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Ladder of Ascent: Sharing Part 3

August 18, 2013


I have watched farmers sowing the same type of seed, and yet each one had different ideas of what he is doing. One was planning to pay off his debts. Another was hoping to get rich. Another wanted to be able to bring gifts to honor the Lord. Another was hoping to earn praise for his work from the passer-by in life. Someone else wanted to irritate a jealous neighbor, while there was yet another who did not want to be reproached by men for laziness. And as for the seeds thrown into the earth, their names are fasting, keeping vigil, almsgiving, service, and suchlike. So let our brethren in the Lord keep a watchful eye on their motives.

John Klimacus

I would like to add to John’s work by sharing …

To instruct all manor of speaking, one must understand the nature of the deed. If the purpose is to sow seeds, one is illuminated by the sufferings of many, and desires an appeal that many be forgiven. If sowing for the purpose of necessity, as one might feed the house, then the obligation is in the tribulation, not a careless act, but a reasoning to ponder, for in pondering, one might see the necessity beyond the house. If sowing purely for visual ascetics, appealing of the masses, prizing the carpentry apart from the carpenter, then one may as well sit behind a stone terrace built for the tombs of kings, for only the weary wear the robe of the Season of the Harvest … for the weary are worn for good reason … unto Our God Almighty.

Peace and Love

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