses, filling the mind with all manner of joy and divine light. More than this, they shatter the heart and make the intellect humble in its contemplation of the higher world. These things cannot happen to those who lament and mourn in another way.”

First, anyone who desires Spiritual Knowledge, also understanding he has an immense process ahead I tip my hat to. Spiritual Knowledge by way of the Heart is a supremely artistic and revelatory experience, and if this brings one closer to God, which would align one more succinctly with Spirit Gift … weathers the storms within Purpose with the understanding that the work, and even possibly the worth, will be brought forth in time. Those searching often need to express themselves in some form. Many choose written text as a method of release. This is a good system, and can be a profitable venture, spiritually speaking, but remember: the place, the space, the state and the prime.

Nikitas was a commander of sorts. He is of purpose, but I do not align with his thinking. Here’s why … If you look closely at the word compunction, you see the word “to prick”, or “to prick sharply”. A grand word for a grand purpose, but its signature is not aligned properly with the following: more than this, they “shatter the heart” and make the intellect humble in its contemplation of the higher world. Nikitas speaks on a panel of iniquity. I lean (support) on a panel of the Paradox of Paradise. Pricking and shattering are of an immensely contrasting purpose and placement. The thought of a shattered heart is beyond the Sorrow of the altar. Its realm is consistent with death. Why does he use this to express the need for Spirit-filled humility? I suspect he is of a position of countering commonplace values–-of that time period and manner of thinking. One hears with the Heart, and this is of the Essence of the Spirituality of Christ (see Galatians 5.20-22). Imagine shattering the hearing. Now, this does not mean that one adhering in this will not speak out against the inequality, torture, ineffectiveness and hypocrisy of the day, even if you are a type of hesychast, for no altar is an island unto itself. In truth, the monk, or the one of the monastic existence is needed now more than ever, and this is why I believe The Philokalia and Agl. John’s Ladder of Divine Ascent will be fortuitous in our day. It’s growing relevance is a visible Light unto the Works. Even the writings of Nikitas are of use in the Understanding of this compunction.

However …

Nikitas’s words sound poignant and beguiling. They are texturally rich, but are they layered in a way that hides the weight of inner vain-glory? What are these really and truly saying? Nikitas is certainly entitled to freedom of religion and freedom to choose his words, but are his words truly of the Spirit? Had he been inspired yet his hand misfired? Because it worked without the other of common use? What is the other? Again, as I have shared on SPIR: the right and the left, which is our Wisdom and Spiritual Knowledge. Okay … but what does this look like in the text by Nikitas? It sounds as if he lacks Wisdom, our Sophia. Visit the story of Mary and Martha in Holy Scripture. Here you see allegory for the right and left.

If one enters the monastic state unversed in the persecution of the world, what has he to bring to the table? If one is lacking in the loss of the son having earned his wages as the servant to the poor, with what has he to measure his words? Can a rich man enter the Kingdom? It is a rare individual who can see within the soul to know if it has closed its eyes to deceit. The mind sees. The heart hears. The soul is the union of these which sires the Child of God–our Trinitarian Life.


And I add to this … Re: previous essay where the exchange between Thomas and Savior says: since the things visible will pass away. For the vessel of the flesh will pass away, and when it disintegrates, it will come to be among visible things, among things that can be seen. The visible fire gives them pain, because of the love of faith they once had. They will be gathered back to the visible realm. Moreover, among the invisible things, those who can see will perish, without the first love, in their concern for this life and the burning of the fire.

The visible cloaks sitting on the beasts … take only ONE tunic. Who are the bride to be? Hidden—much like the silence of the “woman” in “church” … much like the covering of the head in 1 Corinthians 11 … much like the covering of something not seen, for its Purpose has not yet been fully revealed.


To continue with the exchange between Thomas and Savior …

Thomas answered and said, “what can we say in the face of these things? What can we say to those who are blind? What teaching shall we give those miserable mortals who say, ‘We have come to [do] good and not to curse,’ and will [say] further, ‘If we had not been born in the flesh, we would not have known iniquity?'”

And Savior said, “To tell the truth, do not think of these as human beings, but regard them [as] animals (Beasts). As animals devour each other, so people like this devour each other. They are deprived of the kingdom, since they love the delight of fire and are slaves of death and rush to deeds of corruption. They fulfill the desire of their parents (partners or that which they unite in life). They will be cast down into the abyss and be afflicted by the compulsion of the bitterness of their evil nature. They will be whipped to drive them down to a place they do not know, and they will leave their limbs behind, not with fortitude but with despair. And they rejoice in [the fire, they love] madness and derangement, because they are [fools]. They pursue derangement, not realizing their madness but thinking they are wise. They … the love of their body …, their hearts turning to themselves and their thoughts being on their affairs. But fire will consume them.”

Thomas answered and said, “Master, what can one cast down to them do? I am very concerned about them, for many oppose them.” This is where we see evidence of what John prophesies in Revelation: he drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. These stars are angelkind, of human and Spirit. Thomas understands what this means. He knows of this Placement, and what will be for these.


Now, I will share more from Nikitas Stithatos, This from volume Four of The Philokalia, Text 80, page 166.

“If through humility and prayer you have been initiated into the spiritual knowledge of God, this means that you are known by God and enriched by Him with an authentic knowledge of His supranatural mysteries. If you are tainted with conceit, you have not been so initiated, but are governed by the spirit of this material world. Thus, even if you imagine that you know something, in fact you know nothing about things divine in the way you ought to (cf. 1 Corinthians 8: 2). If, however, you love God and regard nothing as more precious than love for God and for your fellow being, you will also know the depths of God and the mysteries of His Kingdom in the way that someone inspired by the Holy Spirit must know them. And you are known by God (cf 1 Corinthians 8.3), for you are a true worker in the paradise of His Church, out of love of DOING GOD’S WILL—that is to say, converting others, making the unworthy worthy through the understanding given you by the Holy Spirit, and keeping your actions inviolate through humility and compunction.”


Here is where the monk’s words ring truth in the fuller Sense of God Relevance. The only area I would change is where he says “inspired by the Holy Spirit.” I would change this to “drawn by the Holy Spirit.” I have shared in SPIR that one can be inspired, moved, even led by the Spirit, but to be drawn is to be in the Spirit—which is IN THE MOMENT—the Season of RENEWAL. In James 4.8, it states: DRAW NEAR TO GOD AND HE WILL DRAW NEAR TO YOU. This is existential in Understanding. Where it harbors truth is in its ideal—the platitude within conventional wisdom, which is another way of saying it serves to feed its planetary awareness or plane. But in this “truism” or ideal, it serves in the conversion of another through the water drawn where is has become over saturated with pretense and pride. This brings the dry, parched lips, where those of hypocrisy and ill will become unspoiled, and no longer placing stumbling blocks for those less able to see. The prophet must ride the beast into “peace” (our Jerusalem), that others might see the bridge of aroma pulsing and vibrating from the strength of many …

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth Matthew 5.5. The earth? Yes, the soil RENEWED … by the farmer, the athlete and the warrior—the Apostles sent to milk the Word, and to seal it from from salacious greed, and unproven—ungiven power.


Continued …


Peace and Love.









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