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Theotokos: God-Bearer

August 6, 2013

Who  is Theotokos? Theotokos is Mother of [God]. In this, she personifies His abundant blessings. Theotokos is Queen Magnificat, bearer of the Word, whose body redeems. What this is saying is that the Body of Christ is the placement of personhood to wealth in wisdom. By saying this, it establishes a paradoxical outpouring of gift. No where do we see this outpouring more abundant and more effective than in the following phrase:

In thee I am yours, and you are mine.

The thee stands for truth. Truth merits light in love by coalescing within the placement of person to Him Who is All (One). Personage is expressed undivided  in the cartilage of interior, or internal lamp (light).

Theotokos omnipresent or omniscient understanding is within the context of mother. Mother is eloquent speech. Speech is understood here as suffering, but not a suffering of sadness, or a loss in vain, but rather a Life Suffering. Lady of Sorrows is a common expression for this eloquent speech. It has the rhythm of the fortitude of girth; girth being a swelling of heart, or heartmind (the ascension of heart to mind), a filling up of life in God Understanding.


Theotokos entered the Church when Christ was still understood as a symbol of Eternal Awareness. She served the generations in this awareness as a consult  to mankind, in that she held the office of Preeminent Person. This Person was understood as a symbol of wealth in three stages. These three stages  are understood in the passage in John:

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14.6

Wealth is recognition of Kingship, born from the existence of truth, or truth apparent. How truth established [its] colors and sense, and temperature, and endearment within the symbol of Theotokos, God- bearer, was through Jesus as the Christ … which brings forth Word of God. This is an animated and quintessential cosmic love, an infinite expression of character, depth of perception, and generous gifting.

Feminine Person transcends the precept of abiding  [law] by love, through love, in love. Its characterization holds sway irrevocably through timeless endurance.



Peace and Love.


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