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The War Lord Apologetics

March 23, 2014

They also stacked the stones in an appropriate location on a temple hill until a prophet would come and tell what should be done with them. 1 Maccabees 4.46

I once said on a Catholic Reform Forum that a Christian Apologetic was forever apologizing for being understood by no one but himself. I found this exceedingly funny, but I don’t think anyone else got it. Truth is, I am not a joke-teller, so, I will share something I find much less funny. I had a dream several years ago, one that has had me perplexed for some time. I will share only a portion, for I fear the reader would not be ready for the full description. But before I share, I want to say that no Mystic, Prophet, Seer or bleeding Apologist is worth his weight in Gold, unless he is willing to share what God gifts, and this includes those signs, dreams, visions and revelations, when necessary. All Truth seekers are to bring forth the elements of the Movement, no matter how blasphemous others may insist in seeing it, or how determined man becomes in hollering heretic, false prophet, liar, deceiver or impertinent ____. Just remember, Jesus was labeled wine-bibber, and I probably don’t need to say this, and yet I do … He was not indulging in that manner—as a winebibber. But this leads me to another topic—speaking in tongues—which can be an article of attention where there is indulgences of the mind, rather than the ascension of the heart. It becomes the drink of the intellect, and fuels the ego atlas.

In the dream, I was standing as if the observer. I saw Jesus (face not visible, but hair undeniably an orange-red) standing facing East. I followed his gaze and saw the great plain of something like wheat, flattened, but it was not wheat. I saw the great tree, or part of it, and underneath this tree, a great many stones, but not stones. What I heard is what really strikes a cord in the Life of the believer, but this I cannot share. You may be wondering at this point why I bothered to share any of it because at first read it does not appear to say much regarding the essay topic, but it does.

The world is full of skeptics, and it breathes in a vacuum of judgmental ethics. Imagine this for a moment—breathing in the stench of another’s venomous, and or pointy finger accusations. In Doubt, A Parable by John Patrick Shanley, he says in the intro that we live in a courtroom society, and what I find to be more a case is that a politician’s sexual affair can last for weeks, months and sometimes even years in the news, jokes, comments and apologetics of man, whereas a story of three adopted children chained to the floor starving for months is barely noticed. Somebody nominated these two parents as parents to these adopted children, and the surrounding community made up of schools, parishes, doctors, parents and playmates and no one noticed for a long time, maybe too long. Thank God someone did, but it says so much about lifestyle, and we have only to look out across the plains of man to see the ethics of use, and abuse of children, and where and how these end up. Meanwhile, man is warring in his castle fit for no one but himself, for who and what else could fit in such a small mind? I once wrote “out there, somewhere in the fog of polemics” that a small mind finds room for his own intellect, but a wise one builds a house for many.

Truly, it is a wise man that gages the pulse by putting his finger on the temple of the people. 

I often discern in how things might have been different for Angels James, Thomas, John, Paul, and the others in their flesh time on earth. I would imagine Paul would say: use yourself well. I survived religion on relationship, and relationship became the epitome of reason, and reason became the epitome of Love.


Peace and Love.

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