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The Face of Fear (Part Three)

April 16, 2014

Okay, rise and shine! Here’s one to chew on, and note that not all people, especially “the poor” Roman Catholics in Brazil, and Argentina and Mexico, and Uganda … just to name a few … aren’t looking as rosy and robust as Sir Dolan.

Here is one poster’s comment I found spot on.

“Timothy Dolan is one of the most socially conservative RCC enemies of the principle of separation of church and state in the U. S. It’s almost funny that any church official should go into a tizzy about not receiving public taxpayer funds for religious education. Where does he get off! The funding of charter schools and the use of school vouchers has been shown to represent ineffective education expenditures. These devices, loved by the some religious institutions, rob public schools of funds needed for their betterment. I think it’s terrific that Dolan’s hopes evaporated!”

And another …

“Timothy Dolan whom moved around child rapist priests, like
Fr Franklyn Becker and Msgr. Wallace A. Harris. Dolan
KNEW about Becker and even wrote the Pope about him:
t“Father Becker has admitted that a number of these
acts of sexual assault occurred… While he attempts to present a
defense based on cooperation and need for sustenance, in interviews
with him, there is little display of repentance. His sorrow is not
over what effect his immoral and abusive behaviors had on others, so
much as it is remorse that he has lost a sense of status…”
then Dolan moved around money meant for victims of priest rape so
they could not get paid, to many other forms of attacks, especially
though his pit bully buddy Bill Donohue of the Catholic League whom
attacks victims and say they are responsible for their own rapes and
are homosexuals because priests raped them.”



I truly believe the hogging of money for select purposes is going to turn over, and show another face. What I find difficult about giving an institution such as the Roman Catholic parochial schools any special treatment, is that these institutions are notoriously partial. In James it says that PARTIALITY IS A SIN, and why would a government based on equality (wink wink) support inequality? The women, for one, are not permitted equal education because they are not permitted the luxury of the priestly title, or the bishop, or the archbishop, or the cardinal … or the pope, or emporer. Then again, maybe the government has all along desired that women not get into these positions, for if they did, they would be doing what Dolan is doing … taking care of his own.

Ah, this leads me right into something I knew I would be essaying in … but was waiting for the cue: the Augustinian Handi-capThe greatest mistake a man can make is to squash, silence or reject all opposing view in his church. As I shared in essay Part Two of the trinket-sized truth, I experienced Augustine of Hippo as a two-fisted patriarch. And this is THE doctor of the Roman Church—the helmsman to their healing; his doctrine, the ointment for their cure. But I must ask: why does it have to be every body’s cure? Even Jesus knew and taught that partiality was sinful. Why? Because it is lethal!

Look at Hitler, and Stalin, and Constantine (the Great?). Thou shalt not kill was definitely not his motto, and how anyone calling himself of Christ can believe his vision of the X to be Christly, and of God, to amass wealth for his order … has been dually deceived. Please, I ask, didn’t Jesus come to dispel the enchantment of the emperor’s cloth for the Holy, impartial (more human), Spiritually desirous Kingdom—the KINGDOM OF GOD?  You religious raising the deaf of this man to esteemed spiritual heights have MISSED THE MESSAGE OF THE CROSS. Why did Jesus take the place of man? Oh, good God, please don’t say to make Christianity a World Ruling Religious Institution. Jesus never said a word about Christianity, or Roman Rule, or Byzantium! NOT ONE WORD! And neither did his Apostles.

And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marvelled at him. Mark 12.17


Seems the marveling was ephemeral. I look at Dolan’s image and I see a child bully playing at God. Who or what is he impressing on the people by strutting around like the emperor of New York, vying for his own religious institutions? Has he the politicians in his pocket? The parishioners in his chamber? And look at his track record on the sex clergy abuse … seems the laws of the United States of America do not apply to him. He is the Constantine of New York … me-me-me-me … look at me, the Great. Amusing? Not for long. WE will set a torch to his arse, and see how swiftly he cleans his room, and begins the home-work that should have started centuries ago.

WE can see his feeding methods. WE know what he has had for lunch and dinner. WE can see through the walls of his secret self-serve, and WE know what assists his dementia (recall it said: Are you afraid? I know what hunts you). His DOCTOR Augustine said man is utterly sinful and incapable of good—unable to refrain from sin.” (see excerpts from article by V. Papavassiliou in essay: the trinket-sized truth … Part Four

link provided:

Therefore, this man Dolan is utterly sinful and incapable of good! He is unable to refrain from sin! His doctor says so. I think it would be best if we remove him from his post, and send him to various specialists for help with his mental disorder. According to his Dr. Augustine of Hippo, this man Dolan is corrupt. How can he possibly be in charge of others if he is so unwell? Quick! Someone call in the authorities before it’s too late! Somebody yell FIRE over there … all hell is about to break lose …







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