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The Hem

March 27, 2014



And suddenly, a woman who had a flow of blood for twelve years came from behind and touched the hem of His garment. Matthew 9.20

It is no coincidence that this occurred while Jesus was on his way to heal the “sleeping” daughter of a ruler, and what is significant in how this is worded is that the woman came from behind. Twelve “years” the woman bled is symbolic of twelve SEASONS the Twelve Tribes of Israel had suffered under the ruling class. Spiritual Understanding of the Season is not as man understands a season; it is congruous with the Revelation of Light. The message in this story relates to Rebekah’s “picture”, or what would be her unfolding, like the opening of a book, or flower … an unveiling of treasure (gold, wisdom). This connects serendipitously with the ruler coming and worshipping Him, and asking if He will lay his hand on her that she might live.

That the woman touched the hem of His garment signifies healing in relationship with a proper match or “mending” of two within the same. A hem is a “folding over” of the same cloth to strengthen and “tie” or “bind” for Purpose, and the stitching to hold this fold together is of another substance, and yet of like Character. This can also be seen in Ecclesiastes where it says: a cord of three strands is not quickly broken—the three coming together for One, or for common Purpose.


This coming together is of Spiritual Relevance in the ascension of Heart to Mind to perfect Soul … of Faith to Deed to instill Love … of courtship within The Remembrance to Him who is All.



Peace and Love.

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