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The Silent Lair

February 17, 2014


Renewed Collections: Letter to the Monastic, Text Five: Faith

A few days after writing the essay O Master! My Master!, I was brought to The Second Book of John 1.1-2.

The Elder,

To the elect lady and her children, whom I love in truth, and not only I, but also those who have known the truth, because of the truth which abides in us and will be with us forever …

Allow me to share again an excerpt from that essay:

“My point in sharing any of this is to bring one’s attention to the surprise ending: peacock meat will rot as will the flesh of any whether you are of religion or not, or of Spirit or not, and one without unity will be as a field unfit for planting. If the seed never makes it to the soil, and never tastes the sweetness of the drink of Life that the seed might begin its Purpose, how will it produce fruit? Soil, Seed, Water of Light. Water of Light is Water of Spirit. Another way to understand the lethargy of Spiritual “deafness” is to come into the Paradox on Love. Essence of God is not only experienced but is knowable. How? God is Spirit. Spirit is of the Essence, what is Feminine Divine, She, Mother … but renewal must first begin with soil and seed, what is Humankind and Truth. Truth is the Product capable of producing NEW seed, but newness can only come forth, or come forth healthy if EXPERIENCING the Water of Light. One experiences Essence in the return to the Father (I am the way, the truth and the life: no one comes to the Father except through Me–John 14.6). Mother hears. Mother is Light-bearer in union with Water–Drink, what is Spiritual Knowledge inherent in Life. Mother is Wisdom, our Sophia. One experiences She as Light-bearerTheotokos in Orthodoxy is understood as God-bearer. Mary of Holy Scripture is a part of this Light, but she is not She, Mother, Essence of the Spirit. Mary is part of a greater whole within this Paradox on Love, and is housed under that canopy (see essay Candelabrum of Iniquity).”

Now, my question is: Do you see a Revelation? Jesus ben Sirach states it beautifully in The Wisdom of Sirach 51. 23-30.

Draw near to me, untaught ones,

And lodge in my school.

Why do you say you are lacking in these things,

Yet you let your souls thirst exceedingly?

I opened my mouth and said,

“Gain wisdom for yourselves without


Place your neck under her yoke,

And let your soul receive her


She is near that you might find her.

See with your own eyes that I labored


But found rest for myself.

Partake of instruction with a great

amount of silver,

And gain much gold with it.

May your soul be gladdened by His


And may you not be put to shame

when you praise Him!

Do your work before the appointed


And He will give you your reward in

His appointed time.”

Here is your elect lady: Wisdom. Wisdom is Mother, She, Prophet, Holy Priest and Spiritual Mentor. She is Teacher, as well as Spiritual Advisor. She is also Church. Sirach says, “Draw near to me untaught ones and lodge in my school.” What Jesus ben Sirach advises here is metaphor for complacency on Truth. Look at 1 Corinthians 6.5 … I say this to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you, not even one, who will be able to judge between his brethren? Why is this? How can this be stated with such certainty? One must look into the heart of this to understand its meaning. As has been shared here, hearing is of the heart, and this is of the Essence of Christ, or as some might say: the Christ Way. To be untaught is to be unborn. Sirach could have said: Come closer to me unborn ones and rest in my Church, my Wisdom. He speaks not from a place of denial, or from a place of manliness, or even from a set of values within morality. He speaks from a Place within the Holy Spirit–a Realm of Reason beyond man’s ability to hear. He is not man. He is alien to mankind. Man cannot judge because he has no authority to judge … in God’s Name.

Between his brethren … What is the Spirit Language here? If you take two houses, and one is white while the other black … which is of correctness? One might use Reason to ask why one is white and the other black? Are these both in the same street? Same climate? If reborn, the one hearing will say: ah, I see the reflection that Light has on both houses, but what is the interior of these? Do these not contain the same flesh and blood? This one stands between. This one has not aligned himself with either, but understands the lacking. That “great amount of silver” is perpetual movement in and of the Way (I simplify here  because I am addressing those of interest). This is saying, come into your Spiritual Gift that you might begin this partaking. Sitting in a pew singing hymns and waving arms in praise and repetition of prayer is singing hymns and waving arms and repetition of prayer, but when you return to your house … what are you? Do you thirst exceedingly? Is “this school” where you desire to lodge? Is the pew the school where you desire to lodge? I am certain there are a number of people who have found it a good place to cop a snooze, but I am thinking more along the lines of feeding. And yes, one can feed in dreams. This is a source of Teaching. God does use dreams, visions and signs to Teach. This, however, is a place of Spiritual Awareness, where one does not sleep. When you get to the point where the Messengers of God speak to you in dreams without visuals, and you are of this hearing, you are within a Realm of Supremacy (again, I speak to those of interest).

I would be remiss if I did not add that Understanding Spiritual Language (Symbolism and imagery) is an Art. It is a Spirit Gift. For example, if God knows all, but the Angelic Messengers say that they have limited vision, what would this really be saying?

“Do your work before the appointed


And He will give you your reward in

His appointed time.”




Something came to my attention recently, and I just knew it was to be a part of this essay. This would be the use of Names. If an alien visited earth and saw a school, parish, college or university called St Mary, or one called St Andrew, or one called St Thomas, or St Peter, St Paul, St John or St Raphael … if this one went inside, and sat down to listen, would this one hear what any of these would teach? If one went into a college named St Mary, would she hear what St Mary would want her to hear? How about St Paul? Would she hear what St Paul would teach?

100_0838  Renewed Collections: Text Six: Spiritual Knowledge


Peace and Love.


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