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Sacrament of Reason (Part One)

December 22, 2013

Consider this …  Holy Bible: The greatest lie never told.


Do you think those who wrote the books (text) knew what they were writing? There is a yes and no answer to this question. First, not all that has been put together for this Work of Art is “correct” in its intent. For instance, the Adam and Eve story serving as God’s initial Place is not of sound intent. Why? I will answer by sharing from my own experience. God is not malicious for any reason. The Purpose of God is to draw one nearer to … as a drawing water from a well. So, in reading this story of Adam and Eve, one must begin to enter into a type of reason understood as The Sacrament of Reason, and it is a Holy Sacrament.  It is a healing, regenerative process intended for greater Purpose

Just as no one is an island in practicing Faith, no one can be a writer, reader, discerner, initiator, mediator, interpreter or seer in understanding what is brought forth from God without God Purpose. Demonstrating God as spiteful, vindictive, vengeful, hurtful or wounding is off in God intent. I do not believe that one has to venture too deep into gnosis to receive this, but one does have to enter more conflicting (narratively speaking) and phosphoric stages in order to gain understanding “within” …

This Sacramental placement is not something found in the dunking, drinking, dipping or deluging found in practicing the way of the cross. To take UP your cross is not a murderous practice, on either end. It is not a punishing performance. It’s not an either-or, black or white, right or wrong guise of perpetual enlightenment. It is … 

Man pledges himself to man, dogma, name, traditions without having tasted the Sacrament of Reason. Holy Reason is not confined to any religious practice, and can be as far from devout as the state of being made as a cat is from a dog. To be a devout Christian, or a devout Catholic, or a devout Orthodox means you are devoted to something man-installed, and this can be as far from God as the dipper can be far from the water. Dancing in one place can be good exercise, but does it teach you to Commune within God Purpose? Can it carry you to other points of understanding within the fire and motion of a dancer, able to navigate the stage? This motion, or movement is the guise necessary to reach higher places.


Take, for instance, the Christmas song,  Away in the Manger. This song is a tradition for Christians. Now, look at these lyrics: I love Thee, Lord Jesus, look down from the sky (heaven). I do not experience Lord as UP in the sky. He is not up in a floating realm way, way above me. This is traditional thinking on heaven. Even with those who are reasonably well-read and practice God as an inner place of understanding often view heaven as up in some mystical place that he will enter (or hope to enter) after his flesh life expires. Heaven is a perpetual service of Servitude. Vocation is not Servitude unto God, friends. It is a plane of material thought. In the Book of Romans, it states that God is no respecter of persons, therefore, He does not view our vocations as anything but material. Vocation is immaterial to heaven, because … Heaven is Spirit, however, one cannot negate its pretense as something God efficient. In other words, it can be the left hand to the right in that Servitude, but one must COME (take up the mat and follow) into this Calling … either with or through one within, which is the necessary yeast for the rising of the bread. This takes us into the understanding that Faith is not practiced on an island. Vocation needs to be of integrity in service for it to find its home in God efficiency. God can bring good from the wreckage of lives, and these are often viewed as lessons, where blame is withheld, but one must begin to understand that to be in one place dancing is not the same as being a part of the greater whole. If the well is here, and you are there … then that Manger is Away in deed, indeed.






Peace and Love

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