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The Babbling Brook

March 24, 2014


In the summer of 2011, I was assisting in visitation at a hospital for a boy from another country brought to the US for a series of surgeries, and I met a woman who told me an interesting story about her father. Her father, an Armenian Orthodox Christian from birth, had shared in his late years that he had one day heard a choir of angels sing. He’d said that it was like nothing he had ever heard before—absolute perfection, with an unimaginable clarity and beauty. His daughter also told me that her father had told his priest what he’d heard, and the priest responded with a pat on the back, and a “Gee, that’s nice,” and that was the end of it. The woman also shared that apart from telling her, he never spoke of it again. She left the Armenian church long ago, and joined with a Christian Assembly unlike the Orthodox parish where she was raised. A very short time after she told me that story, her father passed. I recall feeling a great sadness, for I had hoped to speak with him about that Voice, or at least to initiate an awareness within that parish community, and this would have included contacting that priest directly, if possible.


What is belief in Spirit if one never initiates its Gifts? What is Life if one chooses not to breathe its Presence? What is the purpose of attending a parish if one brushes off what first initiated its purpose from the beginning? One might be surprised to learn that hens can lay eggs that we eat without needing a rooster, but it does help to have the rooster’s crow each morning to wake the sleeping, and call those to work. Also, some Orthodox, and an orthodox spiritual such as myself, understand that Spirit Gifts do run in families. For instance, if one parent is a Prophet, a son or a daughter is very likely to be one as well, or at least have some prophetic ability, just as artistic or creative ability is passed on from parent to child. I watch this play out every day, and this is one reason I do not understand why the institution of the Roman Catholic Church denies this bloodline in their orders by denying the priests intercourse and family? Unless, of course, it is their intent is to keep the Spirit Gift from flowering that they might maintain control, or … maybe they have been secretly producing using priests and higher ups. If this is the case, they need to be told straight out … it is God who gifts, and Gifting does not quite work that way, and this is a very serious offense, not to mention it is beyond hypocrisy. Personally, I would like to better understand what Marcial Marcial Degollado, initiator of Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi, was really up to, as well as the intent of his religious leader.

And allow me to caution those believing in the Immaculate Mary that you demonstrate much in how the Roman Catholic woman is positioned in regard to Life in the Spirit, and this can cause the male to lose sight of the necessity of the Human Soul coming into ID. The Immaculate Conception is an unattainable teaching, and what good is an unattainable teaching in the Life of Christ? Mary was angelkind, for God’s Sake … Do you Understand this? Do you Understand why Jesus was both Human and Divine? I am told by Catholics who would know, that there is a significant group in the Vatican that is opposed to the Immaculate Conception teaching, and would like to see it removed. I do not know their reasons for this, but I can see where there might be two distinctly different reasons: one, to downplay the feminine role within God Purpose to support a more Patriarchal agenda; two, in hopes of Spiritual Growth that will help move members into solid food. I do believe that Imagination can restore order, but not at the risk of losing Life.


Now, regarding Voice … I understand the laity within the RC parishes have no say, and the Orthodox do … but it is necessary that they come into just unity in the acquisition of Spirit Gifts, and this requires one Spiritually mature, otherwise, there comes a conflict of Understanding. I shared in an earlier essay that a Seer told my friend that he would die of an illness he has within one to three years. This is what he was “seeing”, but his Understanding in this was not of Spiritual clarity, for my friend will be an instrument of much Spirit Voice for many many years, while still in the flesh. Even Jesus did not tell his disciples straight out what would become of them.





Now on to something OF VOICE instrumental in the Uniting … The Asaph written in the Psalms is “Voice of Eternal Awareness”. It hosts the Beginning and the End. It is the “prescribed” dialect of the Presence of the Three: Father, Son, and Spirit Holy Light. The three Identities on the 12 Psalms are acquainted with Truth. What this means is, prophetically speaking, Entity is of pre-existing Purpose. Like the Farmer sings toward the water to be that his crops will grow, this Voice of Eternal Awareness sings toward the birth of Love … that the Seal might be restored in the Presence of God. One must look to Revelation to understand what is meant by this.

In Revelation 5, it says: Then I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, “Who is worthy to open the scroll and loose its seals?” … and in verse 5, it states: But one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep. Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals.”

This is referring to the Essence of God. It is the strength (the angel) in the One who is. The four LIVING creatures (see Angel Peter’s Vision in Acts) in the midst of the Elders (the 24, what is 12 Apostles <also connected in Generation with the 12 Tribes of Israel> united in Spirit, which equals 24, as their Spirit Conscience is of the One) … stood a Lamb (the Son representing Truth/seven horns and seven eyes are the Angels who carry the Spirit Gifts). I have said the Essence of the Spirituality of Christ can be found in Galatians 5. 22-25 … for this IS the Gifts of the Spirit (God). It is no coincidence that Revelation 5 and Galatian 5 are of similar Voice.

Essentially what this is saying is that the Vision must be let out, or brought forth. The Voice of the Angelic (carrier of Spirit Gifts) MUST be promoted, so to speak. It must be given credence, acceptance, awareness … that it might become not just valid, but of VITALITY, which is another way of proclaiming God as Spirit. What is happening is the congregations are dwindling, and the promoters of set denominations are either playing in world affairs for consent and partnering for specific agenda, which will cause a dangerous backlash, or falling prey to self-help idiot-ology pertaining to craft rather than Art in Spirit Advocacy, much like a “God for Dummies” book, but I say: don’t counsel yourself in Ignorance! God is a Living God, and ready with the Talent that it might be born into, or brought forth as Gift (see parable of the Talent).

On the Babbler …

Speaking in Tongues … what is this? First, do not discount its relevance, but DO KNOW its waywardness. Some tell me that those who they have heard “speak in tongues” are doing nothing but mumbling or babbling incoherently. Others say they speak in tongues and they know it to be real, and Spirit led, or Spirit inspired. The mind is a precipitous and existential laboratory. The enemy desires redundancy … whether babbling incoherently, or repeating without Worth. I will not say either is “wrong”, for I would need to “hear” each in Procession (pertaining to Eucharist Celebration: Marriage) to Sense its Advocacy in the Uniting of the Church, therefore, show us its God Purpose. A babbling brook that no one can hear is a hidden talent. Could it be childish gaga-goo-goo desiring Spirit Growth, but not inclined toward this? Does the fermentation of the seed lack Holistic Water that it might sprout and produce fruit? Something to consider …



Peace and Love.

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