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Saint Saturated

March 3, 2014

I know that what I share in this essay will be difficult for many to comprehend, just as it has been difficult for others (such as the one on the Amazon Discussion Form: Sinless Mary in previous essay) to understand my language. The reason for this is because I am in the middle of something. But before I get into what this is saying, I would like to point out a few things. When people with set agendas: political, religious, of self-interest … begin to label you, and single you out, in a negative or disingenuous manner, there is a good chance you are a threat to their intent. This shows fear. One has only to look at the label “heretic” down through the ages to understand my meaning. Religious man looks back on this and says, “The Inquisition was a mistake. What a stain on my religion, but we have apologized.” And then he goes about his work, a work that God sees is not so different from the Inquisition of yesterday. He sees man labeling and acting according to his own interests, and this having little or nothing to do with the intent to unify and to heal in God’s Holy Name.

Allow me to share an incident from roughly two years ago. I was shown to go on a thread on Amazon having to do with Catholic Reform, and incidentally, I view all of Christianity as catholic, and some. A couple of Catholics have said that I am on the outside looking in when it comes to their religion, but this is not so. Many might be surprised to learn that despite my Orthodox Presbyterian upbringing, which amounted to all of about sixteen years from my religious baptism to teen, I too, grew up in a catholic atmosphere. I am far more familiar with their religion than these realize, but I will say that my early years were more of a St Teresa of Avila type of catholicism. And please, I am not referring to myself as Saint in saying this; I am trying to allow the reader to come into this understanding of being in the middle. I have always been more of a contemplative thinker, and a practicer of my Faith more fully within this vein, as opposed to relying on Mass, or a religious hierarchal system, replete with laws and mandates of what I am and what I am not, and what I must do to save my soul. I would read Holy Scripture and pray on my own, and I would read writers of Spirit. This is a monastic style existence, but the catholic vein was the system I had no choice but to be a part of, until I began my Ascent of Understanding. This I will get into later in this essay.

Now … a poster on the Catholic Reform thread was clearly of something having to do with political and or denominational agenda, and labeled me something untrue, and seriously negative. The multitude of her posts over many years on many threads will allow you to see her intent for yourself, if you desire proof. Much of my posting the year I was brought to these threads was a year of asking questions, to understand the direction of Christianity (the 4hs mentioned in another essay: headed, heeded, honed and harvested), and its face, but it was also a year of sharing the early stages of Spirrealism, a movement that was gifted me to bring forth, and this has everything to do with Witnessing of Gift. On one occasion, I shared that I was going on holiday, and left the thread for a period of time, and the poster of which I am referring, wasted no time in posting that I was a manipulator and a deceiver, and that I was trying to start my own religion. Wow, of all the negative comments that anti-religious were posting, and all the comments that these “posse” Roman Catholics had posted, some as Spiritually bereft as saying things like: “I told you, never trust an Orthodox,” and “burning a heretic at the stake was justifiable” (it was a Catholic who told me he had read this post on a thread) … my posting was mild, a sort of not hot, but not cold (I will expound on this later in essay). Okay, there are extremists out there–in ALL facets of society–no matter which religion you adhere to, but NO, I am not manipulating anyone, nor am I attempting to deceive, and we have stated unequivocally that Spirrealism and SPIR is NOT a religion. SPIR is a part of Spirrealism, and is not a religion, unless, of course, someone takes it and makes it one, as has been the case in every movement. These can take and make “something” a religion. I am not saying this is bad, or wrong; I am saying that WE are not of religion in our Work here. Spirrealism is a Spirit Art Movement. And just because I use Holy Scripture to share in this Movement does not automatically make me religious. So, please, do not assume that Spirit and Religion go hand-in-hand. This is not always the case, as many of you will begin to discover in a far more relevant, and decisive manner. The following is the manifesto:
SPIRREALISM is a not a Religion, but is Spiritual Movement for the masses. It is a “Spirit Art Trust” for the Advent of Humanity. It is a provocative and revolutionary mode of Being (living and thinking). The New Vision within this movement is of Prophetic Voice, for it is a forward return to God Essence in the sanctity and preservation of Man as Human within the power and created placement of God Purpose. The ascetic life awareness born from the juncture of these is a Living and Breathing pattern of color, temperature, sense and clarity within spiritual gifts. Its truth bears its fruit within the Season of its Parenthood, what would be the Feminine Divine as Essence and the Masculine as Energy. We build this platform in the hope and desire that restorative and healing graces will endeavor to move man to renewal–an epic ascension of the heart to the mind through prayerful practice, performance, literary re-view and awareness on self. As we turn the page in this chapter in the Evolution of Man and God, the landscape of religion will change, as will the face of Christianity.


So, you see, we are more of a hand extended, as we see the faith of man sinking, because he is addled with doubt, hurt, encrustment ( a word that an Orthodox priest once shared with me and have found it of use) and the political and often radical treatises of society. I remember quite vividly when I was shown Spirrealism the Movement, and knew that this would be my Work. I shared this with a friend, and we discussed The Blue Rider Movement, and The Blue Rider Almanac, and I was shown SPIR, and this is how the collection of Spiritual Art began to bloom … but this is an Autumnal Blooming. The Autumn of this Day is a Language that man is unfamiliar. He lives in a feudal divide of Gregorian and or Julian calendar ethics of lifestyle and reason. He strangles the birth of Light in the eros of Love by his philandering ways. Agl. Paul shares in this Understanding, which is  beyond man’s capacity to reveal, or heal, and the passage of Enoch, Chapter 7, is quite lucid in illustrating this pandemic. The Autumn of our Faith is an Eastern Renewal, and this is shown mystically in the Vision Peter has of the sheet found in Acts 10. Look around, and you will see its Perimeter, and ask yourself, “where are we headed?” I share what I see, but I also encourage to look and think for yourself in this. First was the Vision of Cornelius. Look at the name meaning (cornu = horn). Cornelius is told by God’s Messenger to go to Peter, who is “lodging” with Simon ( he has heard)for he will tell you what you must do (Acts 10. 6). Peter ( Petras/Cephas = stone) goes up to the housetop to pray. He has a Vision of the white sheet bound at four corners (North, West, South and East … Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn … Eve, Miriam, Mary and the Woman at the Well … Judges, Ruth, Samuel, Kings …), and in it were all kinds of sure-footed animals of the earth, wild beasts, creeping things and birds of the air. The righteous, the weary, the wily and the …..

In Mark 8. 34-38 is the Charter in both noun and verb, because the Word of God is never stagnant. The other day a friend shared Pope VI’s  4 “prophecies” on Humanae Vitae. I was intrigued that these were called “prophecies”, and this had me discern in whether it was/is an adequate use of the word. I saw that it is not. First, history has already shown us these, long before Pope VI, and well before his birth. It is written. Now, if one can eloquently dig deeper in this Understanding, one will see its prelature. Regarding the actual text, either the man did his homework and saw an opportunity to use what he’d gleaned, or, he was inspired but knew not how best to advance its higher Understanding that it might become Knowledge. The words ring true, but in a deeper, more ethical sense in the Life. It harbors risk as well as rationing, but is purely and undeniably of persuasion, a type of persuasion that Agl. Paul’s text is born of, and this is never dead. This is why Prophesy is of God. It lives to improve, remove, disprove and groove, as it refashions that well. You see, the Well is still the Well, but there is no reason it should remain “standing”. The water … it is never still.

About Pope VI’s text, despite it’s relevance, it lacks Understanding. It has purpose, but falls short of stimuli. Why is this? One might ask where is ‘his’ cross? One might ask why ‘his’ own flock has not seen its purpose enough to be of its stature. I don’t need to provide the details in this part. The reader can do his own research there. Where I see its failing is in ‘his’ understanding of Love; what is God. I see a favoritism in the “patristic panel”. James states clearly that we are not to show partiality. My brethren, do not hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with partiality (James 2.1). Religious man is not lucid to what James states. He is partial to permanent patrimony, and this is where he is misaligned in Purpose, not united, and derelict in Communing … in his belief that God is ALL Father. If one is going to accept the Eucharist as a reality in the Christ Life, one must wake to the reality on Love! He feeds on his own male archetype, and this might equate with stagnancy, yielding failed results. Man in his infancy plays King of the House, but where are his heirs if there is no WAY to produce them? He plays God without the Parent in Light. Light will reveal Truth, the truth on fruit, and the truth on marriage, and the truth in ALL things living and dead. Holy Scripture is unparalleled. God is Spirit (John 4). One is either IN the Spirit, or he isn’t. One can be inspired, moved, and even led by the Spirit and still not be IN the Spirit. And this has everything to do with that Uniting: Heart to Mind … Hearing to Vision, Thinking … Seeing. 

Why is man un-united? Why is man born in that lethargy on “deafness”? Why is man struggling with his IDENTITY? His ID? Understandably, he is without Light. His ‘mode of being‘, if you will, is atypical. He has conformed himself to himself. He is a cookie-cutter lover of man thinking he is of God. But where, good Lord, is his cross? Honestly, I feel the Orthodox Christians today had long ago left their Love. Theotokos is of Mystery beyond his capacity to heal through Spirit Gift today because he has allowed himself to bury his Talent. He has all the fixins but no bread, because he has denied self to be made in the image of God. Much of his theology makes sense, but the practice lacks Philosophy, and I am not referring to the engineered kind of Philosophy. I am referring to the Art of [it]. What is Philosophy but love of Wisdom!

“Dream” must become more than just valid; it must become Vital. Mystery must become more than just of the Essence, it must become … Life. Theotokos must become more than just Mystery, or more than just Mary … She must BECOME  … Man is missing that Paradox on Love.


Man is so saturated in his sainting, he cannot arrive for his own wedding. He left for the bachelor party and never came back. Meanwhile, one waits … beckons … calls … Put it together, please … Alright, Alright, Alright! Come into the Understanding in this Unition. A visible example of this is Saints Clare and Francis. Clare is barely understood, while Francis has been sold to the masses as the Fairy of the Fields. My experience with Francis is that he is FIERCE! A Warrior! But a warrior in Love. Through man’s articulation of Mary, she has lost her vital role as Church, for as has been shared here in SPIR, she is a part of the greater whole in Mother, She … the Feminine Divine. Through man’s mishandling, the IMAGE of the Mary Symbol has rendered her position untouchable, nonhuman, spotless to the point of having no color, and in this adaption of hierarchal feats–she loses her Virginity. Why? Because she has been denied choice.




Peace and Love.





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