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The Right to Wear Arms

October 31, 2013


Ikon Rebekah by L Thiel

Our manifesto …

SPIRREALISM is a not a Religion, but is Spiritual Movement for the masses. It is a “Spirit Art Trust” for the Advent of Humanity. It is a provocative and revolutionary mode of Being (living and thinking). The New Vision within this movement is of Prophetic Voice, for it is a forward return to God Essence in the sanctity and preservation of Man as Human within the power and created placement of God Purpose. The ascetic life awareness born from the juncture of these is a Living and Breathing pattern of color, temperature, sense and clarity within spiritual gifts. Its truth bears its fruit within the Season of its Parenthood, what would be the Feminine Divine as Essence and the Masculine as Energy. We build this platform in the hope and desire that restorative and healing graces will endeavor to move man to renewal–an epic ascension of the heart to the mind through prayerful practice, performance, literary re-view and awareness on self. As we turn the page in this chapter in the Evolution of Man and God, the landscape of religion will change, as will the face of Christianity.

Now, that said, we enter into specific works. The first, a topic of interest for some, which should be an interest for all: equality.

EQUALITY – the state of being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunities.

This essay has to do with religious freedoms, but is pointing to religious misuse and presentation … which, unfortunately reflects badly on the believer as Spiritualist, or as ONE in Spirit Arts.  I will not tiptoe into this topic. I do not engage in those hot button issues in politics today, but I must be up front in showing the inequality within some of these Religions. Why should the US government, which is based in the moral and ethical claim of equality cater to the demands of businesses practicing inequality? This is a BIG BIG question, my friends. If the US government is attempting to move toward a more equal platitude of race, gender and creed … why would it cater to Religions offering paying jobs and vocations that deny some because of gender? This is not equality; this is not even moral, or ethical. As Alf likes to say: POT MEETS KETTLE. Well, I did warn that it is better to stir the kettle rather than have it boil over.


Sorrow by L Thiel and

Peace and Love


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