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The Prodigal Pope

May 10, 2013

L Thiel: Forget the array of expensive robes and the lavish living quarters. These aren’t worth discussing, except they are worth understanding. Your average layperson may not have a dime to put in the parking meter to make it to the parish, but it seems they like their hierarchy excessively and expensively dressed, even if they barely listen to a word these Patriarchal melodramats have to say. Could it be that it makes them look good? That’s a worthy question, but the purpose of this essay is to better understand the dress.

Allow me to share a dream I had not too long ago. Actually, two dreams. The first had me in a bedroom of two brothers. I was standing by  the window of the eldest when [the former] Pope Ratzinger entered. I was with the mother of these two brothers when he walked in the room, heavily robed, and looking very much like one might see him on the cover of TIME. There was no color in this room that I recall, except that it looked a provincial grey.

It seemed I was able to discourse with the mother but the entry of the pope took her attention away from me. What he did next will surprise many, and anger some, but the understanding in this is complex. Pope Ratzinger opened his robe exposing himself to the mother. After, the mother tried to speak, but her words came out thick and unintelligent. She sounded as if she had been injected with a drug that inhibited her from speaking clearly. I could see her struggling in trying to make sense, but it seemed as if thought had escaped her. I was not permitted to see the naked pope.

At first I was confused by the mother’s behavior, then I realized that she was in danger of losing her mind. From that point on, I began to try to help bring back her ability to think clearly, and I recall this being deeply frustrating, and I felt that it was a situation of great alarm.


L: As for the Marian image, its abuses are extensive in the world. Much like a McMary (re: McChurches from our previous essay), or as has been stated: The Immaculate Maid, both of which cause Religious obesity. Since you bring up female priests, I will post the last part of our essay that we might address not only the Mary image, but the title of this sharing.

From The Madness of Monasticism

In this world those who wear clothes are superior to the clothes. In heaven’s kingdom the clothes are superior to those who wear them (Gospel of Philip). This demonstrates that we are a vessel for filling that we may provide drink. We are instrument. Just as Mary was instrument. Her garment of blue, in her call to become, uses Mary in the Word as Wisdom in Adversity. It’s not Mary who is celebrated, but the clothes she wore. This would be a wearing of the mantle of Virginity (loving the Lord your God with heart, soul, mind and strength). By Jesus calling her Mother at the Cana Wedding, he was demonstrating to us, given her position, her authority in Truth. But she then tells the servants: Whatever He says to you do it. This is pivotal, for it’s a passing of the torch in the Life Eternal. In this, He answers her question: What does your concern have to do with Me? My HOUR has not yet come. This hour is understood as Spiritual Marriage.

In sacrificing ourselves to God, we place ourselves on the altar, that God may devour us wholly, and surely, and redeem us that we may be a useful Mina (talent) for others to enter into Communion. Any one who gets this, gets the absoulute truth in love.”

Truthfully, I had considered  Catholicism just once. This was about twelve years ago. At that time, I was interested in experiencing liturgy in a deeper way. When I thought of the Papacy, however, and how this Religion was formed from this, and how it exists in denying others, and this false view of their priesthood, I never went beyond considering it. This was a big, bold sign telling me NO, for its head was not the Christ I was being formed. Thankfully, I took heed of that sign, for years later, I saw from those on the Catholic Discussion Forums, and, of course, the presence of the RC in the news, what has resulted from that alignment of self with the legalistic and dogmatic organization. Also, the incident in the Catholic Abbey in PA two years ago, where my art was censored in a very sneaky and disturbing way, became the last straw in how this Religion, and Religion as a whole, has shown its fruit. And this my dear brother, were the results of inspecting the vineyards, for I was poorly treated in four different Religious organizations in twelve months. Good thing too, for I would not be where I am now. This is what it is to grow into the cloth ordained by God.

L: Pope of my dreams? Hardly. Actually, what I have been shown on that dream is that the Papacy, along with its clerical organization, has denied the prophetic voice of Sophia, and has misused Mary of the Word. That ‘head’ has never understood the Christ Way, or Who is Church, or it never would have instituted itself the way it has. Never. It simply does not understand God, or the Godhood. Using the Peter Passage incorrectly, rearranging the Godhood to suit its own agenda, reducing God’s Word to a host of conciliar Patriarchal embellishments and establishments to somehow elevate the statuses of those who claim to serve in God’s stead (that vicar) … no wonder its reaping now. And these bent on reform are deluding themselves. In honesty, the Roman Catholic Church looks like a baby that has outgrown its Patriarchal bottle (the Papacy and its structure), and is ready to drink from the cup dipped from the well.

But the people … oh, those cradle babies … they suck on barren breasts, by allowing themselves to be formula-ed and in-habited. Ritualized instead of radicalized according to God’s will. God is calling those “babies” to take up the mantle (mat, cross), and walk. Ascend the heart to the mind and get the hell out of enslavement! Scripture is full of the Spiritual Understanding in this, and yet these, for some reason, rely on catechism instead of Truth. God is a Living God, for Heavens Sakes! Why would anyone need a Vicar of Christ – a substitute? Is he a Truth Prophet? Not if he makes his bed in Religion, the laws of man, instead of the Law of the Prophets.


L: I essayed a little on what that early “church” might have been like. The Religious organizations of today only see what the statutes of man allow him to see. In order to understand CHURCH spoken of in Matthew, and throughout all of God’s Word,  does require a form of RENEWAL. One way to look at this would be to RENEW THAT BOOK ON GOD, AND START READING IT … IN THE REVERSE, not excluding Enoch, then include the Gnostic Gospels once the Listening  has caught on (hooked).

So why has this been a fly in the ointment? It has because those who set themselves up as Substitutes for God do not want the people to EXPERIENCE THE CHRIST. This takes away their control, and this forces them to step down and start over on that ladder, which they really really do not want to do. One does not take short cuts into the Way, however. No special absolutions by priests, and no special indulgences, and no special “toys” in the Way to God the Father, and this would include those TV extravaganzas. This Union is without the Religious clutter. Your room better be swept and kept according to His Will. There is an ORDER to how things are to Be. We would not want to infect the Virgin Turf, now, would we?

Someone once said to me that Satan knows the bible better than we do. If this is true, then Satan would know exactly how to manipulate it to keep man from coming into the Life.


 L:  The next essay may find its home in something like  The Excommunicated Ex: the Annulment Enterprise.

Enough on that,

Let’s look at the story of the Prodigal’s Son. Luke 15. 11-32

What does each character represent? The father in this parable is THE CHURCH  (not any Religious organization). The older son is the Way ( the way, the truth and the life – John 14.6). The younger son is the disciple in Christ. The portion of goods given to the disciple is the Mina or Talent, which is spiritual life. The disciple takes his spiritual life and lives extravagantly, lavishly, with lots of wives (life options and all that these entail), but soon the famine comes. The famine is Spiritual Desert, that Spiritual Warfare that all must endure to come into the Way in Christ. The disciple hungers for spiritual food in this desert. In this state, he sells himself to another for work. This “joining to a citizen of that country” (verse 15) is the same Spiritual Understanding as Deuteronomy 22. 9 -11. In this parable, the disciple joins his spiritual life to that of making money with it. Remember, in Luke 9, Jesus tells the disciples not to bring anything with them on the journey, but to rely on the welcoming homes. That citizen in verse 15 represents a form of adultery, or a selling of the spiritual life in untruth. The untruth represents unGodliness, or deception. In other words, the disciple is willing to go along with lies to satisfy his want. The swine represent idolaters, those who feed on anything to satisfy self. These are lacking in morals and ethics. Throwing pearls before swine is the understanding here. Matthew 7.6

It says in verse 16 that he would gladly have filled his stomach with the pods that the swine ate, and no one gave him anything. The pods represent that warfare. This would be what is necessary to find the path. It is the Wisdom in Adversity needed to combat the famine. But these would not give him this for he did not see his need. But then he awakens, and realizes that he hungers for the Body of Christ, which is Spiritual Rest, a form of nutritional food needed before approaching Wisdom, his Spiritual Marriage to the One. The hired servants are those preordained in the servitude of the Lord. These have bread enough and to spare. These are those of Gnosis.

The disciple arises … takes up his mat, and he returns to Church, his father. He goes to his father and asks to be made one of his hired servants. The father tells his servants to bring the best robe, and dress the son. The robe is the Mind of Christ. The ring to be put on his hand is symbolic of Spiritual Marriage. The sandals are his Vocation in Christ, that walk, which I am to call the Station, all of which gives the disciple his Name in Christ, his ID. The fatted calf is his measure of sobriety. Sobriety in Prayer of the Heart is Spiritual Awareness – Attentiveness, or nepsis, a form of inner watchfulness. The merriment is the joy in this foundation, which is no longer built on sand but on rock.

Now, the older son is working in the field. He hears the merriment and asks one of Gnosis what this means. The one of Gnosis explains that the disciple, his brother, has come safely into the fold, and the Community has received him on that altar. I am sure his asking forgiveness has much to do with this. But the Way was angry. Why was the Way angry?

Well, the father tells his older son, “Son, you are always with me, and all that I have is yours.” The Way is Endurance, which is not always seen, but heard.


  1. opheliart permalink

    There is always more to share, and with the New Vision underway, what has come before, is instrumental in understanding where we are in this day.

    I had wanted to delve a little deeper into the Marian image, its usage and consequences. Alfred, I am sure you are more experienced in the method of Mary usage in Religion, and can share on how this came about, and where it has led, but I want to zero in on practice. I once posted to a Patriarchal cheerleader that “what you believe may be what you receive.” Let’s take the Hail Mary Rosary usage or practice. It was once shown to me that this practice is not “wrong”, but when I asked why I could never do this, I was told: Because you are being taught.
    I don’t engage in repetitious prayer while praying. My prayers are teachings. It’s a back and forth dialogue, with actual points of question. For instance, while Communing, I asked about the use of Father in reference to priests in set Religions. Is it wrong? The response was: What do you think, ____ (my Name). I answered, These are not my Father. The reply: Exactly. I asked, is this wrong, then? Answer: It is not wrong if they think the priest is their Father.

    What was shown to me in this is placement. This goes back to an earlier essay where I ask, where are you? And this applies to prayer. Where are you in prayer? Are you at a stage or level in your spiritual growth where you cannot HEAR who is Father? Are you at a prolonged rest stop where you use the Hail Mary as a bandage? Or are these pacifiers? Is this practice a tepid experience in the spiritual? The Spirit is not stagnant but forever flowing, and in this, we are moved spiritually forward toward maturity. This translates into growing spiritually tall. In other words, growing up. A child needs to come into “Relationship” with his Creator. Paul says to put away the things of a child, and I understand some of this to be these pacifiers.

    It has been shared in another essay how the Mary image has been used as substitute for mother, and I do believe that she is also deceptively used as lover. Thomas Merton fell into this trap. But I must ask, have these Patriarchal Religious leaders been intentionally deceptive of this usage, or are they themselves deceived?

  2. opheliart permalink

    I would also like to share on the latest pope act …

    It was you, Alfred, who directed my attention to the comments posted after this article. This latest act of the Papal no-cure is exterior dressing, much like painting the outside of a house when the inside is in shambles.

    Who can take these naming of saints seriously? History is riddled with error on truth. And who is a Vicar (Substitute) for God that he should be of the Authority to saint anyone? If one knew who is saint, what are of these, and how one might Commune here … one does not enslave.
    I will not apologize for this necessary calling out of deceit, for Jesus says to hate hypocrisy. The question on this pontiff parading might be: What drives one to these acts?

    ***I’d also like to share on an experience I had not too long ago. I had received a letter from someone in a parish, and this woman had referred to the priest of that parish as Father Christ. I found this interesting, but not in contrast with the behavior I had witnessed while in this parish. About a 1 1/2 years later, I was discerning on this usage of “Father Christ”, and I ask Lord why this was written as such. The answer, and one I shall never forget: If they want to play King, Father Christ, let them save them. It was another 1/1/2 years before I came into a fuller understanding of these words. It appears as if God will hold them to this “naming of Christ”. As I said in my previous comment, what you believe may be what you receive …

    It seems the priests called Father have a great deal they will be held accountable for. I just wonder, how do they intend to save them?

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