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Sorry, You’ll Have To Check That Religion Outside The Gate (Part Two)

May 2, 2013

Measure of Leadership

In Part One of this essay, the following was shared.

Now, why have Religion? Religion provides structure; however, it should never exceed Love. So what are we really looking at here? Simply enough, Religion serves in providing a motivational presence, or practice, but is only effective in God awareness or God understanding in its labor of leadership. It is not necessary to make itself obsolete, but rather, instrumental, for Religion should not be striving to become a what, but a who. So a question a Religious might ask is not what Religion are you, but rather, who are you in church? This would then create Truth of Church, understood as Truth of God.

Think about the way you would look at a piece of sculpture from all angles. Walk around it,  climb up,  look down,  get down, and look up. Tragically, this is what is missing from just about everything in the societies of mankind: so many have agreed to be satisfied with only one vantage point on things that require a fuller view. For instance, our Blessed Theotokos (the Virgin Mary) … was she virgin? Is she without sin? I have seen word battles on forums addressing these two questions, and no side has shown absolute truth. Bombs are going off and people are dying; corruption is rampant in all walks of life; children are physically and sexually abused; millions die at the hands of dictators; girls are raped as young as five years old,  married at seven, eight and nine years old to fifty and sixty-year-old men, and day after day for years these camps battle the topic of Mary. All of these engaging in this claim to be Christians. A few good points are made on occasion, but I must ask each: Who are you in Church? 

The Patriarchal cheerleader camp cries: We are doing Godwork! (as they slap each other on the back in congratulatory gesture). And then we have the reverse view of Mary as side notes; having popped out the Child; scolded at the Cana Wedding; disappearing from the story.

I do not ever recall reading Yeshua’s words where he says that doing Godwork is spending our days hanging out on forums defending religious doctrine and belief involving Mary. These folks seem adverse on the symbolism and imagery of Mary in the Word. A paragraph from my fiction writing serves well here:

She [Ophelia] glanced at the Greyborn Caves, at the passage, and then to the meadow. None were as real as when she’d first encountered them. Like a sketch, they filled the landscape but nothing more. All color had been drained; all life snatched away. It’s early, she told herself. Wait for the sun; it’ll bring life. The grass will grow green; the flowers, yellow; the caves, a multitude of greys; the passage … black. That can’t be helped; it will always be black. The Battle Begins, Ophelia in the Beyond, Book One.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: Ecclesiastes 3.1


And what is heaven? Heaven is, just as hell is. What does it mean to be under the heaven? Well, if you know heaven, then you will know what it means to be under the heaven, just as you understand what it is to be in hell. Heaven is a “state of becoming”. There is an order to everything in God Purpose. And Time is always of the Essence. So, what IN Time, and Who IS Essence? First, heaven is spiritually active as hell is spiritually stagnant (in the Holistic sense). This would mean every life is of spirit. This could be of correctness, or of incorrectness, both under heaven, as God the Father is Ruler of all things. And these things have a season.

What man has done is deafened the deification in da draft. I humor hear, but I really do understand the time of the seasons. I am young, yes, but this is inborn, and in the state of becoming, as it should be. For if I cease lacking, I cease lactating, and I cease to be in my ID according to Godwork.  Where I exist in my ‘spare time’, however, is another matter, and still hugely important in spiritual growth.

Jacob spent seven years, and then another seven years, before uniting with his Rachel (Genesis 29). What man in his leadership positions must ask: Where am I? Who am I in Church? So, for those of you in these Leadership positions, if you think that your flock will forever be tied to your leg, which is really a “being tied to the leg of another”, then you must be dreaming. There is a changing of the season.

Are you lost? There you will be found. Are you confused? In this you will know. Are you searching? Here you will find. All a state of becoming.

I am giving spoonfuls, I know, but it is not all mine to share, nor am I capable of sharing all! Measure of Leadership, gentle-men, Measure of Leadership.


SPIRREALISM: The Weeping Prophet

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