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Liberate Me

June 10, 2013



Liberate Me … words I have heard several times now, and I say to these … I’m trying.
If Paul could the type words himself, how would these sound? Would they sound like the following …
Dear Brother,
You and I are not so far apart. I was one like you – full of vigor and arrest, but understand one thing, you have allowed yourself to be enslaved by the very principles you preach that others must free themselves from. It is a system of no return. The Spirit, dear Brother, does not find itself within your framework of ideology. These feasts and vigils are not God. They serve men, and satisfy man’s desire to pretend God. God is not found in liturgies of the mind, but rather in eulogies of the heart. Breathe, dear Brother … Breathe. Once you see this. you will understand what it is to heal the soul. 
These come not in waving of hands and ritual, liturgical prayer and practice, robes and worthless idols. Truth begins where it is found – in you. Outwardly- Inwardly. 
Set us free. 
The Experience thrives in the Life, not the cloak. Confession is found in the Way, not the words. I urge you to listen to the voice of God. Put away the things of a child, and be a child of God you will become. 
Peace, dear Brother. 
In Christ our Savior,
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