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The Serial Killer

May 23, 2014

Thomas answered and said, “Master, is it beneficial for us to rest among our own?”

THE SAVIOR said, “Yes, it is useful, and it is good for you, since the things visible among people will pass away. For the vessel of their flesh will pass away, and when it disintegrates, it will come to be among visible things, among things that can be seen. The visible fire gives them pain, because of the love of faith they once had. They will be gathered back to the visible realm. Moreover, among the invisible things, THOSE WHO CAN SEE WILL PERISH, WITHOUT THE FIRST LOVE, in their concern for this life and the burning of the fire. There is only a little time before what is visible will pass away. Then shapeless phantoms will come and dwell forever in the midst of the tombs on corpses, in pain and destruction of soul.

I will continue this Thomas exchange in the next essay. I stop here, and now move slowly so as not to lose what was lost.




Some have called me gnostic, but I do not adhere to Gnosticism, as I do not adhere to any religion. I prefer to be understood as orthodox spiritual, because I do not want people to assign labels to me without understanding the work. Orthodox spiritual is not a label, a title or a tag; it is a mode of living, thinking, being. It is rumination within Spiritual Purpose—movement. However, I do appreciate much having evolved and brought forth from the some of the lifestyle and works of religious mystics, seers and others gifted with Spirit-infused talent. The paintings, ikons and sculptures are rich, and diverse, and carry Teachings … the writings hold some connection, or strand of Teaching worthy of repose, reflection and review, but within the mind well lit, which is the heart ascending to this organ of ‘mistakable’ intrigue. I would be foolish in personage to not see the Spirit-infused wealth and riches having risen from, say, the Catholic Church, or the Orthodox Church. I would never deny these, as these are a part of a greater whole within the influx of Prophesy (the evolution of God and Man). And I caution those anti-catholic to move away from ignorance, hatred and ” protestant” nostalgia that he might glean the slivers on the efforts of perfectedness—having strived in the climb toward Godliness, just as I caution those who deny the Hebrew connection to God, the Judaistic effort, and others …


I will attempt, in a few essays, to thread a needle which seems so fine, and so fragile at this stage, but is IN REALITY, carefully, meticulously, forensically and metaphorically (as the language of humankind falls short of the truth glory of the One) pulsing and flowing—moving rhythmically and perpetually tribunal (for lack of a better word).


People say: all good things must come to an end. I disagree. True good, the good of the Father, remains, and does not end. It is the not so good, that which falls short, that ends, and must end if it becomes diseased, or if it becomes a stumbling block for others. The “old” ends (cannot put new wine into old wineskins; cannot sew a new patch to an old garment). Just as the flower expires on the vine, and never renews, so it is with many things.

I transplanted a rose bush recently. Afterward, a family member asked me, “What is that?” I replied, A rose bush. “Where did it come from?” I answered, It was over there for many years. I dug it up and moved it here. “I never noticed it over there.” Yes, I don’t think many have noticed it there; this is why I moved it here. Now, people may see it. And, I have planted that new rose I received on Mother’s Day to go with it, along with the bath for the birds, where they may find drink. These now have a place more safe, more accessible, and more noticed. These three together are in agreement. So it is with Gift, partnering, uniting … for new to flourish and move toward wellness (healing), growth and maturity within that which is truly good, it must be moved.




I came back to essay in SPIR for two reasons. One, I do not like to see waste of good space. Two, I was shown where he is lost, here he may be found. God is merciful, and nothing is set that can be used in accordance with Him who is All. Even wrongdoing should not be disregarded and ignored, as there is Teaching within Reflection through Light.


It is a truth that those known as the Gnostic Texts by THE APOSTLES OF CHRIST were set aside in Purpose, that they might be within the Return, to invite and to restore man unto Godliness, or God-likeness. I have seen its Presence, and know these to be partner to Holy Scripture. I caution those who claim belief in Christ to not deny or ignore this Presence for what is coming. But before I share in the exchange with Thomas, I would like for those following SPIR, and my opheliart blog, to understand this: my voice regarding religious institutions is NOT an attack on religious leaders (as some thought), but a warning to those rewarding themselves with the Names of those having been spent in the WORK and WORTH on Light, that which is of Truth, for they will be held accountable … and it is a voice telling those who play with fire that they have burned up their track. I ask these: How will you prodigals make your way home?




Revelation 2.4 states … Nevertheless, I have this against you, that you have left your first love.

Connect now, what Savior says to Thomas  … those who can see will perish, without the first love, and the concern for this life and the burning of the fire. 

In Revelation, John writes, “To the angel of the church of Ephesus.” To the angel of the church of “the desired one.” This leaves us two questions: what is the first love and who is the angel of the church of the desired one? The first love is, of course, the Lord your God (Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind …).  This is our desire. The angel is Matthias. Here’s why …

The name Matthias, similar to Matthew, means Gift of God, or Gift of Yahweh, which is also understood as divine. Matthias, we understand from Holy Scripture, took the place of another. Matthias is seen as Gift of God to take the place of one having been used to demonstrate what one should not do. But what happened to Jesus? The flesh form of this human, also prophet, died. Whether you believe this as a symbolic gesture or that it truly died, it died. What the apostles saw became no more. The physical presence of the human part is no longer seen. This is the Teaching. Do THIS in remembrance of Me. So, in [this], I challenge you … you are called … invited … instructed … The apostles prayed together for another to replace what was lost. Matthias was chosen. Now, I challenge in this Teaching … who is Matthias? Ask, and it shall be given you.

The part where people are lost is in the asking. They have forgotten how to pray. They left the first LOVE: Gift of God.


Continued …



Archangel Salathiel, Archangel of Prayer, The Command


 Peace and Love.



  1. opheliart permalink

    Good morning, Alfred… thank you for your post. I hope we will be able to continue this thread, and on through the next few essays. In the next essay, which I will publish later today, I use the expression “MAKER” to show God the Creator. It is in Genesis where we see the EVOLUTION of God and man take shape. To add … In Isaiah, it states …

    Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, ‘THE CREATOR’ of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding.

    + Part of my work is to partner the Spiritual Relevance of the OLD, the NEW (OT, NT, Gnostic Verse as a united function in and of THE LIFE: I am the way, the truth and the life …) to form a platform in which to b-r-e-a-t-h …………..SPIR the imagination to New Heights.


    As you and I know, it is often the case that ‘believers’ do not read, discern, SEEK, KNOCK … (Matthew 7.7/Luke 11.9) to come into Spiritual Understanding on Holy Scripture. They are enslaved to a mindset of milieu. Which, btw, reminds me of our discussion last month on the psychologist’s verse: hereditary vs environment. I’ve been meaning to share more recent studies on how environment plays a greater role than originally thought (info having come to me by way of a younger student at another college:~). You may want to share with your psych prof, as well as st Mary of the Wood … this essay with comments.

    Anyhow … as I was saying … believers are too often formed by the wiles of man rather than the way of God. They plunk themselves down in a studio called the pew, the classroom, the cubicle, the house of manmade religion. The place is space meant for good use, but ends up as a cell of inequity, primarily because what comes forth is of limited understanding, limited voice, limited expression … limited participation, resulting in limited EXPERIENCE. Accessibility to God, or OF God is limited—suppressed. Truth is suppressed. There is unfair practice within these confines. It is partial. Whether, priest, pastor, institution, dogma, doctrine, traditions, practices, or just laziness on the part of the laity, or all of these … TRUTH IS SUPPRESSED. Ignorance and Spiritual Immaturity abounds. The either-or of set religious up-brining … brining within this formulaic verse for the greater part of a life ‘makes’ the mind of undetermined character. This is where Lord is saying:

    21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I NEVER KNEW YOU; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

    In UNDERSTANDING THE GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH by Demetrius Constantelos, it shares in that God is not a ho-ho-ho Santa Klaus type. I recommend this theology reading for anyone interested in the mystical thought and perplexity in truism (explain on this another time). In this book, it states: People in the 20th century have lost the sense of God as a creator Father in the belief that to accept God in personal terms is unscientific or anachronistic.

    GOD IS SPIRIT, and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. John 4.24 This sounds like a simple verse, but IN REALITY of that Spirit, it is confounding, but confounding in the very same SENSE as what is stated in Isaiah: there is no searching of His understanding. What this is truly saying is … unending. There is endless searching. Man will always be infant/child in his Understanding of God. This weaves in beautifully with both verses by Paul on the child: put away the things of a child, and be as a child to enter the Kingdom.

    I will continue this in another post, but I leave for now with a quote from Albert Einstein.


    I might tailor this quote and say: Spiritual Understanding in place of religion, but I think, Alf, that you understand the sentiment.

    Peace and Love.

    • opheliart permalink

      Thank you for comment, Alfred. You have brought up keen observations. One of my own minor stories is that about 12 years ago when I had teamed up with another to teach Sunday School in a “protestant” church for approximately 5 yrs, I said that I was longing for a service more ritualistic. She responded with, “I have felt the same at times.” I knew nothing of the Orthodox Churches then, and knew of none in my area there. The RCC was the only ‘ritual-style’ church I knew of, having attended from time to time when I was younger, but I would not go to the RCC. It was the Vatican organized system that I knew I could never align with. Later, when I did more research on the doctrine of the Catholic faith—their beliefs and practices—I knew it would never have been the place for me. And now, when I see their liturgical process at work, I cringe, because it feels empty. Hollow. It’s as if the flower faded long ago, but I am of the monastic frame, and would have needed to branch out and reach for light like a plant needing the light of the sun. I am a journeyman in the Work.

      What I had desired at that time was something I did not have the language for—Mysterialism. It was not ritual or tradition I desired, but the apocalyptic channel, otherwise known as Spirit Art. Fresh, nubile, intrinsic, provocative and pure in Essence. It’s the literal plane (spiritual place) versed with the imaginary—the mystical, the symbolic. It was the cataclysmic imagery of endless thought and endless experience that ignites and intrigues. This is what moves the believer forward–upward … off the flat grid and into depth of Understanding. It is the bridge in the aroma of the flowering of Truth.

      More later …

      Peace and Love

  2. opheliart permalink

    Good morning, Alfred,

    I have a few thoughts specific to your comment that I will share. First, what I see institutions do, is set up a “god-like” image to distract from the real so that members are not focused where they need to be. If you read the ancient texts on wisdom and humility, including Holy Scripture, you realize what this is. Friend or foe? is a theme of Spiritual Awareness. Every believer should be asking himself, “Am I searching God—seeking God, or have my desires strayed? Has the pope, or the ‘sainted’ person, or something I desire selfishly become my focus?” The enemy is clever, and has set up shop in the institutions of the world. God says not to conform to this world. The “religions” of this world are notorious for using people, and things, as types of kings and queens, or masked prayer practices … to use as stumbling blocks to keep the believer from coming into a personal relationship with Lord. To commune with One of God’s elect is not something that can be done unless one is coming into his ID—IN THE SPIRIT … as God is ONE. There is UNITY within this Person, and one having entered the “bridal chamber” within [this] can commune within the Realm of the Spirit. One is chosen. Matthew 22.14

    I recall recently a man who was advised to stop praying the rosary for one week. He agreed to try this. In this, with proper council, his mind suddenly opened up, and he began to remember things critical to his work, which incidentally, will be of great help in the healing of others, and I watched this man gradually shifting—moving—from a place of denial to a place of Spiritual Awareness.


    “Papa! Papa!” I heard on the news yesterday. I shook my head. They showed women on the national news praising the pope during his trip to Bethlehem and … This reminds me of my dream I had a couple of years ago. I was speaking with a mother in a brother’s bedroom, and Ratzinger as pope walked into the room and opened his rope. The mother suddenly went into a type of spell, like she was on drugs, and her words came out slow, garbled, and the conversation we were having ceased. It was actually painful to watch. Now, you can image how God feels. “For the Lord God is a jealous God …” EXODUS … Deuteronomy.

    I read comments to an article Re: Pope visits Holy Land … and out of every 20 comments, 18 were saying, “he needs to clean up his own church first before he parades elsewhere preaching peace.”

    ONE CANNOT HEAL ANOTHER UNTIL HE HIMSELF IS HEALED. And this takes movement within the confined. One cannot know PEACE until one knows Love. Love is God. This is an Understanding not found in the uniform of the religious secretariat.


    A brother once said to me, “Be careful what you share with others.” I have thought about this often. I know all too well how man will take and use for his own selfish agendas what is being gifted to others. I think of Bernadette, and Julian of Norwich, and Francis, and Teresa …

    Bernadette was sainted for what? Having a vision? Was anyone Spiritually Mature enough to know if this vision was friend or foe? “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11.14. I ask, who would know if what Bernadette saw was Satan or one of God’s Angels? Certainly not the priest. He does not know that his own brothers are molesting children.

    I can see why some institutions have been slow to permit the masses access to Holy Scripture.

    Institutions pick and choose for their own gain. I do not write this to diminish the faith of a young girl such as Bernadette, but to caution in the sainting practices. It is not for man to place these mystics, popes, priests, bishops … to esteemed levels in the auditorium of the mind, for these live in ignorance, and has been most boldly shown to us, these do not know what lives within their own churches. The truth is, there are many mystics in the world, and many have visions, some even stronger than what Bernadette witnessed, and man never hears of these because unless there is a solid foundation (not sand) … there will be deception within the confines of the minds of men.

    Peace and Love.

    • opheliart permalink

      In addition … these kinds of things are very, very telling. Invite world political leaders to a corrupt Vatican? I asked if the pope was being used as a political puppet? The Papal Curia … trustworthy? Having hidden and denied sex abuse of children for centuries, along with a host of other ills … along with a corrupt bank? They have had their fingers in many pies over the course of their rule … what now? There will be a substantial backlash. A “spiritual leader” has no place in World politics …

      This, from a poster to the following article link:

      from scott:
      Who do the Popes liken themselves to be? They have the Alpha and Omega (the First and the Last) Greek letters on their vestiges. They have the crossed keys (keys to heaven and hell) on their garments. They go by the title Holy Father. They have the title Vicarius Filli Dei.. which is Latin for “Substitute for the Son of God.” They go by the title Potifex Maximus… which mean “bridge builder”… or more specifically, the connecting link between this life and the next. They refer to themselves as the head of the Church. They say they have the power to forgive sins. Several Pope are quoted in Catholic sources as being “God on earth… or …. God in the flesh.” All of the prior mentioned titles and claims are exclusive to JESUS CHRIST AND HIM ALONE. The only recourse that a dyed in the wool Catholic can fall back on is to say …. liar. Or another popular claim is that I’m confused and am taking these things out of context. Stop and read these things again…. AND THEN CHECK AN OBJECTIVE SOURCE TO SEE IF WHAT I SAY IS TRUE. The popes are the definition of anti-Christ. They seek to replace Jesus.

      EXCERPT FROM THE FOLLOWING ESSAY:THE SERIAL TILLER… The Apostles on Truth were foot soldiers. They came without fanfare and global affiliation. They did not announce through media and declaration of name brand bias–political or otherwise–their cause, agenda, or religious representation. TELL THEM ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF GOD was what Savior commanded. Luke 9: “Take nothing for the journey, neither staffs nor bag nor bread nor money; and do not have two tunics apiece.” Each one of these articles symbolizes something relating to Spiritual Growth, but one must reach for it. THE APOSTLES HAD TO REACH FOR THESE.

      IOW, take no agenda, not even PEACE … He commanded: TELL THEM ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

      I hate to break it to those pawing over the pope and his cabinet … the RCC is NOT the Kingdom of GOD.

      One cannot know PEACE … UNTIL ONE KNOWS LOVE. Matthew 7. 21-23

  3. opheliart permalink

    You know, Alfred … if I was going to make a movie out of the whole pope fran affair, I would have the Papal Curia blackmailing him because of events that happened in Argentina. I do believe the reason many of the crimes of corruption and malice within or having to do with the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, are NOT reported, and NOT dealt with, because the Vatican likes to keep a dark dossier …
    Never confess your sins to a man acting as if he is God’s pilot.

    All you have to do is look at the inception of the RCC, and the Papal Office (Holy Father, my foot!) to see the blasphemy, the lies, the anti-TRUTH.

    Tis a crying shame …
    NOTE: and I wondered why those “Patriarchal cheerleaders” on the Amazon Discussion “Christianity” Forums were pretending to be something they are not, and pushing RC agenda, and went on my business site and harassed me with: THESE BOOTS ARE GONNA WALK ALL OVER YOU! Italian-Rome delegates sending a message? … because I asked pertinent questions? Now, that’s lame. They will get their “do” alright … shame-shame-shame on them …

    Peace and Love.

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