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The Provocative Spirit

August 25, 2013

While dialoguing with a friend on the nature of the feminine spiritual, I said to her: We are to demonstrate humility, and at the same time, retain a revolutionary and provocative spirit. This is no easy task, but as we move into a new vision, the landscape of religion will change, as will the face of Christianity.

Alfred: Yes, I feel what is desired and imperatively needed is humility with a demand for revolutionary spirit in alignment (with that humility) under wisdom’s balance. Through balance, this feminine spirituality does not accommodate male ego, while acknowledging that man and woman were created differently by the Narrator.

However, the outcome has been predictable because, alas, mankind never changes. In feeling the repudiation of the feminine throughout the ages, Woman has often, in turn, reversed the role. In this, Woman has also been guilty of failing to realize the Narrator’s ultimate design. She has been prone to narrow focus in failing to see the error in retaining Her empathy as composed by the Narrator. That empathy is  contained in the provocative spirit of understanding Man as  mate. The quintessential conjoining of humility with that revolutionary spirit is in the diaphanous vision of woman and man as equal. The Narrator’s plan was laid out, sublimely. It is so exquisite that we do not want to see it.

L Thiel: Where the landscape of yesterday has come up shy in this understanding is in the word diaphanous. There is the practice, and dare I say expectation, that the spiritual relationship of man and woman be a delicate, almost demure (particularly for the female Station), somewhat esoteric and translucent in caliber, fabric of being, one sensationalizing male god and demoting femaleness to rationale alone ( as seen through the head of man). As God is vibrant, captivating, forthcoming, and opaque in texture and challenge, so too should the reality of experience exist, and flow within male and female as one. Where female loses empathy is in the lackluster fabric she is dressed in by male. He demands this of her, and she, not fully in communion with this translucent, and wafting stature, while struggling under the weight of man’s rationale, falls in step behind him in clarity of brilliance. Her appearance, and behavior then comes off as sheen rather than golden, or trickling rather than overflowing, in movement. The result leaves both distant, and unmediated in Spirit.


Alfred: It’s a fabricated fabric that unfortunately has been sold. More tragically it has been bought. Isn’t it ironic that in a culture supposedly so attached to hyper realism, woman is reduced to mere sheen? What man dresses woman in is really a caricature of feminine, one which excludes mother/sister and possibly even wife. She is mere lover decor and, usually temporary lover decor until we move to the next mannequin.

It is not coincidence that man’s decidedly two-fisted attachments singularizes the divine into an unimaginative either or status. God is either MALE  ( made in our image) or God does not exist: Ho-de-ho fundamentalism and atheism being two sides of a bland, masculine coin. Indeed, God abides in the realm of imagination and that is a feminine trait. This simply will not suffice so we suck all the color right out of God. If we are going to permit the presence of a deity then we compose one confined to our limitations. There is your 21st century rationale.

The historical Christ dealt with this when he tells Nicodemus : “One must be born again.” Predictably Nicodemus’ response is one of confusion.  “That which is born of the flesh, is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit, is Spirit. Wonder not, that I said to thee, you must be born again. The Spirit breatheth where he will; and thou hearest his voice, but thou knowest not whence he cometh, and whither he goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.”  Amazingly, we have take even that most poetic of discourses and have reduced it to dumbfounding, hackneyed language.

Now, on that changing the face of religion: a good starting point remedy might just be a daily dose of Mozart.

L Thiel: You have me laughing, Alfred, but it’s either laugh, or cry, for the condition of mankind (which includes woman), is in a state of peril. Here is your either or, which brings me to a necessary sharing. The Spirit is a highly complex Methodology, which is both study and activity. Where we fall short is in the understanding of this God Enterprise. Its regal character outlives mankind’s passivity, along with his indulgences. We become  of the nature of rebirth when we engage in Spirit, or within the Spirit. I have shared with others that man can be led by the Spirit, moved by the Spirit, groomed by the Spirit and inspired by the Spirit, but to be in the Spirit, is to be Spirit drawn … and this is WHO Christ is in the awareness teaching of One must be born againIt becomes one of interior placement. So, we must ask ourselves: where are we in God placement? If mind assembles as a male overture, where does the feminine divine enter? And this is not even bringing female earthling into the picture. The point being, man must engage with his feminine angel in order to engage in rebirth, or self-renewal. Why are men afraid to do this? I don’t think all men are afraid; I think that most do not even know She exists. Woman does know He exists, but has been misled in her duties as virginal epitaph. This brings us to a Joy and Sorrow mediation with our Creator, or Narrator on self.  John Klimacus spoke on the yearning for death in his Ladder texts. This … this is the terminology of the rebirth of the human soul, which emanates circular in the wisdom of the ages through cataclysmic endurance, a timeless epitaph of Life in Love. An easier way of viewing this is to always remember (Do this in remembrance of Me) the return. This is the fundamental understanding in renewal, and the prequel, if you will, in and of the nature of rebirth. This is as feminine as it is masculine, and is the necessary ingredient in becoming, that coming into the Spirit. Bottom line: We must yearn for godliness – a desire for knowing God, that we might be known.

Now, as much as I appreciate dear Wolfgang Amadeus, I vote for the silent overture in the birth of self. We begin when we begin: the beginning of our Provocative Spirit.


Peace and Love

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