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O Master! My Master!

February 2, 2014

100_0809   Renewed Collections: Letter to the Monastic, Text Two: Placement

I was looking through City of God by Augustine for the text where he finds the meat of the peacock without decay. This, because he had tested it by having taken cooked peacock and left it out for a period of time and found it free of ruination. I found it odd that he would use cooked peacock for his little test as opposed to raw peacock.  I could not find it but did notice something unusual  handwritten under Chapter Two in End and Punishment of the Earthly City. The chapter deals with the unbeliever. Here are a few sentences to give you the gist.

It is not easy to find proof that will convince unbelievers of the possibility of human bodies remaining not merely active, alive, and uncorrupted after death, but also of continuing forever in the torments of fire. Such believers are deaf to any appeal to the power of the Almighty, and demand a demonstration in terms of positive facts. When facts are reported, they deny the value of the evidence; when the evidence is produced, they declare it inconclusive.  Augustine then goes on to tell of a worm that lives in fire …

Notes under this segment read: Part of the reason we have more unbelievers is because we have more religions. Part of the reason we have more religions is because we have more freedom. Part of the reason we have more freedom is because we have more unbelievers. This leaves us with more unbelievers in religion with more believers believing in religion.

Take it or leave it but I found it inescapable.

To continue on “deafness” …

My point in sharing any of this is to bring one’s attention to the surprise ending: peacock meat will rot as will the flesh of any whether you are of religion or not, or of Spirit or not, and one without unity will be as a field unfit for planting. If the seed never makes it to the soil, and never tastes the sweetness of the drink of Life that the seed might begin its Purpose, how will it produce fruit? Soil, Seed, Water of Light. Water of Light is Water of Spirit. Another way to understand the lethargy of Spiritual “deafness” is to come into the Paradox on Love. Essence of God is not only experienced but is knowable. How? God is Spirit. Spirit is of the Essence, what is Feminine Divine, She, Mother … but renewal must first begin with soil and seed, what is Humankind and Truth. Truth is the Product capable of producing NEW seed, but newness can only come forth, or come forth healthy if EXPERIENCING the Water of Light. One experiences Essence in the return to the Father (I am the way, the truth and the life: no one comes to the Father except through Me–John 14.6). Mother hears. Mother is Light-bearer in union with Water–Drink, what is Spiritual Knowledge inherent in Life. Mother is Wisdom, our Sophia. One experiences She as Light-bearerTheotokos in Orthodoxy is understood as God-bearer. Mary of Holy Scripture is a part of this Light, but she is not She, Mother, Essence of the Spirit. Mary is part of a greater whole within this Paradox on Love, and is housed under that canopy (see essay Candelabrum of Iniquity).

In prioritizing and magnifying God as masculine, man “took” liberties. This is a theft of sorts, for one should “receive” within Light, as this is understood as Gift. In Matthew 26.26, Jesus does say “take, eat“, but the return in this is a “reception”. It should be an act of  receiving. God’s Gift of the Spirit and those of the Gifts of the Spirit understand that a Gift is received. We don’t say: I took the Gift of God. We say: I receive God’s Gift, and this is to be of a contrite heart–one accepted within perpetual Grace, or movement of Wisdom, our Sophia. This can be understood in the Scripture passage: Many are called; few are chosen. In receiving Spirit, one is of a penitent frame (altar)–if chosen. Holy Scripture says do not add or take away … Man added and man took away in his taking of Truth. The very young do take without understanding what is made. One has only to look at the parent working to provide what a child needs to grow. If one has never been a parent then one must remember. Man is in infancy on God. Thank God.

Thomas Merton experienced Mother. His dreams were versed with M. He yearned for Her Drink that his Seed (Child) might spring forth anew. Nakedness in Spiritual dreams is often symbolic of preparation for renewal, and if you then find yourself cloaked in a robe of a specific color, having moved from one place to the next then you are being taught the Movement and Symbolism of your Spirit journey to [this] uniting of Soil, Seed, Water of Light. And for those of you wanting to label these words New Age and go off in a huff, you are forgetting what is written, or maybe you have not yet seen {It}. Merton was in his youth in his walk. He experienced She through dreams, visions, writing, drawing, witnessing … And he was coy in the end. He knew the way of religious man and even though I believe he did not fully understand what he was experiencing, he was close enough to know what should and should not be done. Personally, I believe had he moved into Orthodoxy of the Christian Religion, as I am told he was considering, he would have … at that time … been seen as a type of ‘traitor’ to his Catholic roots, and this would not have boded well for his time now. This is not a slight against Orthodoxy, but a part of that Preservation Trust (see essay Prayer Apartheid Part Two), which is within Prophesy. I have said here in SPIR that there will be a moving of Catholic members into Orthodoxy. Merton was a step ahead. This intent is not to eradicate the rich Mystical Traditions born within Catholicism as frame, but to integrate and renew the perpetual advance of what is to be. One cannot deny catholicism, and one cannot be without orthodox understanding within the Spirit.


Gregory of Palamas says this in the Fourth Volume of The Philokalia to The Most Reverend Nun Xenia:

58. When every shameful indwelling passion has been expelled and the intellect, as already indicated, has returned wholly to itself, converting at the same time the other powers of the soul–and when through cultivating the virtues it sets the soul in good order, ever advancing to a more perfect state, ascending through its active spiritual progress and with God’s help cleansing itself more fully–then it not only expunges all imprints of evil but also rids itself of every accretion, however good it is or appears to be. (59.) And when it has transcended intelligible realities and the concepts, not unmixed with images, that pertain to them, and in a godly and devout manner has rejected all things, then it will stand before God deaf and speechless (cf. Psalm 38.13). 

Well, what’s to be said in this? It’s like straining a wet gnat through a tissue. I will venture to say that it is impossible to expel every shameful indwelling passion. Why? Because what was shameful to Gregory of Palamas in 1300 as a hesychast caught up in a movement is not the same in this day, and how does one know the fuller use of what is to be for greater Works?  Beware that you do not lose what leads you to your talent intended as Gift. Sometimes it is a shameful passion that wakes the soul, and brings it to attention, that it might be modified for something of Purpose, but to expel it without having seen its pretense would be a tremendous loss, for in the bridling a teaching can be found, and preserved for later use. It is possible to become overzealous in being “right”, exacting, and thoroughly convinced of your placement that you lose touch with the reality of the soul, and through this expel many brought in to check the vineyard. The mind is a maze, and within this lie the memories unseen.

100_0810   Renewed Collections: Letter to the Monastic, Text One: On Light

Remember that no one in the flesh at any time on this earth can know all there is to know of God and Father. This in itself is Gift! To push to render yourself inexplicably alien to those in this world through a confined existence apart from the absolute necessity to draw on Love and where [this] can be found ( in most unusual and outstanding places) suffers the prime directive of the Apostolic Way! Repetition of solace can breed that lethargy of deafness, but not the astute hearing you might think. It has its place and its time but should not become an exaggeration of its relevance. In this, it becomes its own wedded religion. Aliens who come into the Spirit know they are alien to the world, and know their walk may find them in places of tempest and shame; persecution and rejection; then possibly, persuasion and merit, but they must first meet their Master, and Master in Spirrealism understanding is Spirit Mentor, for it is [this] which maketh ME to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth ME beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul (Psalm 23). The ‘me’ in this is the messenger of Light. It is the Wisdom of Fortitude necessary for the Restoration of the Soul, and this place in the Spirit involves a uniting.

From The Miss Fits essay here in SPIR: “There must come a point in your life where you admit the good, and confess the bad. Yes, admit good. Religion does not need a Religious hierarchy. Believers can still join together and pray, fundraise for the community, donate to assist in paying medical bills for cancer-stricken members within a parish, provide meals for the homeless, and help a pregnant mother with no job.  God is watching to see the intent of your work, and He wants you to be intelligent about it. Know yourself, and know the currency of the order.”

I could have worded it in this manner: Religion does not need a Religious hierarchy; it needs a Spiritual One.


Peace and Love.

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