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A Strange New Worm (Part Five)

April 6, 2014





It is not important that I share in the evolution of man’s theories on who-what is God, as history has numbed and needled the brain in universities all over the world on this topical cadence. My role is to share in the Identity of the One. More specifically, to expand and invite awareness into the relevance of Light in the Life—how and why it is. When I read through theology that man has written on God, I often hear him “languaging” himself to esteemed levels, and although I would heartily agree that it’s important to explore the many facets of Spirit Presence, I also believe that one should not ignore the Gift of Scriptural Voice, which is far more triumphantly experential for student and teacher than the multitude of pages … and pages … and pages of words without end, Amen. Take, for instance,  (st)Anselm’s habit of meditative and scholastic study. It sounds ignorant of Holy Scripture. Voice of Scripture IS synonymous with Teaching, and IS of necessity in Understanding what lies beyond the grave, and IS of eternal faith, and keenness in the taxonomy of  life(style), you begin to see where and how the language becomes misused. By their fruits you will know them is best Understood in the stream bed that follows. If the writing germinates invasively, or without lay participation, as say, a fisherman might endow a tax collector, or a “prostitute” might endear a priest, the bed of academia is at ground level, placing the Upper Room as mere facade. It is not necessary to plunder your way through the fleshly existence without a reasonable clue in what’s next. Awareness on the next is often of instrumental Understanding in the how and why, and has everything to do with a chosen few … and one cannot truly glean Knowledge in these without this Worth.

High intellect is not necessarily synonymous with High Art, which transforms into Spiritual Worth.

I had a brief discussion with a theologian yesterday where he said that he did not believe in one truth. I replied that there is only one truth but it is not limited to one voice. He responded with a yes. And so, one must begin to understand [this] Voice of Holy Scripture, and what this is teaching us of heaven, hell and the performance of Light. One of that climb in perpetual freedom will tell you that he lives in hell, while heaven tastes of the sweetness of honey, but he can only begin and become of use in the placement of Servitude if there is “a tree of figs.” No one can move into proper Spiritual Awareness and begin within the Life (I am the way, the truth and the life: John) without the Life, or more specifically, one IN THE SPIRIT. Many can be on the way … even hearing some truth … but to be of heaven is to be partnering (uniting) with one already of unity.

Let’s take the business of canonization—what is its Purpose? I think that man would be amazed to learn that a Shepherd dog might serve more in the saintly element than a religious leader, or a cadet of religious academics. I am being perfectly serious. I have said that God’s messengers can take any form, just as there is spirit (good or not good) in anything containing life—even a drop of water from an ocean can contain spirit. But think of the saint … who qualifies in this? If it were everyone who had a reasonable or prayerful thought on God then nearly all would be saint. Who is to say who is of greater Worth in his thoughts of God, or his prayers to God? The thief on the cross who received? The poor widow who gave two mites—she out of her poverty put in all that she has, her whole livelihood? Would these not also be saints? Imagine the rich merchant whose god is his money, and cares nothing for the healing of another being. If he sees the poor widow give all she has, and feels himself moved—touched, and brought to self-awareness in his hell … would she not appear to have produced a miracle? Heavens yes she produced a miracle! She gave birth right there in that miserly man! But IN TRUTH, she was the vessel used for the Work of the Spirit. She could be angelkind used in this that the rich man might give substantially where the need is great, and this may very well be his title and presence on earth more than his money. The money then becomes incidental, for it is the value of the stock that holds the key.

The Teaching on the poor widow of Mark and Luke reminds me of something that happened while in an Orthodox parish. A homeless woman showed up layered to the hilt. She wandered around looking at the murals until a man rushed from the Narthex and told her to take a seat. I watched her carefully, for there was something about her that was unique. Before sitting down in the pew, I saw her remove three layers of outerwear. During the liturgy, I saw her stand up and begin putting these back on. I said a quiet prayer that she would not leave because I wanted to meet her. I no sooner finished the prayer when she stopped putting on her coat, and sat back down. She stayed through the rest of the service. The following week, she came again. This time I was able to sit with her, and we dialogued briefly, and I invited her to Social Hour, which she declined. After that day, I never saw her again even though I took some time to look for her on the streets of the city. There were other things that happened in this experience which I won’t go into, but what stands out for me is that “Barbara” was a sharp one, as I sensed she was. While it was the celebration of Memorial Day, the priest had shared on  the respect we needed to show our founding fathers in America, Barbara turned to me and said, “Did he say Jefferson? He was a Socialist.” This made me laugh, but what I find interesting is that Jefferson wrote his own bible. It’s called The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth. Here are his words:

“We must reduce our volume to the simple evangelists, select, even from them, the very few words only of Jesus. There will be remaining the most sublime and benevolent code of morals which has ever been offered to man.”

I looked for the story of the poor widow in his Mark and Luke and found it empty.





That “treasury” Jesus spoke on is the Well, which holds the Voice as well as the Teaching. It is the uniting of these, as Heart ascends to  Mind to engage Soul—Light, Child of One–Truth.

Francis had his Clare … but do not think that these were without the Third Participant—Light. It’s a revolutionary Being.






Christ and Photini


Peace and Love.



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