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Oh, the Irony of it ALL

May 3, 2013

Catholic bishops condemn Irish abortion bill

Associated Press

DUBLIN (AP) — Ireland’s Roman Catholic bishops say the public should lobby lawmakers to reject a bill that would allow abortions to save the life of the mother.

The bishops in a statement Friday say the bill represents “a dramatic and morally unacceptable change to Irish law.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore says the bishops are free to express their opinion, but the government intends to pass the bill by July to fulfill rulings by the Irish Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights.


An uproar ensued last year when a woman died from blood poisoning after she was refused an abortion.

full article:


section on The Prophet – L. Thiel Hewlings

I believe this article should read: MISOGYNY DECIDES FATE OF PREGNANT WOMEN



“Let her die,” they scream. Off with her life so that the baby might live? What the Roman Catholic man of his Patriarchal AND erroneous REligion does not understand is soul. Granted, malpractice does happen at the hands of medical doctors … just as it does at the hands of priests, bishops, cardinals and popes, but century after century after century and this Religion has NOT understood the soul?

I was communing early on an essay entitled, Treading the Trespasses, and thought that I would begin it today, but this article brought me to a halt. Good Lord, I asked, Why haven’t these men moved forward in gnosis? Is this all an act of control? And billions of followers of these of misconstrued God Understanding support this? 


Before I am misjudged, I am not pro abortion. Aborting life does hold a price. There is a debt incurred in this act … and exercise, and what these Religious enthusiasts do not understand is to deny the Spirit in their practices, doctrine, teaching and positions is a death. To deny VISION / HEARING necessary for Spiritual Growth by the same is aborting LIFE. Get it? We are dealing with mind, heart, soul and strength here! Murder comes in many forms, and firms. Think about this. Do you think God expels the souls of the wee ones and the vulnerable because of the carelessness of men? Do men have the right to say that a woman must die in pregnancy? Or even to be JUDGED in pregnancy? Do these Patriarchal ‘monsters’ understand the angelic? I think not.

I really do wonder if these Religious ever consider that there is God; that they are not to be in control; that Life does not revolve around their every word. That Love exists outside their confines, and that they are to be practicing what they preach that they might be awarded truth in understanding. 

I caution you of these enterprises, do not be deceived. Know LIFE as God would have you know it, and you will understand death, as God would have you leave it.

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  1. opheliart permalink


    RE: They make the claims to being pro-life. Yet, I have never read of a single priest being excommunicated for lives he has destroyed. Of course, I am talking about the pedophiles – those sodomizing the Church’s own children.

    First, I took note of your use of Church, understood as CHURCH, a true Body of the Christ, for as st Paul says: we are to become as little children, and yes, despite the confines of this and other doctrine and belief within the Roman Catholic Religion that these little ones are subject to, these children are part of the Church that Jesus spoke on in the NT, until they grow into another ‘voice’.

    Also, I want to point out a necessary cult exhibited in the Religiopolitical arena. This would be Rick Santorum’s words: Santorum told NRA members that the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment “come from God.”

    One must be very careful in presenting himself as Truth Prophet. What Santorum has done in this is to place the BILL OF RIGHTS and the SECOND AMENDMENT as equal to THE WORD OF GOD. Not only has he placed himself as spokesperson for the Almighty, but he has trivialized the Great I am, as if God is politician.

    One last I would like to point out …
    You and I spoke briefly on something neither of us had heard of before April 2013: the White Horse Prophecy. This has its origin in the Mormon Religion, beginning with its founder. This is a frightening example of how a specific Religion might take matters into its own hands to fulfill what they claim as prophecy, which would be no different than Santorum of the Roman Catholic Religion making the claims on the mandates of man as coming from God. It takes a questionable mind to presuppose such a thing as these.

    Thank you for you post.
    Peace and Love

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