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Candelabrum of Iniquity

January 22, 2014

In Part Four of Prayer Apartheid, I shared the following:

“I wrote in Part Three that to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself spotted from the world is a two-fold message. To visit orphans and widows in their trouble is an understanding in Tribunal Care. This carries with it a plan for salvation beyond man’s ability to demonstrate mercy. Mercy is a God ordained place of Spiritual Understanding. It is Chesed, and this is the worth that one must come into before one can know the Father. It is loving-kindness. It is the way. It is of Christ.

[This] is perpendicular to Light. It supports the weight of the canopy on Love. If one can carry [this], one is born. The orphan is his altar, and the widow his penance (sorrow).”

A visual on this would be the letter T.  T is a good image to demonstrate this perpendicular arrangement of Light. We have the tree and its branches. This tree (the trunk) is also seen as a braid–a woven three (A cord of three strands is not quickly broken-ECCL.).

100_9808   Note: the white woven within the braid on Rebekah.

What we are addressing here in this essay is something called Purity. White is the emblem of [this] Purity. If we examine Revelations where the seven angels of the seven churches are distinguished in patronage, we are told of the white garment in the prophesy of the angel of the church in Sardis. First, what are these churches?

The churches are titles. Lord was one to give names like Paul for Saul and Matthew for Levi, so each church is given a title. Many assume these churches are religious titles like the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church, but this is not the case, nor are these churches stages within a believer’s journey. The titles are representing the human condition within the fight on Love. Remember, there is a canopy on Love, and this is calledunderstood as Truth. So, one called is within this fight. Those who understand what is the world, understand why one is called, and why there is a fight on Love. These would be the chastised and the made ready, but these are also the persecuted, the weak, the penetrated, the co-joined and partner to Life.

Here are the titles …

Ephesus: Angels, Smyrna: Saints, Pergamos: Apostles, Thyatira: Human-kind, Sardis: Martyrs, Philadelphia: Prophets, and Laodicea: Religious

Within these titles rise Spirit Gifts (the soul’s positioning). The seven candles represent the Gifts of the Spirit, and each Angel “houses” a Gift for each title. Angels align with Faith. Saints align with Works. Apostles align with Ministering. Human-kind align with Service. Martyrs align with Servitude. Prophets align with Love. Religious align with Fellowship. None of these are called by Man.

A. EAKER Our Lady

Allow me to share from The Philokalia, Volume One.

St Isaiah the Solitary, On Guarding the Intellect, Text 27. (Note: A Prophet’s Work is always before him)… If some shameful thought is sown in your heart as you are sitting in your cell, watch out. Resist evil, so that it does not gain control over you. Make every effort to call God to mind, for He is looking at you, and whatever you are thinking in your heart is plainly visible to Him. Say to your Soul: ‘If you are afraid of sinners like yourself seeing your sins, how much more should you be afraid of God who notes everything?’ As a result of this warning the fear of God will be revealed in your soul, and if you cleave to Him you will not be shaken by passions; for it is written: ‘They that trust in the Lord shall be as Mount Zion; he that dwells in Jerusalem shall never be shaken’ (Psalm 125.1). Whatever you are doing, remember that God sees all your thoughts, and then you will never sin. To Him be the glory through all the ages. Amen

(A link provided for your listening:


On Humility: When awake, if your Shadow precedes you, Love holds court within. If your Shadow falls behind, deception (delusion) may befriend you. While asleep, if your Shadow precedes, abduction is inherent.

Peace and Love.

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