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A Personal Review (Part One)

May 26, 2013

It was brought to my attention the other day that labeling others with disorders is degrading.  What is disorder?  And by whose authority is any person to be labeled in something of this?  If the intent was purely medical, like calling a bruise a bruise, I could understand its purpose. But to inject negative intent in another by calling this person a bruise, or even a bruise in society, is degrading. What brought this to my attention was an email that was sent to someone. In this email, the receiver reacted to something written, by labeling the sender paranoid, of unresolved issues (who doesn’t have a host of these!) and Bipolar. These, in reference to an email sent to him regarding the spiritual immaturity shown in the behavior of a religious leader, one who is currently in the public eye. From what I could see, the one sharing this observation was sending a warning of sorts. And there was also a directive included in the sender’s message: Do your spiritual homework and learn how to pray right. This exercise, and it is an exercise, is understood in Depth Ascension Prayer as use the RIGHT side of the brain while in prayer. This would be an understanding of use your full senses.

Why do I bring this up? I bring it up to demonstrate an understanding in gnosis. But first, allow me to expand on the sender’s intent. From what I gather, the sender had been in prayer with a priest. During this prayer, the priest confirmed something that the sender had heard while in private prayer. This is an important practice to understand. The Apostles went out in twos, prayed together, and Scriptures say: Where two or more are gathered in My Name, there I will be also. So what happened was shown to be unsettling: having two hear a similar message regarding the spiritual immaturity of a religious leader who would cause problems for many. Now, is it a crime to be spiritually immature? Of course not. Most of the world is spiritually immature. Myself included. But there is also the understanding that each person is in a certain stage in their growth, and once you move to proficiency within this stage, you step up to another rung of growth, and begin anew in what is within this new stage. This, by the way, is understood in all of Spiritual Life – including Religious growth. Why the sender sent the email deals with the understanding that one is never to keep their Light under a basket (this Parable found in Matthew, Mark and Luke). Some people have prophetic vision and some assist in this vein.

Now, for the understanding in gnosis …

This is where it gets truly interesting for me. Having recently moved into a new stage of spiritual growth, I am eager to exercise in this. The email exchange is not so much of interest; the content of the email is of interest, depending on your concerns, but the real message is in the reactions. This is paramount. The sender did what he felt was necessary, however, the receiver of the email reacted with negative intent, and came up with three seemingly negative labels with which to attack the sender (negative in how these were used). Okay, but why not inquire in sincere intent? Why not ask questions? The answer to this lies in something sorrowfully neglected: Language. And in this case, understanding in Spiritual Language. Had it been a larger exchange in numbers, it would have been like the Tower of Babble. Wars end up from this inability to communicate properly, but much is determined by the intent.

So, how does one react to the messages sent by others? This would depend largely on placement. Does one act from a religious, or a spiritual placement, and where within each do these acts emanate? When one ascends with the heart to the mind, the acts resulting from these are significantly different from those acting from the divided in these. The heartmind in this ascension, by the way, forms a legalistic entry into the methodical. But please understand, this is Spirit led, not Religious apathy. There is God Order to the thoughts. The apatheia (from Greek: apatheswithout feeling’, from a-  ‘without’ + pathos ‘suffering’) exercise does not result in reactions, but is not without results.


Let’s look at another example, an example that was stated in a previous essay: how one is used. I have used some of Neilos the Ascetic’s discourse to help get points across regarding ‘how we lead others’ (essays on SPIR / also found in The Philokalia, Volume One). And this could also be looked at as ‘where we lead others’. I am of the belief that location is instrumental in the Life of Prayer, or, I feel a better way to understand this as one in SPIRREALISM would be to experience it as The Painted Prayer. Ikons are very much of this understanding, and I am not just referring to those Traditional Orthodox ones. The Painted Prayer encompasses any art form used to express a God Reality, which is more easily understood in “being led by the Spirit to demonstrate God Purpose”. In other Words, Artist is being used to get the attention of set individuals, or groups of individuals. I think of Victor Hugo’s Les Enfants Pauvres and Eugene Delacroix’s The Massacre at Chios, which brought attention to tremendous loss. God uses artists through writings, letters, essays, poems, novels, sculpture, paintings … to bring others to attentiveness. Unfortunately man has moved away from its usage and understanding. Sadly, much of this art is used for everything but the greater message: God Purpose, sending the message across.

I am well aware of some of the seemingly harsh realities of points made in some of the essays on SPIR, but I assure you, they are of God Purpose (see essay “A” Light in Darkness).  The Lord directs scrutiny where scrutiny is necessary. But these are not used to destroy Tradition, unless Tradition is used to destroy God, or Truth on God. The Artist is merely calling attention to apparent facts. When people lose faith because works destroy faith rather than restore it, then God calls in others to action. And if one reflects properly in this, one will discover that it is actually Tradition destroying itself. The Artist is used to show the tears, but is not without resolutions.

One has only to look at the Apostles that were sent in twos to understand His Purpose.


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