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The Artistry of the Art

January 29, 2014

I’m not one for lengthy intros. Thinking on this reminds me of a book my assigned spiritual advisor gave me a few months in while attending  a Greek Orthodox parish. The book is The Cloud of Unknowing.

The book  had a long introduction, which I found not in my favor, but the text itself read somewhat true … at first. I recall it reminded me a little of Prayer of the Heart, until I felt myself moving away from Church, and away from Light. I realized then that it was a product of misaligned intent. Others may find it gloriously rich and profound in Spirit Revelation. I found it misleading, but it’s not the mystic that I would challenge in this art, for I believe the mystic was under the influence of himself. I would challenge the “art” by way of its fruit. You see, mystics are a calamitous bunch, and dip and revel in all sorts of teasing and factitious material, and can take channels undeveloped. Dreams, visions and signs can assist in the discerning if the language (symbolism) of the Spirit is understood, but if intent in not in alignment within the ‘personal’ calling, it’s likely these will enter waters undefined. This can lead many away from Spirit Gift. Those reading worldly signs must also be careful. Take, for instance, the recent incident with the peace doves released by the children at St Peter’s Square, Vatican City. One might see this as a sign of resurgence of national debt, a measure of inequality, while the seagull might represent austerity–a martyr in the making–and the crow might represent catastrophic drain. The dive of these could be a downward move of money, and the doves would represent those who suffer–the children. Another might see this strictly as something having to do with this pope calling himself Francis. The point is, there are many avenues, but only one for One is of the Essence.

Therefore by their fruits you will know them. Matthew 7.20.

The message of this essay is not to dwell on “the Cloud” book, but to demonstrate a mystic’s course of revenue, which I will share in a text from On the Inner Nature of Things by Nikitas Stithatos.

From The Philokalia, Text 45, page 119 of Volume four.

Those who have not tasted the sweetness of the tears of compunction and are ignorant of its graces and of how it operates, think that such tears differ in no way from those shed for the dead; and they invent all manner of specious reasons and pretexts for thinking this, such as might naturally occur to us. But when what was haughty in our intellect inclines towards humility, and when the soul has closed its eyes to the deceitfulness of visible things and aspires solely to the contemplation of the material, primal light, repudiating all that derives from sense perception and receiving the grace bestowed by the spirit, then as water from a spring tears at once gush from it and sweeten its senses, filling the mind with all manner of joy and divine light. More than this, they shatter the heart and make the intellect humble in its contemplation of the higher world. These things cannot happen to those who lament and mourn in another way.

First, anyone who desires Spiritual Knowledge, also understanding he has an immense process ahead I tip my hat to. Spiritual Knowledge by way of the Heart is a supremely artistic and revelatory experience, and if this brings one closer to God, which would align one more succinctly with Spirit Gift … weathers the storms within Purpose with the understanding that the work, and even possibly the worth, will be brought forth in time. Those searching often need to express themselves in some form. Many choose written text as a method of release. This is a good system, and can be a profitable venture, spiritually speaking, but remember: the place, the space, the state and the prime.

Nikitas was a commander of sorts. He is of purpose, but I do not align with his thinking. Here’s why … If you look closely at the word compunction, you see the word “to prick”, or “to prick sharply”A grand word for a grand purpose, but its signature is not aligned properly with the following: more than this, they “shatter the heart” and make the intellect humble in its contemplation of the higher world. Nikitas speaks on a panel of iniquity. I lean (support) on a panel of the Paradox of Paradise. Pricking and shattering are of an immensely contrasting purpose and placement. The thought of a shattered heart is beyond the Sorrow of the altar. Its realm is consistent with death. Why does he use this to express the need for Spirit-filled humility? I suspect he is of a position of countering commonplace values–of that time period and manner of thinking. One hears with the Heart, and this is of the Essence of the Spirituality of Christ (see Galatians 5.20-22). Imagine shattering the hearing. Now, this does not mean that one adhering in this will not speak out against the inequality, torture, ineffectiveness and hypocrisy of the day, even if you are a type of hesychast, for no altar is an island unto itself. In truth, the monk, or the one of the monastic existence is needed now more than ever, and this is why I believe The Philokalia and Agl. John’s Ladder of Divine Ascent will be fortuitous in our day. It’s growing relevance is a visible Light unto the Works. Even the writings of Nikitas are of use in the Understanding of  this compunction.

However …

Nikitas’s words sound poignant and beguiling. They are texturally rich, but are they layered in a way that hides the weight of inner vain-glory? What are these really and truly saying? Nikitas is certainly entitled to freedom of religion and freedom to choose his words, but are his words truly of the Spirit? Had he been inspired yet his hand misfired? Because it worked without the other of common use? What is the other? Again, as I have shared on SPIR: the right and the left, which is our Wisdom and Spiritual Knowledge. Okay … but what does this look like in the text by Nikitas? It sounds as if he lacks Wisdom, our Sophia. Visit the story of Mary and Martha in Holy Scripture. Here you see allegory for the right and left.

If one enters the monastic state unversed in the persecution of the world, what has he to bring to the table? If one is lacking in the loss of the son having earned his wages as the servant to the poor, with what has he to measure his words? Can a rich man enter the Kingdom? It is a rare individual who can see within the soul to know if it has closed its eyes to deceit. The mind sees. The heart hears. The soul is the union of these which sires the Child of God–our Trinitarian Life. Another way to understand this is to enter the place of the Samaritan Woman in John. Too many assume she was a prostitute, but this is not the case. It’s far too shallow a sentence, and please take note that Jesus never accuses her, but offers an answer that allows her to see the problem. It says in John 4.24, God is Spirit … and Jesus says: But whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. In this, He speaks of the Spiritual Way, or the Way of the Spirit. The well woman talks about Jacob, referring to him as father–the same Jacob that the Jews honor, and of course, there is the issue of whether one should be worshipping on that mountain or in Jerusalem. But we must remember that worship is where the Spirit leads–is it not? Jesus says he came not to CALL the righteous, but sinners to repentance (here is your widow spoken of in James). Let’s look at the husbands.

1. Decadence: decay of morality (something living and worshipping in and of the world can offer as drink), or we could view this as adultery of the mind.

2. Debauchery: this is nothing less than senseless, or fleeting pleasures. Jesus offers everlasting Drink.

3. Forlornness: melancholy or self-pity.

4. Cantankerousness: stubbornness or ignorance born of self-indulgence or self-pity, a type of bitterness or resentment.

5. Loneliness, and this is not her husband. Why? Because she has ‘lived with’ or ‘made her bed’ with the other four and this has “affected” her.  And allow me to tell you that mankind, and or the conditions of the world might easily be the contributor.

We could also look at these husbands as father, brother, husband, son and loss. This would be a woman’s life in the world.

*From a previous SPIR essay …

[Going back to the five particles: Heart-Wisdom; Soul-Spiritual Knowledge; Strength-Faith; Mind-Healing; and what comes from these is the capacity in Love. A union of heart and mind transforms the tongue. If you remove the mind of ‘man’ that it might share in union with the heart, where Wisdom is of the Essence, the tongue will confess … as is necessary for the Way.]

100_0800 100_0795

Renewed Collections: Letter to the Monastic, Text One: ON LIGHT

Peace and Love.

  1. Jonas MacFarquhar permalink

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    • opheliart permalink

      I am no expert on this form of “art”. I knew immediately after reading it that I could not connect with it. To be honest, this “art” is not my area. It appears cryptic–somehow coded–but I cannot not see anything in it relating to the topic of this essay, but I did discern and was shown that there is a PURPOSE to ‘my’ clicking the Approve.
      First, to shut out a child who is misbehaving without giving a reason is not my way, nor do I believe it to be the Way of the Spirit. In John 4 it states clearly: God is Spirit, and God most certainly advises us on our behaviour, and gives us good reason, and plenty of notice regarding the nature of things; therefore, I give this poster reason. The comment from this poster to SPIR essay, The Artistry of the Art, appears to draw one away from the Spirit. In other words, it is not OF God. It houses much agenda apart from the Faith of Spirrealism. So, I give this poster warning: The next time will be a shutting out. I make no apologies on this as this venue is not for trolling with racist agendas, but for those who are truly desiring of the Spirit.

      In addition, it seems this poster may have been wounded at one time and carries a signature of deceit–possibly? I sense something unwell in this poster’s comment. Do you see?

      I do apologize to those who have been wounded by this poster’s comment, but there is always a purpose. This is the orthodox spiritual way.

      Peace and Love.

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