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Plying the Tap

February 28, 2014

Then Peter, turning around, saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following, who also had leaned on his breast at the supper, and said, “Lord, who is the one who betrays You?” Peter, seeing him, said to Jesus, “But Lord, what about this man?”

Jesus said to him, “If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me.” John 21. 20-22

This is a profound teaching, but is a far more electric and quintessential reality in that Paradox on Love. Now, before I get into this Spirit Epitaph, allow me to share that I understand my verse is new to many, at least the SPIRIT IMAGERY of it. Someone on the Amazon Discussion Threads recently posted to me that my writing is esoteric, and I realize his place spiritually, and why this might be, and I am also aware that I am more of the Monastic Workspace, but the truth of the matter is that one does not come into Understanding unless one sets his mind to it. If one is feeding in a multitude of areas, and or desiring that he be rewarded at every step, groomed and betrothed, as if he has earned the wedding chamber just because he has considered the idea of Spiritual Understanding worth consideration, he will be disappointed. These stand with the mouth open waiting for a wet wafer. These go to the vineyard, view the sea of foliage, find it arresting, and wait for someone to tell them which plant has the most fruit, and even go so far as to expect that it be prepared for them and laid at their feet. Lord says pick up your mat and walk. He is saying that your mind is in a critically unwell place, and that your heart is being squashed, smothered, ignored, denied, refused and degraded. Your hearing is separated from your mind. In other words, the heart has not found its groom, for the groom is not where it needs to be. The heart is your bride, for it is here that hearing is of the Essence. Whoever has ears let them hear

Those just stepping into the sea often fear the depth, and desire those that stroke the ego, to keep them recognized, important, and the epidermis of self throughly glazed in a manufactured substance of recruitment. “Come and dine in my quarters,” these say, “I will lather you in love.” But this love has a foundation of seduction. These will tell you that Mary was without sin and that Mary is your bride. These will tell you to lodge in their golden church, and sing hymns to the ‘deity’ of their rites and decrees and creeds in academia, politics, or religious dogma, and even  traditions born from these. Agl. Paul tells us that we are to be refined by fire. If anyone’s work is burned, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire ( 1 Cor. 3. 15). I know that seduction. I have tasted its fabrication, and through much work, found it preliminary–a sort of pre-marriage. As I have shared here is SPIR, man is in infancy in his understanding on God. Do not allow the vehicle of another to keep you from your walk.

Now, before anyone screams foul play regarding my words here, let me share again on Mary, her symbol of the four: Eve, Miriam, Mary and the Woman at the Well … is instrumental in Understanding, but she is not She, Mother, the Feminine Divine. And again, God is Spirit (John 4), and again, Parenthood God is Energy and Essence, what is masculine and feminine: Jesus Christ … and do take note where Paul says CHRIST JESUS, and where it states JESUS CHRIST. And again, where James says God and Father, rather than God the Father (these are all addressed in previous essays). An Orthodox priest once said that everything has purpose, and in this I would agree, and he also told the children of his congregation that they are married to Jesus. As children, I can see where these might be married to Jesus, but the fuller Gift, or the Holy Endeavor is to come into the CHRIST WAY. This is a reducing of the flesh and an increase of the Spirit. This is the Pentecost of Life. It is not flesh that we are to consume, but rather a Resurrected Self, and this is the Ascent of the Heart to the Mind. Those chosen are called out to become of Apostleship. The disciples “left their nets” , the safety of these, and moved to follow the One: Christ Way.

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Genesis 2.24

+Allow me to share something else to consider, briefly. The word way is of Germanic/Old English origin and originates from the word weg, from a base meaning carry, moveTo this, I say, Take up your cross … *Note that traditions change, and therefore words change. Also, the use of “beloved” as opposed to “the one whom Jesus loved” is best understood within the placement of Apostle and disciple.

Now … in this Understanding, what occurs? Teaching. Spiritual Exercise. Gifting. Once the feeding is Spiritually fulfilling (continuous and New), and the foundation has become more secure, the chosen is better prepared for ministering unto Truth within a parish setting, and through written text and other forms of Spirit Art, such as painting and music. Truly, we are in a new Day, a new Season of this Light, and are now in the RETURN TO FATHER. Man is short-sighted and dwells in obscurity, all along believing that he is known. Lord says, “I never knew you.” Very simply, yet in a manner of complexity related to PROPHESY: the Evolution of God and Man … the Time is now, and the chosen are being called from the cradles (nets) for Worth. Wisdom beckons and beckons. God is saying: It is time to move from there to here. This is a Return.

Time, in Gnosis (Spiritual Understanding), is seen as Woman. So, if you meet Her, then you have met Sister of Mercy, and realize that we are in Renewal. The landscape of religion will change, as will the face of Christianity. God has gifted much, and like the Parable of the Talents, He desires that these Gifts be of use, but if mankind/humankind chooses to bury his … well?


That said, the passage in John is what I like to call pre-marriage on Light. Peter had no idea what was ahead. He was full of zeal in his walk, and profoundly energized by Grace. Yes, this is what was upon him to reveal, but he was not aware of his impending death (Gnostic Literature <Revelation of James> gives insight in this). Meanwhile, John is illusive, as if he exists in another plane from Peter, and this would be true. Each was being prepared for the next “garment”. I have seen this astutely in those coming into their ID, that I might see this preliminary status. When you are engaged in the process of the moving in, you “begin to become” familiar with the places these ignite, and perpetuate Gift. This can be a most fascinating study, and a wondrous place of vision.

Look at the soul’s positioning. Then Peter, turning around, saw the disciple whom Jesus loved (this is our Beloved John) following … Peter looks behind. This is hugely symbolic. What Peter, as Mystic, can sense, which is written, but man does not hear, is what will come. This, not only metaphor, but also Prophesy. Peter then asks, “Lord, who is the one who betrays You?” Why would Peter suddenly think to ask this after seeing John? This is not a random question. This is not coincidence. I shared before in SPIR that John may have caused jealousy within the disciples because of where he places his attention. Peter is questioning in something his “gift”, in its infancy, is calling to his attention. John’s head on the chest of Jesus is showing us the profound synergy of the head to the Heart of Truth. Jesus, knowing Peter’s infancy, and knowing of Peter’s death, tells him,  “Follow Me.” He is saying, do not concern yourself with that which is not of “your place”. Jesus knows of John’s work ahead. The Truth Prophet would know this of those chosen. The Truth Prophet knows if one is Mystic, Prophet, Holy Priest Saint … The Truth Prophet comes into the Essence of these Spirit Gifts, those things brought forth for God Purpose. I won’t share all in that passage of John, but I will say that there is far more than meets the eye.


Regarding the discussion thread, I challenged some of the others in Spiritual Awareness, the same type of exercise that I have shared in this essay, but I was deemed a threat. They brought in sharp-tongue reinforcement, and of course, the votes are always stacked and regulated, and dishonesty abounds. These are not who they say they are. That is not my place. I was there nearly two years ago, and saw the same behavior, and nothing has changed. Interesting that this thread should be moving into its 23 installment. Maybe in this stream, those behind the ‘treason’ will be discovered. Truth is, I only went there because I was shown something that I might bring forth its pretense. Those who stage a thread called “Sinless Mary” but use it for political agenda should be ashamed of themselves. I am not of politics, and have no political backbone. I keep abreast of things, weigh in within prayer, and vote through this. The deceivers who use Mary’s Name irreverently for political gain, or even institutional gain to lure seekers in to their denominational factions are suspect, but it’s really up to their superiors, and or their fellow members to address this type of behavior. I am not of religion, but not trying to discourage anyone from religion–any denomination. I am working to bring members and nonmembers into Renewal within Spirit Gifts, and to gain a better understanding of the Life ( I am the way, the truth and the life …). Those on the “posse” threads would be surprised how spirred their own priests have been by these essays, and the Spirit Art aligned within this. And as for being esoteric … it takes time to come into Understanding, but if you think a wet wafer, or a quick, fanciful post will serve for what’s ahead, you won’t desire what I share, but you may become the preyer rather than the prayer.


Peace and Love.

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