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the trinket-sized truth (Part Two)

April 13, 2014

As a child growing up I would be asked my nationality? (that’s the word that was used in the States back in the sixties). What nationality are you, they would ask me? Italian? Greek? Spanish? I have a more Mediterranean look, I am told, and they would be surprised when I would reply, “German, on my father’s side.” Then, in the seventies, the hip thing was to say, “I am American” as this made more sense for those having been born in America. The thing is, all my life I have felt a piece of information missing regarding my ancestry. When I would hear traditional song from other countries, I would experience a longing, as if I needed to step into another period for a time. I could feel a connection to it—the  ARTS, in particular. I do not believe in reincarnation, so, it is not this type of reinvention. If you consider the prospect, reincarnation does not allow choice, and God does give choice.

After a good many years, I came into awareness of names like Salathiel, Uriel, Remiel and others, and couldn’t help but notice the similarity to my own name Thiel. So, I decided to do a little research and found an online site stating that the name Thiel was likely of Israeli origin. This did not surprise me. I am certain there were pit stops along the way for the Thiel clan in their migration. When they came to the States, they listed their origin as Germany, and this is what had been transcribed for the Thiel family for generations, but I can’t help but wonder if fear played a role in where and how this family settled.

The reason I share this is to establish an understanding in the period of fermentation having to do with Identity on God. By this I mean the “igniting” within a place, or placement—the dress within title or image. But really, there is no legal terminology on this because it has not yet been written. It had not been realized within the religious sector, a sector that has been dominated by a male overture, an overture that has held fast, securing position of mind, distancing itself from the “element” needed for the igniting in the fermentation of Understanding having to do with God ID. As in the case of the Thiel vessel (if I may call it this), the fear, born within this male overture, eluded detection of origin for many generations, but is now coming into realization, that it will begin its ascent for greater Understanding.

And this Fermentation is “name” in God Relevance, but the Understanding on it, is more of a Symbol of Archeological Awareness. The  way to Understand its person, is to move out of that male overture, without losing it altogether (retain auditory memory), and begin the IGNITING. The moving out is critical. Many theologians, and scholars on church history, will be surprised to learn that this igniting has everything to do with the Mystery on Theotokos. So, you see, you don’t throw out the knowledge that there is Mystery surrounding Theotokos, much like the mystery on the name Thiel, which has been misaligned in origin for centuries, rather, you hold onto this memory as you allow for igniting, which is purely Spiritual. THIS is the Virginal aspect of the Mary sentiment; not Mary herself necessarily, but the fermenting process. And it is a NAME, but is name in dress and title, much like the title or position of Bride.

I read an article on a Coptic parchment found that has caused some controversy. It is the one where it states that Jesus mentions a wife. I do not believe it is authentic, but I do want to bring “wife of Jesus” into this fermentation. About two years ago there was a discussion on a forum on whether or not Jesus had a wife, and I posted that Jesus did not have an earthly wife. At the time, I did not fully understand what I had posted, but I knew it to be true. In all facets, it held promise in its authenticity, but only should I be willing to let go, or come out of something that I might ignite. And I did come out, and I did ignite—oh, yes, did I ever ignite, and from here on out, I have viewed myself somewhat as alien on this earth. The reason I connected immediately to the ancients, Enoch, and others, such as John Klimacus and several from The Philokalia texts (I have shared in this in SPIR), is because these speak in a language that is often other worldly—alien—which is a striving for something apart from the nature of man. They speak of the enemy as if he sits in the seat of man, and the Spirit as the paradox in the Life ( I am the way the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me—John 14.6).


Let’s look at the Virgin Mary concept for a moment, and truly, in God’s eyes, this translates as a moment, although to those on earth, searching history, it seems way, way too long. The reasons for this have much to do with feeding habits, and institutional bias, which almost demands, quite often cleverly or through guilt and fear tactic, that one stay seated on the mat. Jesus says, PICK UP YOUR MAT AND WALK. I have said here in SPIR that the Immaculate Conception is an unattainable teaching, and have asked, what good is an unattainable teaching? I don’t think the catholic peoples have seen it yet. They accuse me of ‘disrespecting’ Mary, or ‘outing her.’ Well, they need to clarify this and say, “their Roman Catholic Mary.” A RC priest once said, well, it is true that the Roman Catholics do not own Mary, and I say, you are darn right they don’t own her, but I can’t help but ask why they insist on trying to own God, or God Authority? Snuffing out gnostics and prophets and mystics to this very day, along with true saint, true martyr and truth … while they claim to be of an infallible church. Today, that church institution is mostly political puppetry—trying desperately to reinvent themselves while still clinging and brining in fatalistic dogma. But again, in God’s eyes … a moment—a memory to PROPHESY. Remember, the Prophets remain, and a Prophet’s work, and WORTH … is before him. Has Jesus come again? Bandy that back and forth during study hall, away from the eyes of the dictators on teaching.

Errant teaching … okay, I said in a previous essay that “by their fruits ye shall know them” is often better understood in the streambed that follows. What is the backlash in something like the teaching on the Immaculate Conception? Holy Scripture states: Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me (Matthew 16.24). He also said: And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet (Matthew 10.14). These are words of movement. God is a Living God; the Spirit is not stagnant. It is not confined to any chalice or chain, and certainly not to the side of a man’s leg, or legacy. So, what is the backlash?

If Mary be Immaculate then Mary be untouchable, and therefore unable to be touched. In other words, she isn’t saving man from flying bullets anymore than she is selling herself in plaster, plastic or trinket beads sold to Natives. She would be, as Father, as Jesus said NO ONE COME TO FATHER except through Me … But wait, didn’t Jesus come through Mary in His birth—her womb. Hmmm … But this is flesh birth, is it not? In order for Jesus to be of human capacity—of Human Priest (and Prophet as well as proponent in Prophesy), he would need to be born of human, and this is where Mary comes into the story. What good is an unattainable teaching? Jesus Immaculately born of an Immaculate maid? Mary was pure in ESSENCE. She was not Immaculate, thank God. Her virginity rests in her willingness to be used as instrument in this birth, and as prophet, and priest. In this sense, she is Church, but there is no such thing as an infallible Church in the restive of mankind—his illusory image.

But let’s continue this story … Catholics like to say Joseph died (conveniently, for we couldn’t have him still alive and Mary not bridled to him having more children  …). Joseph did not suddenly, or conveniently, die. Mary, HAVING CHOICE, as God gives choice, and not stamping her “Immaculate Teaching”, or “Immaculate Image”, which gives NO Choice for her, for even Jesus made Choices, chose not to remain “married” to Joseph in the marriage concept and expectation of man. She was gifted Joseph in her willingness to be instrument. He was for her a safety placement, as he CHOSE to marry her in her pregnant state, and let me remind you, this was not a legal state to be in without husband in her day. He brought her where she needed to be to give birth. Now, ask yourselves who is James, Joses, Simon and Judas in Matthew 13. 54-57. Read the passages. Very simply, and without a lot of fanfare, Joseph had children not from a previous marriage, but after Jesus was born. Mary did not give birth to these, however. She had only the one. So, what was decided? What choice did she make? Bandy that back and forth in your study hall, away from the eyes of your teachers conditioned in the religious dictates on celibacy.

It is clever of religious man to set himself up as Authority on God through instituting a teaching such as the Immaculate Mary. This causes men to desire her, pray to her, want her … while women (and men, and children) are left with an unattainable model. God is NOT a malicious and vindictive God. How and why would he place an Immaculate human on earth? Existence on earth, breathing its fumes alone, keeps one from this. This backlash is upon them, and will ouch big time. Man is given freedom to choose, and he should not be forcing another through weapons of destruction to follow him. This falls into the category of  fatalistic dogma.

But what followed, and will follow him within this? The militant evangelical … and the militant evangelical atheist. The offspring. Is America in for its own holocaust? The contaminated and diseased Vatican will be just a moment compared to what’s coming. Something to bandy about while in study hall, away from the eyes of the religious politicians …

and remember, religion can be anything.






The disease …

desiring World Order. John Paul II took the names of others, and set out to establish a new world order through his favored priest Macial Degollado … and the clergy who were willing to follow him. He was the ultimate ‘holy’ No See when it came to the children, the members … the offspring.  He was on the other end of that Arc of the Apocalypse than was/is Thomas Aquinas and Ignatius of the Jesuit Order, and others. He made choices. Harsh, you say? I share exactly what is shown. It doesn’t take a degree in religionomics to see this, but if you are imbedded in a defensive tactic born from infallible teachings, then … well, how can you possibly see the fuller scope of mankind? You become of sarcasm—defensive tactic—gnashing teeth, and biting … much like I hear coming from religious right, and left, in their hatred of those who don’t think like them. They fall into what is understood as DENY-MENT. It is a dual feast of denying and judgement.

Harsh, but necessary, specially when you care. Not everyone sees or understands the POVERTY OF LOVE in its propensity to bloom.


Let’s compare in the next essay of the trinket-sized truth, what has come out of the Liturgical Churches, and what has come out of the Evangelical. I will dive into this with Alfred’s assistance, but for the moment, I do not want to leave any reader/follower on SPIR thinking I am blind and deaf to the enrichment of what these “places” have brought forth. It is often the oppressed, and suffering, who offer up the most magnificent Spiritual Art and Voice, even from the most unlikely. In Acts, it states that God does not show favoritism: that God is not a respecter of persons. In James, it states that partiality is a sin, therefore, I say to you … do not be deceived by those claiming miracles. Do your “rightful” homework.




Peace and Love.






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