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The Parody of the Angels

June 17, 2013


I have often wondered what makes us believe so strongly in the angel as a winged messenger, human in appearance. In truth, an angel can take any form to serve the great Master. But what if things were to change? What if our vision – through the eyes of men – changed suddenly, and we saw the realm of the Spirit as it really is? Would we be prepared for its differences? Would we be able to withstand the fastidiousness and ferocity of these? The absolute calculating and fixed meditation on these postulates?  And consider this … what if our person began to transform to become something other, something alien to society? How does one stand in two worlds?

Growing up in an Orthodox Presbyterian setting did not allow for mediation on sainted beings, but it was not void of an iridescent nature of the angelic. The hymns sung and the Scriptures read and meditated on provided a level of experience within the angelic, despite what writers of other churches may insist is true, or not true. Where a foundation is laid, there is a cornerstone of faith, often unrecognized until the season of its fruit. This is amazing, if you see its charisma, talents, and orchestration within this Purpose. However, I don’t think there is any doubt that we are in a New Day in God Understanding, for the times are demonstrating a move, maybe even a push, toward something other. Yes, people have flitted here and there in search of answers on Who is God, but the mainstay of understanding within the Christian sect has remained somewhat impacted. It has become overused, abused, misused and has left many bruised, and has caused many to flee their faith. Why? Why would so many neglect God participation? Could it be that what man has misunderstood the angelic?

First, no where in Scriptures or the gnostic texts does it say that we are to be Christian, and no where does it say that we are to embrace Christianity, or align ourselves with a specific Religion, or serve within these. These are the markings of man. Was it wrong of man to do this? The wrongness within a label of and for Religion falls into a category I call: It’s what you do with it that matters. I have said before on SPIR that the Spiritual Language of the bible has been lost. Its fuller understanding has been passed over for a piece of legislation that works in and for Religious Life. Now, is this wrong? Again, it’s what you do with it that matters.


Intent is of the Essence, and Essence is understood as Spirituality founded on the Christ, in Whose Name we are held. We are brother to Him in our call to witness Truth in Justice, and Justice is understood as God and man becoming. So, we might ask ourselves how we might be Just in our attending to the Body on Whom we are held? It’s a type of symbiotic venture, or life. Often two distinctly different species aligned in such a way as to benefit each, a process of procuring for Purpose. But do not be naive to think that our Raphael, and Uriel, and Gabriel, and Michael … serve because they love us. They have ONE Purpose, and one Purpose only, serving as messenger for the One. Their allegiance is to Him Who is All. They do not get caught up in the vargaries of our personhood. They are not made this way, thank God.

But we have been awarded the angelic in a way unknown to man; possibly a more accepted way to say this would be to say: unrealized by man. Those understood as saints, by much of religion, are, to me, realized as Angels, and these serve differently than our Raphael, and Uriel, and Gabriel and Michael … our fastidious, ferocious, and calculating postulates. But these other Angels are not large in number. These are but a few, and have been shown to us in Scripture, and in Life. We are never to add or take away from God’s Word, and this would include what has been demonstrated by the Truth Prophets of our Living God. 

Just last night, I became more fully aware of offensive acts of members in set Religion. I thought to myself: When does it ever end? Do these religious not know that intent is of the Essence? Whom do they serve? What had been confirmed to me is an offense of widespread ills, and these involved do prey on the ills of others, the hurts of mankind, often at the hands of religious, while secretly detesting those within their own Religious Organization.  And what clouds these acts even further is that some fall victim to jealousy. It was my Orthodox brother, also a priest, who alerted me to this a while ago.

Now … a Catholic priest said to me recently: Religion is made up of people and because it is made up of people it is also replete with good and bad experiences. … I have chosen to focus on the good experiences. 
To choose to focus on the good is to neglect bad. As an employee within an organization, it is his duty to either call out the bad within his organization, or report it to the appropriate authorities, for what elicit experiences abound, may not be his own personal experiences, but do affect God’s children as a whole. It is bad enough when those prey on their own members, it’s another when those prey on ones outside of this. To look the other way because you believe that to focus on the good is the way, is to neglect that which infects confusion and pain on others. Far more damage has been done because too many have looked away from problem members. We have only to look at the sex abuse scandals to see how this has come about. Even Jesus went into the temple court and kicked over the tables, and those temples was not generally his teaching domain.
Some are called to do battle. Even Scripture teaches on the farmer, the athlete, and the warrior. After I departed the Religious circles, I sent emails to alert others within these circles (known names) that some within their organization had put a priest into a position that caused him to behave badly with others (mostly out of fear, for I saw a greater bad within the bad), both in and out of his Religion, for this resulted in a danger to many (one must consider those affected by one having endured malpractice, and how this virus can spread). Not only does it ruin the reputation of a particular assembly or parish, it affects the reputation of the whole organization, and weakens the intent of the good. Hear this again: It weakens the intent of the good. We are responsible to report harmful behavior when it is brought to our attention, and we are to be attentive. Do you think God gives more Mina to those who have failed to use even One appropriately? I see the Orchestra in progress: Those who have learned the lessons, and use them for the greater good … receive. Those who have been blessed to succeed in this world through their Religious Organizations, who have had their voices heard, their books read, and have made a name for themselves through using God’s Name, are often called on for help, but if these ignore the call, or fear losing their blessed reputation by getting involved in the ills of others within their Organization also using God’s Name … may not receiveAnd James the Just, Angel in the Advent of this Day, may be saying … Aman!
God does send in servants to check the vineyard.
I address this topic partly because my Spiritual Art, name, and reputation, was hugely affected by religious malpractice, both in good ways and bad ways, but I consider myself blessed. I am one of the ones who did not flee my faith. I also did not look the other way.
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebews 13.2
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