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House Afire (Part Three)

March 21, 2014


Before I conclude House Afire, I would like to say hello, and welcome, along with a sincere thank you to all the new followers on SPIR, especially those “LIKES” I have found in my mail. Also, I understand your desire for privacy, so you have no need for concern that I will use your name publicly, or what you share with me in confidence. Again, welcome, and thank you.


I was looking over some of the vestments associated with the Christian Religious, and thought they should have their own fashion show. Seriously. “Next up, we have the Advent Assemble … complete with contrasting sash and  … Oh, and this year, we look splendid in the less formal attire of Franciscan franchise, that we might look “great” for the press …” If Jesus were to drop in for a Teaching in one of these extraordinarily ornate and lavish houses, what do you think He would do? If he showed up in one of the Vatican think-tank rooms, what would He say at their encrusted wood table? Especially after all that had been revealed in Frontline’s Secret’s of the Vatican aired last month. This was no surprise to me, regardless of the accuracy or inaccuracy of all the smaller details, but I did cry when the woman told of the priest who raped her when she was very young. Out by the tree, she wept, and wiped the blood from her legs. Imagine her confusion and pain. She was taught that the priest was a man of God. Now, I read that there is a museum viewing for the gun used to shoot John Paul II, and that they are setting up a tourist attraction for st Francis’s cell.

Yes, I am aware how ill these abusers are, but I ask you: who taught them, who prayed for them, kissed them, fed them, clothed them, and ordained them? What happened with the men while in these cells of secrecy and sharing? When, where, and how did these men move to desire the innocence of children? Man has yet to figure out the answer to this. I have read the psychiatrist and psychologist’s articles, and yes, there are parts of truth in these, but man lives apart from the reality of why. There will come the day when it hits him like a locomotive, and he will fall to his knees in despair, as he begins to understand the complexity of Truth. One chosen does not come into the Spirit not having tasted this wine. One does not enter the Kingdom naked.

In the Book of Thomas, it states …

Then the Saviour continued and said, “Woe to you, godless people, who have no hope, who are secure in things that do not last.” 

“Woe to you who hope in the flesh and in the prison that will perish. How long will you sleep and think that what is imperishable will also perish? Your hope is based on the world, and your god is in this present life. You are destroying your souls. 

“Woe to you prisoners, for you are bound in caves … you have surrendered your freedom to slavery … you [love] the garment you wear, [although it is filthy], and you have been gripped [by] nonexisting hope … you have baptized your souls in the water of darkness. You have pursued your own wishes.”

Wow, strong words from the Savior.


And how about these words from Paul …

[The little child] knew [very well who Paul was]. He only wished to engage him in conversation with these words, [that] he might find an excuse to speak with him. 

The little child continued and said, “I know who you are, Paul, for you have been blessed from your mother’s womb. Since I have [seen] that you were [going up to Jerusalem] to your fellow [apostles], that is why [I] was [sent to you]. I am the [Spirit who is with] you. [Awaken your mind, Paul] ……. For … all … among the [dominions and] these authorities and archangels and powers and the whole generation of demons. [recognize] the one who fashions bodies for a seed of soul. The Revelation of Paul

This is awesome, and [this] makes me weep. Awaken your brothers, priest, and know [what is] calling, and know what has plagued the souls of those who desire the innocence of children. Do not sleep in your ignorance any longer. See what these burned for … grew impatient, and reckless, angry and aggressive … or lost, stripped, crazed in loneliness, and deception …


I would feel remiss if I did not share a dream a friend shared with me some time ago. He said I was in this dream, and he found the events bolting. A man with white hair was seated beside a fireplace in a house. He had a blazing torch in his hand. He threw it in the house to set it ablaze. My friend shot the man in the head. He hurried to me, frantic to get me out of the burning house, but I held two lilies, and calmly told him that I was looking for two children.

After hearing this dream, I sent my friend an image of a man with white hair, and when he saw the image he cried, “OMG, that’s the man in my dream!” Now, my friend would not shoot someone in the head. He is not a gun person, and wouldn’t know the first thing about how to use one, despite growing up watching westerns, like so many his age, and this says more in why the gun was even in his hand. The lilies and the children represent a Spiritual place, but the children are missing when the house goes up in flames. Why? What I am shown in this is that the house is not the home of these two children. They do not live there. But why two children? I am smiling in thinking about this.

Two … this is the number of one or the other. Didymus Thomas–it is said that he doubted, for a time, until he came into the Spirit. This is your third Person (as the Orthodox like to call it). This Teaching demonstrates the epic moment in the Life. What does Angel Thomas say? My Lord AND My God! And this is where the uniting is best Understood. Thomas was already of two, you see, for he was angelkind. In the Revelation of Paul it lucidly states: Awaken your mind, Paul, and notice that this mountain where you are standing is the mountain of Jericho, so that you may come to know the things hidden in what is visible. You will meet the twelve apostles, for they are chosen SPIRITS, and they will welcome you. 



Why did man in his Institutions deny the words of Thomas, and the words of Paul, and others? Why did they succumb to partiality–believing that only they could know Truth? Did these miss the message on what it means to pick up your matt and walk? Just two years ago Roman Catholics on the Amazon Christianity Discussion Forum were warning me not to read the Gnostic Texts. Why? Are these afraid they will lose their face? Do these words shed light on the conspiracies of man in his Institutions? What is revealed once that curtain is pulled away? Do we see a big head of a wizard like in the story of Oz? The big Institutional think-tank as I like to call it. Yes, I have quite the Imagination, and so do many Catholics. Thank God for the Mystics of Light, and the Truth Prophets of God. Both Thomas and Paul were Gnostics. This does not say they are of Gnosticism; it says exactly WHAT it is–Gnostic–in other words, these are KNOWN. 



Peace and Love.

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