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A Strange New Worm (Part Four)

April 4, 2014

Back to Dickens. The first two essays on The Strange New Worm shared in Dickens and Dill; the third, a statement of sorts. The ‘washing my hands of that institution’ was like a shedding of layers in feeling the first warmth of Spring. There are new voices arising … with elements of careful examination of injustices, and fierce logic coupled with a sensitive expression on what it is to be censored, and regulated … denied, obstructed … oppressed, and misunderstood. Maybe those who have been given freedoms can learn from those who don’t have it. Below are a few statements from Saudi artists sharing on this.

Gharem, who has spent more than half his life in the Saudi Army and is a lieutenant-colonel, said the piece ( his art piece) resembles a trap and is a metaphor for how some ultraconservative clerics in his country use religion to manipulate the masses.


The kingdom’s modern art scene has become a platform for Saudi artists to voice their frustration about the country’s most sensitive issues without coming into friction with the country’s rulers, reaching the public in new ways and allowing individual points of view in a country where dominant ultraconservative norms have long prevailed. Saudi modern artists say they are at the frontier of the kingdom’s censorship redlines, muddying its boundaries through art.


Through my art I am clearly making a critique. I am also acting as a witness to the changes and taking part with an opinion and a voice,” Mater said. “I believe the artist’s role is to expose the truth.

Munch Madonna  litho


“I believe the artist’s role is to expose the truth.” The choice to use the word “expose” rather than “reveal” demonstrates the  perennial ghost. The artist is frozen in—cloistered within a system that says, “You belong to me because you live where I am, and practice what I am.” The artist through his expression voices against this cloister, but his voice is still on the flat grid—the matrix—of one sphere, or one plane of understanding. Even though he may experience the Essence of something apart from himself, despite the system, or possibly, although rare, enter into the Energy within the Essence, the cloister is his stage, whether seen by others, or not. This is the smallness of man’s mind.

This is in no way intended to criticize, but merely to establish the perimeters that man weds within. His beds are the choices he makes, including the system. Of course not everyone has a choice about the system. If a woman is born within a religion, or a system that has set itself up as master and manipulator, and she is of its lifestyle and environment that will not permit her choice, apart from suicide, or risk of torture and death should she try to physically escape it, then she cannot be considered as having wedded within that system. It then becomes the deed of those responsible for this lack of choice. These will also incur the debt of this deed, as it will not be the debt of those forced into the system. This is something important to understand for even the clerics of religions in settings more free. It would then make sense to choose carefully. What is poured into the vessel by another is curiously measured.




While going through books to give away, I came across a few by the author CS Lewis. I put these aside thinking that I might one day read them. Today, my attention was brought to Perelandra, second fantasy in his space trilogy. I read a few paragraphs. The following is part of a paragraph that will assist in the sharing on the Understanding in moving from one sphere to another—moving from the flat grid to the arc of the apocalyptic. 

Intro: the main character is to meet his friend Ransom, a man who had been to the planet Mars, where he had met other life.

A man who has been in another world does not come back unchanged. One can’t put the difference into words. When the man is a friend it may be painful: the old footing is not easy to recover. But much worse my growing conviction that, since his return, the eldila were not leaving him alone. Little things in his conversation, little mannerisms, accidental allusions which he made and then drew back with an awkward apology, all suggested that he was keeping strange company; that there were—well, Visitors—at that cottage.

Agl. Paul says in 2 Corinthians 12  … I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago—whether in the body I do not know, or whether out of the body I do not know, God knows— how he was caught up into Paradise and heard inexpressible words … 

This man is Paul, and this is his experience within the ENERGY of Parenthood God. He also knows after having experienced this that man will not understand. Paul knows that he will be misunderstood, but what is fascinating in these experiences of Ransom and Paul is that they have changed. This is not an ordinary change of having gone on a trip somewhere that leaves one feeling refreshed and invigorated, or filled with new insights to bandy about in the arts or academia. This is an actual entering into another realm of being—another world of  Living—where life is not indiscriminate and parse.

It does not leave one. As Lewis writes in Perelandra, Ransom is not left alone after having been brought back. I do not know the story of Ransom in the Lewis tale, but what I have shared here from the book helps to illustrate the change in one having been brought up into another place, and been exposed to something of Life not evidenced on earth, at least not through religious or secular scope. However, the signs are all here.

Now, the reason for not being left alone is that one does not enter what Paul entered, and commence to mission in God Purpose within the flesh. Having experienced ENERGY… this is a rare and dignified Station. It is also necessary to be drawn from this point on. This is a complex Understanding, and not something man is fully capable of Knowledge within as he is not of this same Placement. For this is not merely being fed, fueled, inspired, or moved by the Spirit .. this is being in the Spirit. Man cannot fathom this “Language” in his present state. This is what has caused much misinterpretation and misunderstanding on the Word.

Take, for instance, the Ark of the Noah story. The Ark is not a slip of sticks and stones, and smeared mud. It is SYMBOLIC of the ETERNAL WORD. It is this that carries the chosen. The Ark is a way—like a bridge of Light within the Knowledge of Wisdom—that safeguards and draws one closer to God. The storytellers were merely writing an unseen future. It has not yet been achieved. It has not yet come to pass, but is in motion, for the Spirit Holy is never stagnant, but of perpetual Movement.



Man reads this and frowns, even while claiming he is a believer, but “his cloister” tames his advance, and keeps him from that upward mobility, which is all about uniting—togetherness. Be careful that the religious monarchy has not swelled the mind to keep it from that float on [this] Sea of Knowledge (To dive into Love is of a separate Understanding in the Life, however. This I will expound on in the future). Religious man sets up his own weak prelature claiming infallibility through his institution. For life on earth—in the world of man—this is Understood as his bed, and if filled with men who think like him, he is sleeping with his own. This contains much awareness in what Agl. Paul speaks on in his letters. Man missed this Understanding, for he covered over whatever light that had been ignited … through dress and crown, creeds and codes, institutional bias.


Take the story of Agl. Thomas. Now, here is a huge misconception of his Worth, and his message, including the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas. It is no coincidence that this Teaching is found in Agl. John. Thomas is called TWIN. This is because of his entering into the likeness of Christ. The other disciples have seen the Savior; Thomas EXPERIENCED Him. He entered into the Spirit. “My Lord and my God!” Thomas comes into awareness of God. He enters the Bridal Chamber. He is known. And please understand that these occurrences are Teachings that cover a period of time, and not necessarily an incident of one moment, or one hour, for Spirit time is not the same as man’s time.

Incidentally, being aware of this time difference, my novel, Ophelia in the Beyond, Book One, deals with this same paradigm.  When I started Book Two, which I will be moving back into shortly, I had to reason through this to try to pair up ages and places past and present, and let me tell you, it was no easy feat. But do understand, regarding the Eternal Word, do not limit yourself at ground level in thought, for you will deny yourself the oceanic view above. This, my dear friends, has everything to do with Spiritual Reflection.



The Spirit Artist can marry the two to Understand the One. Take, for instance, the Old and New of the Covenants … there is an Understanding of being able to unfold the two, or marry them, which brings forth Light unsegregated, unsatisfied, and unexplored. This is a sensuous feeding, and not of practice in ethical understanding within man bred of system. The flock are these—vulnerable and in need of Spirit Guidance, but who can call them by name? Like Thomas, only the chosen can know this Shepherd.







Peace and Love.







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