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House Afire (part two)

March 19, 2014

The following article caught my eye earlier this week, and I thought, what irony.

Tell me, you who desire to be under the law, do you not hear the law? For it is written that Abraham had two sons; one by the bondwoman, the other by the freewoman. But he who was of the bondwoman was born according to the flesh, and he of the freewoman through promise, which things are symbolic. For these are the two covenants: the one from Mt Sinai which gives birth to bondage, which is Hagar–for this Hagar is Mt Sinai in Arabia, and corresponds to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children–but the Jerusalem above is free, which is the mother of us all. Galatians 4.21-26

5.1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.

The Jerusalem above is free, which is mother of us all So, why the fatalistic dogma of Christianity, and some? And if protected under these laws, why have child members suffered under this law? The Jerusalem above is not Roman Catholicism, and it is not Pentecostalism, or any other ism … including Spirrealism, for this is of Spirit Essence and Energy through Gift. So, why the fatalistic dogma in Religion? I will share why … man is infant in his understanding of God. Angel Paul says: Put away the things of a child … you who are held in bondage by your own vehicle of denomination. Mankind has betrayed his own … his women and his children through ignorance of Understanding. But before you count me too harsh, remember your own words, as you were harsh not only in your demands, and your hearts of steel, with labels of heretic and adulteress, and who is to be cursed, and who is to be denied. You who are not judge, and cannot judge, and cannot absolve any, for you have no power, except to ask for forgiveness for your own acts of aggression. You who do not rule over Life … hear what I say …

Ignorance is expected, as we are never without the lacking, however, some remain stiff-necked, and desire ‘slaves’ for his denominational fees, enterprise, distill-ment and ease, and these will be cut off. Have you not studied the Word? Do you not see what your own hand has done to the trembling, and the anguished, and the salient? And read the words of your members in the religious venues, calling those not like them sinner and heretic, while they sit on thrones of straw. But alas, God does bring good from the wreckage, and from the betrayal, and from the earthly exploits of man in his institutions. What are these that are good? Ah, well … where to begin? Allow to me share in this paradox. These: the Art of the Liturgy, the Art of the Spirit Gifts: prophetic, mystical, ministry and mission, the Art of Voice, and Community, the Art of Science and Partisanship  (but not of partiality spoken in James) … the Art of Philosophical Vintage and Appraisal, as well as Liturgical Solemnity … and most decidedly, the Art of Prayerful Practice and Renewal. The Spiritual Paintings and Music are often of Divine Intervention, but within the context of the times, AND, on occasion, where movement is needed, and most necessary, and that time is now …

And he of the FREEWOMAN (Wisdom), through promise, which things are SYMBOLIC.100_9698

Regarding this Symbolism … look at the above paintings (note: the ikon of Archangel Raphael is not complete. There is a lower section with symbolic parts not shown). These two paintings are more alike than one might think, and this is exactly how one must begin to see the Realm of the Spirit, and yet, understand that they are alike for different reasons. First, there are no chubby cherubs in these, no Puti, or Cupid or Amorino, but the Cherubim are shown. These are in the containment of the Light. This would be where you see gold or warmth, surrounding Raphael’s head, cheeks, and overall skin parts, in his robe, wings, and within the gold of the chalice. In Alfred’s painting, it steams in the mist of the tangy color of deep orange. Alfred’s painting is a utopian experience we are calling Nono’s Rising. It is one of several, and shares in the eclectic composer’s birth of Spirit awareness. As you may know, he was, as Alf put it, a militant atheist, but after having visited a monastery in Toledo was able to move past his “angry” atheism, and see possibilities of the Presence of God. He was an infamous intellectual, and I see this as part of what caused his imbalance, as weighty intellect can be in place of ‘seeing’, where it should be in alignment … as heart searches mind for Truth, and this begins the Understanding in Self-Knowledge. I said in Part One of this essay that man knows not his ID, or the Identity of God, for he lives in illusion in what he is. Intellect of Spirit should be of a translucent Character. Not waif-like or predisposed, or even esoteric, but poised for immediacy, as if Gnosis might surface at any moment. Nono’s Rising is far more fluid than Ikon Archangel Raphael. This is for a reason. The ‘unseeing’ gaze of “Raphael”, off anatomy (hints of something more animal-like), elongated nose, which I use as that of the deer, healing tools in hand and partial robe of heightened yellow-green is representative of a pre-determined patronage. It covers an expanse of manual “perfecting”, understood in the language of the Monastic. The other image shares in this in a more experientially sovereign manner, something much less defined in man-made terms, but equally symbolic of the Healing.

Both are “unseeing”, as Spirrealism Understanding views the Angelic of limited vision. These partner in patterns … shapes … colors … temperature … and the ornate Sense in the Life of Word, as well as those collaborating within. This, of course, having to do with The Community of Saints and the Angelic of God. For instance, to say “he has been colored by her” means he has experienced her Spirit influence. To say “she is of cool wisdom” is to say she is of a more balanced Spiritual Maturity. To say that one is “of the Red” is to say he “garners Truth through Paradoxical Outpouring”. To be of Blue is to be “in the Spirit”, and this is to be in the stage of Renewal, and hearing Light. This is a language man has yet to become acquainted, but there is no reason why he should not be within the movement of this Energy. The signs are everywhere.

A note about the above Writing … I do not write these ikons anymore, for these are of my youth in orthodoxy, but I do see more in all iconography than when I started a few years ago. My paintings have moved into a more complex partnering, and share heatedly, and Mystically, as well as Prophetically in matters of the Spirit. I pray they continue to grow in ecclesiastical awareness, as this is part of my Work within the New Order. An Orthodox priest once scolded me regarding this desire, and told me my signs are crap. Yes, difficult to imagine a priest saying this to a catechumen who had just written his newcomer packet that he had requested and accepted, and used, but he is young, and is one that believes there are no brushstrokes in Orthodox iconography. Okay, but there are brushstrokes in orthodox spirituality, as I have the Work to show it.


Light in Desert (early stage)




Just as God does not push people into the sea, I would never push one in my Church to be chrismated, as I view Chrismation as an unspoken Well of Determination in the Life, and this refers to depth of Understanding, which is shared in Teaching, Writing, Painting  … but not in title. What I am remains, but is not expected to be silent in the architecture of Gift. I think the priest misunderstood Agl. Paul’s words on the woman being silent in the womb ……. (1 Corinthians 14. 34). Crushed a limb on the way out, but I survived the cold, and the heat, and am far more reaching for it. I do understand he is a cradle religious, and born within set principles, but my Faith does not silence the Spirit, as this would be a silencing of the Heart, and so, we are of different places Spiritually, and I share this that others might come into pertinent information. I told the priest that he would not be ready for what is coming. And it IS coming. You who hold to dogmatic law without Understanding the Spirit Gift bury the talent God gives, including those who come in to inspect the vineyard.


Letter to the Monastic: Fortitude

In Part One of House Afire, I stated that I would share on the Angelic, and I have, but I will speak more defined. Nikolaos, the bishop of Myra (4th century), was angelkind. He was not saint. There is a difference. Angelkind are sent to unify the existing Church. Those of this dual nature (flesh and Spirit) generally do not know what they are. They simply know they may be different than most, and may know they are called to specific works. They can be used in or out of a religious setting, but are almost always born into pre-determined Purpose. Choice is still there, as God gives all choice, but the mediation within this is germinated within a set seed. Angels do fall, however, as I think most would agree; this, having to do with coming into what is God Purpose. Angelkind is not perfect, and not necessarily aligned fully with Truth, but are in the “striving” for Unity–always. In this, it is imminent that man understand that nothing is set, and that Spirit is not stagnant. What is creed one Day, may not be creed the next. This is where man in his fear and avarice, ignorance and guilt, youth of condolences, innocence and lacking, have barricaded and boxed himself in, and treats the “saint” like dead osier, rather than seeing him for what he is. No angel wants beautification, only to be understood in the call of Purpose. Many angelkind are what is understood as being of privilege, and know too well that other is not so fortunate. Look and see, people! See the difference between the poor and the rich. You show partiality (see James), and shame the poor. You deny those in greatest need, those lying on the side of the road as you walk by on your way to your institutions. The good samaritan is the angelkind, should he come. He is the one who dresses the Lost Son when he returns Home.

Now, I do not believe all that is written on Agl. Niklolaos, as he was human being in Spirit. He cannot do as these religious subscribe. It is not within angelkind’s place to resurrect dead flesh to living, but it is within one’s Worth to resurrect the Heart. This is where the Symbolism of the Story of Lazarus is exceedingly real, and will be shared in the Unifying of the Church.


Thomas Aquinas was angelkind. Dr. Peter Kreeft alluded to this in one of his lectures. It caught my attention in early 2011, and I was drawn to deep discernment and instruction in this area. I don’t get caught up in the devout fantasy surrounding these “saints”, but I do see connections like names and places and personalities. God can use any form for His Work. He has, and He does.




Peace and Love.

Continued …

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