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Define: THE PLACE (Part Three)

November 12, 2013


Ikon Archangel Michael by L Thiel

“The Angels envy us,” man says. The Angels say, “We envy what humanity wastes.”

This is not surprising if one understands what Holy Scripture is saying in the passage: Therefore, circumcise the foreskin of your heart, and do not be stiff-necked any longer. Deut. 10.16

But let’s step back and take a close look at chapter 14 in Deuteronomy. Indeed, heaven and heaven of heaven belong to the Lord your God, also the earth and everything in it. This is an exciting passage. The indication of spiritual planes is apparent. The word “reflux” is a word I have used in my writing. Meaning: the process of boiling a liquid in such a way that any vapor is liquified and returned to the stock (one might find another use of this word in Fractional Distillation). How I apply it here is in understanding planetary awareness. Man assumes through his actions that he exists on the same plane as humans. Human assumes through his actions that he exists on the same plane as [God]. The reality is that there are planes where man makes his bed–where he lives and breathes–and it’s not in The Place where the servants of the Lord acquiesce. The reflux is understood as a return after one has moved through a process, and has been “made lighter”, or one might view this as a purifying, then brought back into ‘the stock’ for specially designed, and more specific use. There is no waste in this process. Why? Because it brings one’s life–his entire character and all that he has witnessed and endured–in for a closer viewing. This is understood as self-awareness, and through this process, one comes into understanding on his steps, and is made reborn. Everything has a purpose, you see, and comes together for a wealth of spiritual knowledge that applies itself through wisdom. One then sees himself through the eyes of God rather than finding himself caught in the web of seeing himself through the eyes of man. If one believes in God and desires God’s view of man (self), for it is Lord who is ruler and judge then it would be through Lord’s messengers that man must attend. This is what saves Humanity. This is the part in Holy Scripture where it says … love thy neighbor as thyself. 

If we go back to the Spirit Gifts spoken of in the previous essays (I Corinthians 12.7), we read that each is given ‘something’, and some are even given several of these, but like the Parable of the Mina(s) found in Matthew and Luke, we must use the Mina(s) according to the Word of God. And how we are best able to do this is through what is gifted to others. If, for instance, Lord sends one of His messengers (Angel) to show you the way, but you only see through man’s eyes–a sort of half-lit or half-closed vision, which might even be your Spirit Gift that you have not yet realized within self–and you reject or deny this council, you have buried your Mina. Burying your Mina is understood as a rendering it dead, ineffective, unworthy … This leaves you misaligned in purpose, otherwise understood as not having united as One in the Spirit. One must look very closely at what might be interfering with this uniting. Could it be another keeping you from this uniting? For, you know what works in man does not want this uniting. Could it be a job and its requirements keeping you from [this]? Ego? An accumulation of knowledge that has rendered you selfish, sightless, ignorant and unwilling? Praise and opportunity can be a deterrent … cleverness and tactfulness reigns suspicious where need is granted. Discern on this last. Many are called (invited): few are chosen. 


SORROW (section) by L Thiel

Man thinks: Gee, if I (he or she) could just get past this ____, I (we) will be able to get back to ____. Has he asked himself if ____ needs further scrutiny, and that  ____ just might be the process necessary to save? Has he considered that he is being called to something greater than himself? Has he even considered that he is being MADE for something other than what he is being led to believe? These are very weighty questions, and very important ones.



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