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Mother Within (Part One)

June 21, 2013


The following expressions are from Orthodox theologian, philosopher and economist (wiki), Sergei Bulgakov.  These are borrowed from The Bride of the Lamb and Sophia: The Wisdom of God: an Outline of Sophiology.

The night face of sophia the dark face, pain, trouble, pestilence … the act of praying before the image or icon draws us into participation in the real presence of Christ, Mary, God revealed as sancta sophia …

L Thiel: This morning when I read these excerpts, I prayed and asked what is the Essence in these, which is another way of asking: what must Be within my Station. The response is: Be not caught between the rubble and the hard domain in a time of pre-rain. I could look at this, thinking, duck, for the stones fly in the darkness of the outer rim perverted … but one might laugh at this vision, or one might stand aloof. In truth, it’s not so esoteric a thought. The simple understanding is … move from the strictness of prophetic vision. Why? Because these experiences of man are mystical experiences, neither truth nor falsity. And the wisdom inherent is to play in the fields of both adversity in error, and the taxonomy within the play of light. And light reflects in truth and understanding, both inward and outward, and sings gregariously in the wells of many.

Luna …  Moon, night is our Sophia Feminine. Solar … Sun, day is our Sophia Masculine, or Soph, of the science of idea, or thought. The mind is a masculine genuflect incarcerated, when it is without heart, which is of the reflection of light within dark. Light being of the Truth Essence, our Sophia. During the day, the mind is in business mode, a collaboration of ideas in and through vocation. At night, the vision of these takes on a different shape, and either haunts the soul unprepared, attacking its preadolescent archive, or it swabs the interior, recalling, recollecting, and hopefully renewing unto God reasoning.

Now, whether one needs an actual painted ikon for this really depends on placement in that spiritual metaphor called Perpetual Inhabitance.

Sophianic spirituality dares to make mistakes in order to say something worthy of God … Sophia hears us … identify Sophia as the dark, nameless Ousia (Being) of God … She is the nameless pivot of all nature … feminine child playing in the world …

L: Pivotal is a word I have used often in describing a necessary redirect of virtuous relevance. We move until we are hardlined, stove in or steeped to the point of rupture. When confronted with this, we must redirect, or lose self.

Mary whose womb bears Christ is the manifestation of Sophia … It is like standing in the clarity in paradise. Christ is Adam drifting into languor, forgetfulness, sleep. The touch of Eve’s hand is restorative … on the last morning of the world all the fragments of Adam will return from death at the voice  of Hagia Sophia …

L: I smiled broadly on the forgetfulness … the languorous sleep, for I have essayed in this on SPIR. Night bespeaks character. What is male without female ? It is like asking: what is mind without heart? Clever is the spiritualist who hears the song on the Eve of his sanctity, but woe to the wayward pilgrim languishing in the halls past curfew. The Wedding Chamber is of an “aggression” unforeseen, as is the Groom in waiting, bearing the arms of forgetfulness. Instead, come filled, as one yearns continuous, bringing the garment feast, but lack in this yearning, as it is continuous.

Mary crowns her son not with what is glorious but with what is greater than glory; the one thing greater than glory is weakness, nothingness, poverty …

L: My first reaction after reading this was one of nails screeching on chalkboard. I chose to walk out of this room. It’s good to allow something to heat up to hear its person, but more to the nature of this would be to smell its aroma, for it is a sentence of  scented elasticity. When I left, and found warmth outside in the bright sun, I heard the following … Voice like a man and Love like a woman (and this would be for all of humanity). Immediately, this brought me to the Gospel of Thomas, and I returned to this room.

What brought me to a halt was the part where Bulgakov says: Mary crowns her son. I did not get the feeling that Mary is one to crown anyone anything. This is not how I view Mary, Truth Agent, representing Wisdom in Adversity in the the epic Prophesy of God and man ongoing. But I found myself loosening the tether, and recalling the author’s Russian Orthodox upbringing, and I began to see his sustainability in this outpouring. The last part of this excerpt holds a pretense forthcoming: Man is god as god is man. We are of poverty in darkness of this world. That we should hope for light is a readiness not to be disregarded at any level. Interestingly, there will be some who enter the Bridal Chamber unannounced.

Sophia is the virgin point of nature … Jesus Our Mother. The poet speaks for a silent God … the freedom Christ gives us is our capacity to err …

L: What I am experiencing in these words … the poet speaks for a silent god … is an understanding of poet as arbitrator, whether he be arbiter or traitor … portal or port. One of selfless forensic existence in fluidity, and one of a stagnant specimen, grounded in unoriginality. Imagination lost. Fostering censored, and productivity blasphemed.

We cannot remove Mary from her humanity, alienate from the human side of the preparation for the incarnation. As a daughter of Israel her personal sinlessness is not just her personal accomplishment but the accomplishment of the whole Old Testament …

L: That the author should see my Mi-ram as daughter of Israel, and what I view as a prophetic voice sequestered in the Old Testament, is timely. Now, I have never aspired to Mary as being one of personal sinlessness, for it seems inconsistent with the message ( even Jesus Himself understood his personal Being as irrelevant in this matter on sinlessness), and also rings contrary to …

the author’s words:  the freedom Christ gives us is our capacity to err … 


This essay will be in succession. Hopefully Alfred will be able to join in Part Two of Mother Within.

Peace and Love

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