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January 24, 2014

The following is from the SPIR essay: Candelabrum of Iniquity

“Ephesus: Angels, Smyrna: Saints, Pergamos: Apostles, Thyatira: Human-kind, Sardis: Martyrs, Philadelphia: Prophets, and Laodicea: Religious

Within these titles rise Spirit Gifts (the soul’s positioning). The seven candles represent the Gifts of the Spirit, and each Angel “houses” a Gift for each title. Angels align with Faith. Saints align with Works. Apostles align with Ministering. Human-kind align with Service. Martyrs align with Servitude. Prophets align with Love. Religious align with Fellowship. None of these are called by Man.”

I was shown that this would stir the waters, and it has. What I find more convincing every day is that one being called will kick and kick and kick wildly, even recklessly, as he struggles with the new in the old, until he finds his penance. Once this has come into view, the altar is but a heartbeat away. Again, James speaks on these in 1.26-27.

In Part Four of Prayer Apartheid, I shared the following:

“I wrote in Part Three that to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself spotted from the world is a two-fold message. To visit orphans and widows in their trouble is an understanding in Tribunal Care. This carries with it a plan for salvation beyond man’s ability to demonstrate mercy. Mercy is a God ordained place of Spiritual Understanding. It is Chesed, and this is the worth that one must come into before one can know the Father. It is loving-kindness. It is the way. It is of Christ.

[This] is perpendicular to Light. It supports the weight of the canopy on Love. If one can carry [this], one is born. The orphan is his altar, and the widow his penance (sorrow).”

That being said, allow me to share on the church of the Laodiceans. I do this with an excerpt from Philo’s On Flight and Finding, VI (33 and 34).

And here therefore truth may not unreasonably blame those who, without any examination, abandon the business and means of regulating a civil life, and who say that they have learnt to despise glory and pleasure; for those men are behaving insolently, and do not really despise these things, making an open boast of their sordid, and melancholy, and stern appearance, and putting forth their austere and dirty way of living as a bait, as if they were lovers of orderly behaviour, and modestly, and endurance; (34) but they are not able to deceive those who look into them with greater accuracy, and who pierce within their disguise, and who are not led astray by outward show; for having removed these veils and coverings from others, they see what is treasured up and concealed within, and learn what kind of qualities and nature are theirs: and if they are good they admire them, and if they are evil they ridicule them, and hate them because of their hypocrisy.

The clarified message here is to hate not those of hypocrisy, but the title and the deed. Ignorance is the panel upon which the jury rests. But what does this look like? This is probably my most asked question in prayer. Possibly this comes from being Spirit Artist; possibly from the Senses; possibly both. What does this look like? This is asking on its forbearance. It’s not only a searching on how to hear, but is also a desire to know purpose.

Before I continue on this, I would like to also share something elemental to workmanship, and this is not only a very important catalyst for “success” in the hearing, but it is exceptional in its own “right”. This is where one called can lose focus and never make it to the door of Spiritual Understanding. This is a stumbling block to Spiritual Awareness. If you set out to learn how to swim, it is the unexpected current in the shallow end as you wade in. You get swept up before you’ve understood the reason for entering the water. And this is: Do not concern self with those things not of your place. The Angels of Ephesus will tell you that their Vision is limited. Why? Why not see all? Because to hear more would supersede the area of designed purpose. Prophets will be the first to tell you that there is a great desire to see more. The truth in this is that nothing is set, just as the floor of the ocean shifts and the waters one day may be rough, and surfing inexplicably glorious, and the next day calm, but the currents are as a snake in the grass–barely detectable. Know the water, and respect the snake. Do not tread where he moves, unless you understand his domain.

Elijah fled from the powerful Jezebel. The Voice asks, “Elijah, what are you doing here?” And tells Elijah, “Go and return on your way to the desert of Damascus.”  A thin sentence as this carries a heavy sentence of penance, but it is not a sentence undignified, nor is it a sentence unworthy. It is a movement of return. Go back to the beginning, says the Voice, and you will see the purpose.



Someone asked me recently if the Jesus Prayer could be found in full online. I answered and shared that it was a simple Prayer and I knew it by heart (both versions). I did not really answer the question. Why? It was not mine to answer. Do not concern yourself with those things not of your place. I am smiling here, just to let you know. Go back to the beginning says the Voice, and you will see the purpose.


Peace and Love.

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