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the trinket-sized truth … (Part Three)

April 14, 2014

It really is of concern when institution drives fast and furious to elevate a man to a level of mysterious title. When a religious leader grabs at the spotlight with such immensity, claiming he is just a poor—please pray for me—parson of no great expenditure, it is not hard to see behind the whitewashed garb. Why would a Jesuit priest be yanked from his residence and shot in the head? Do not think the action of one stepping into political arenas has not caused another misfortune. WE needed Frans. Do you think Andrew Greeley would have seen through the veil? Let’s take a look …

In the early 1970s, the U.S. bishops commissioned him (Andrew)to write a profile of the American priesthood.[1] He completed a two-year survey in 1972, reporting that dissatisfaction among the priests was widespread; but the bishops rejected his findings.[4] Greeley said, “Honesty compels me to say that I believe the present leadership in the church to be morally, intellectually and religiously bankrupt.


Greeley’s sociological work was also viewed with suspicion by some of his fellow clerics, and his Archbishop (later Cardinal), John Cody, denied Greeley’s request for a parish ministry.[4] Greeley criticized Cody, calling him a “madcap tyrant,” when Cody closed a number of inner-city schools. Excerpts from Wikipedia


And excerpts from …

In a time when the word “maverick” is often used indiscriminately, Father Greeley — priest, scholar, preacher, social critic, storyteller and scold — was the real thing. One could identify a left and a right in American Catholicism, and then there was Father Greeley, occupying a zone all his own.

Exuberantly combative, he could be scathing about the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops; at one point he described them as “morally, intellectually and religiously bankrupt.” If the church wanted “to salvage American Catholicism,” he wrote, it would be well advised to retire “a considerable number of mitered birdbrains.”

But he could be equally critical of secular intellectuals, whom he accused of being prejudiced against religion, and reform-minded Catholics, who he said had a weakness for political or cultural fads.

No Use for Elites

The books made him rich, though he gave his first million to charity and continued to give to various causes, including a donation, decades ago, to the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, known as SNAP, then a fledgling advocacy group.

Father Greeley had been an early and vehement advocate for victims of abusive priests at least since 1989, when he began writing articles in Chicago newspapers demanding that the church take action against pedophile priests. The public criticism angered the archdiocese and many fellow priests, but his outrage and proposals for reform were eventually recognized by Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago, among others, as prescient.


These are just a few small bits on the author. Now, I would replace his words “religiously bankrupt” with spiritually immature. Going back to my lead in paragraph, there is a naivete at work, to put it nicely, in the religious sector, that does not see the trees in the forest, and does not understand the consequences of certain behaviors. Or, maybe, they know and they don’t care. Maybe reputation of institution is more important than “the martyr in the making” (see essay The Artistry of the Art). But the truth on the matter is that the political climate is so intensely ripe with aggression, and fueled infectiously with evil, that it is not a spiritually wise act to flaunt oneself with world leaders, and to ADVERTISE favoritism which fuels the malicious minds engendered toward hate, and the prenup of the planning of death. These of ill purpose are trigger happy, and will not hesitate to send a message, but I must fervently ask, is anybody watching? Is anyone aware? I would hate to think that the priest’s religious institution used him for their own agenda. Say, for instance,   a diminishing of the rise of the opposite gender, perhaps? Hmm … much to consider, wouldn’t you say? Cleverly manipulated—yes? Think tanks are good engineers. Take John Paul II … the current pope called him a mystic. This would be almost laughable if it weren’t so scary. JP2 was an engineer. His goal was to build a new world order, one that did not include womenOne does NOT get into “heaven” with hate inside him, and it is clear to those with Spiritual Maturity, and Mystical as well as Prophetic Vision that he had hatred, and it was not the kind of hatred of hypocrisy that Jesus asks us to hate; or his first advent would have been to deal with the sexual abuse running rampant in his houses. You see, God does not give gift to those who do not clean up their own rooms first. He gives more to those who use the TALENT He gives (see Parable of the Mina). If you are given CHILDREN—MANY, MANY CHILDREN—you do not bury them … or ignore their cries, or misuse them.

And JP2 used women for his agendas, while secretly despising them—saw them as birdbrained, and dirty. The signs are all there! Lord, why don’t they see it? His prayers to Mary showed no love of women. Why? Because Mary was never a real woman in his eyes. She was his Immaculate Mary, unwoman, unblemished. These agendas are based in control and breeding and culture and FEAR. Why has the current pope not been willing to address WOMANPRIESTS? This alone tells much. That he is a puppet—a political religious puppet … or he himself breathes the same anti-female sentiments as his “saint” John Paul 2? And it’s shameful the way they use the nuns  …

James says FAVORITISM IS A SIN. JP II favored his priests and bishops above the women and children of his institution, and I liken this to a CEO who plays favorite to those wearing his tights.

Women. These men can’t live with them … and they can’t get on without them. Who will have their babies to fill the pews of their churches, and pay-pay-pay … all the while using them to run their errands and do their homework? A PICTURE TELLS A THOUSAND TALES, but the people do not yet know the ART of SIGHT. A bird has better vision.

I had a discussion with an Orthodox priest a while back about demonic powers. You know how God’s Angels have orders, and their Work Stations; well, the realm of the enemy also has its work stations. He shared that there is a demon that operates much like a Cray Computer. I have no doubt that this is correct, and it is immensely insightful. I think of Aragon from LOTR where he asks the Hobbit Frodo: Are you afraid? I know what hunts you. The Spiritually poor often fall prey to one such as this. It is an Art to Understand the work of these illicit beings, and I cannot impress enough here that the cleverness of the enemy is beyond religious man’s ability to grasp in his present state. He is victim. Partiality alone is an easy invitation for ones such as these. It is an open door in the mind of man—a welcome sign. And should the enemy see spiritual immaturity …

history repeats …




Andrew’s focus on the Imagination is compelling. The analogical imagination, however, is only part of the wealth of the Spirit Arts. What is of instrumental and judicial (administering of justice) Relevance is the marriage of Spirit Art with Holy Scripture. Man is in infancy in his understanding of God primarily because he has not accessed “gift” in orderHe does not understand the order of Gift—how this ignites, and how it is brought forth. There is a process, and it is uniquely Spiritual. Coming into one’s Spiritual ID requires an igniting of PERPETUAL CIRCUMSTANCES. It may begin with a Spiritual “high” … but is followed by rejection, and sometimes persecution … which strengthens and builds what is necessary to combat the Cray Computer enemy. You must understand the maneuvers of the enemy to understand how to clean the house—to rid the house of unsaintly and ungodly endeavor, while retaining a part to combat that which hunts. Angels see in patterns.

History repeats … CONTINUED …









Peace and Love.

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