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Little One

July 4, 2013

100_0699 100_0700 100_0703Little One by L. Thiel

The hidden Christ, the little one; this is the Eros of God’s vexing. Far removed from the savagery of fundamentalism, or patristic philosophical tenets, Thiel’s Little One casts Christ’s kenosis under the Sophianic spell of a Jobian palette.

This Jesus of Nazareth, this insignificant Christ lay open the blemishes of his passion as an invitation towards progressive Communion. Aptly, the Alpha Lamb enters creation and remains concealed. For the majority of his life his is a reticent expression. His ministry begins with encouragement from his Mother. He is hesitant, but he obeys Her. The gospel accounts alternately indicate a one-year and three-year ministry.  It is in his ministry that this Christ finally speaks. He never tells us to edify him. He instructs us to follow him. He speaks in parables, making his apostles, audience and eventual seekers work through the meanings. When it is time for his passion, he faces it with aloofness  and debasement, calling on us to do the same.

L. Thiel’s Little One filters the crepuscular, voluptuous of the passion through symbolic impression. The contemporary mindset has become suspicious of such symbolism, forgetting our  intrinsic personal hunger for such allegory.  The artist describes Little One as the exodus passage on the tabernacle curtains. Yes, and on that promenade, Sophia leads us into Her patrimonial dance of Christ’ passion.

Peace  and Love


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