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“A” Light in Darkness

May 24, 2013


Light in Darkness

Hand-painted by L Thiel Hewlings

A necessary, and truly misunderstood element in the life in Christ is the becoming. What is it? What does it mean? Well, I can first say that it is complex – immeasurably complex. Jesus says that many are called (invited) but few are chosen Matthew 24.14. This alone demonstrates the complexity of the life. But before I dip further into this and share in this complexity, I want to first state an extremely important fact about this calling: it is formed in Love. Formed in love, however, those being called (invited) are often the first to accuse those already of the Way (the way, truth and life) being used to invite others, of hatred. Take for instance those essays written by my hand … hatred or love? Many have said of these: harsh but necessary.

Harsh but necessary. 

In our denials of vices, vices such as arrogance, selfishness, vanity (image in the eyes of our friends, coworkers, flock), exploitation (intent in how we use others), gluttony, greed … we fall victim to something understood in Depth Ascension Prayer called forgetfulness. Without getting too involved in the sharing on this, I will simply say that what we have been shown that has alerted us to something more in our spiritual awareness, or call to the Way, that has caused us to question; what has excited us; what has raised the hairs on the nape of our neck, we forget. An easy way to understand this is to picture a spark igniting in truth ( this being a step in gnosis), and this spark struggles to find fuel. In its place, wherever this spark erupts, it seeks something to help it catch and ignite into fuller flame. During this search, a great test of endurance begins. Winds blow that might extinguish it, or these might accelerate this spark, giving it the momentum and the safe haven. Others come with sticks and disrupt the area, causing either a good placement of that spark to find fuel, or a not so good one, where it is isolated, and unable to catch.  In this exercise – picture an athlete training for the Olympics; some make the team and some don’t – there is a weeding process. Much of this weeding has to do with what is needed in our day. In this, we sometimes forget what caused us our spark, regardless of whether we make the team or not. It’s not hard to get lost on the way.

Endurance is a part of this becoming, and its complexity is rooted in humility. This is not a staged humility, but a humility born in the ascent. Others are used in uncharacteristic ways to see this process into its placement (Parable of the Sower). As Life is very much rooted in the prophetic of  The Art of God and Man Ongoing, so too is the Spirit active within.


When mother sees that her son has cut himself out on the playground at school, and someone else has put a bandage on without first inspecting the wound, she must remove the bandage, inspect the wound, and begin a cleaning process. Some sons fight this necessary procedure, because it takes time away from other things. Or it hurts, and this he is afraid of. In this refusal of inspection and cleaning, the removal of the bandage becomes harsh, but necessary. In time, as the son begins to grow, healthy or not, he sees his mother’s intent, this being not just for the wound, but for the entire body.

Peace and Love

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