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Sorry, You’ll Have To Check That Religion Outside The Gate (Part One)

April 25, 2013
Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Matthew 7.14

God is not fooling when He says that the way is narrow.

And man cries, “But Lord, Lord, I did all of this for you!” And Lord says, Did all of what?  Made your bed in Religion? Slept with men through decrees? Denied the Way through Ritual? Confused Truth with Tradition? Murdered Life in numbers? I never knew you! 

Narrow is the way … much like being born.

I was dialoguing with someone recently on the attitude found in Religions where those within a particular church have asked their priests if those outside of their church will be saved. The sad part of this is that it has never occurred to them that the Way IS. It is. So, a question from these of Religion might be: What is Church?

In the Gospel of Philip, the Understanding is thus …

The master said, “Blessed is one who is before coming into being. For whoever is, was and will be.”

And the Religious says, “But that makes no sense!” And the gnostic says, That’s because IT IS sense.

About eight years ago I prayed fervently for wisdom, and I prayed that whatever I did would have purpose for others. I wasn’t asking for anything other than what God knew I needed – not money, or fame, or career, or appearance, or title, or religion. I was lacking, this much I knew. Other than desiring wisdom, I did not know what was. And so how does one called in gnosis share on this that another might hear? I must honestly say, I am still lacking.

Then Peter answered, “Look, three times you have told us, ‘Be [filled,’ but] we are filled.”

The [Savior answered] and said, “For [this reason I have told] you, ‘[Be filled],’ that you may not [lack. those who lack] will not [be saved]. To be filled is good and to lack is bad. Yet since it is also good for you to lack but bad for you to be filled, whoever is filled also lacks. One who lacks is not filled in the way another who lacks is filled, but whoever is filled is brought to an appropriate end. So you should lack when you can fill yourselves and be filled when you can lack that you may be able to [fill] yourselves more. Be filled with spirit but lack in reason, for reason is of the soul. It is soul.” The Gospel of Philip

I could stop this essay here and pray that others will hate hypocrisy and desire wisdom. This may happen, if it be God’s will. But, I know of more that I can share, for this is the reasonable way.

First, one needs to understand the difference in Religious weight and Spiritual weight. Jesus says, Be filled with the Spirit. What is Spirit? Spirit is of God; cannot be confined; cannot be premeditated; cannot be of a uniform nature; cannot be sanctified by man. Spirit is weightless, but has force, and ingenuity, for it is inborn. This is an immensely important aspect of Spirit. It’s face rests in the motion to create, rebuild, transform , improve, stretch, grow, self-evaluate, and very importantly, renew. This is that comfort and strength in endurance of spiritual farming, spiritual athleticism and spiritual warfare. It is Gift. I have often said that preaching is telling and teaching is showing. If this be the case, then practicing what you preach will render you truthful. So if Spirit abides in truth, for it must if it is of God, then practicing truth will teach. Spirit exists in this vein.

Religion carries what it consists of, which is something of weight, or it would not be Religion. By its name alone, whatever that may be (Roman Catholicism, Greek Orthodoxy, Russian Orthodoxy …) it must carry with it something in order to try to align itself with God, and this would be where doctrine and tradition are used. These carry weight, along with its signature , or brand, such as Roman or Greek or Russian. Religion itself does not harbor Spirit because Religion is adherence in a belief. Belief is not truth in and of itself.  Truth of the Christ is not found in belief of doctrine, which is uniform, or based in uniformity. It is active in the becoming. Interestingly, the word religion has its origin in the Latin religare, to bind. The Spirit cannot be bound. And this would be part of the beauty of Spirit. God can use anyone, anywhere, at anytime, in any way, especially the least likely.

The wind blows where it wills, and you hear the sound thereof, but can not tell from where it came, and where it goes: so is everyone that is born of the Spirit. John 3.8

Now, why have Religion? Religion provides structure; however, it should never exceed Love. So what are we really looking at here? Simply enough, Religion serves in providing a motivational presence, or practice, but is only effective in God awareness or God understanding in its labor of leadership. It is not necessary to make itself obsolete, but rather, instrumentalfor Religion should not be striving to become a what, but a who. So a question a Religious might ask is not what Religion are you, but rather, who are you in church? This would then create Truth of Church, understood as Truth of God.

And I say also unto you, That you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16.18

Leaders in the uniform of Roman control took this passage and tried to institute the Roman Religion, later known as Roman Catholicism, and then incorrectly called it The Church. The Roman Church is not the same church as church in these words found in God’s Word. The foundation spoken here is Christ, the Way (of ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me‘). Understandably, some of the most intelligent men cannot grasp this truth. They cannot grasp that truth is found IN the way, THROUGH Christ Jesus. Part of the reason for this is their desire to be the leader, or to have a leader, rather than understanding the measure of leadership, which is really membership according to God’s will.

Incidentally, I was told that a known Catholic priest says that ‘the Church’s job is to make itself obsolete.’ Clearly, this priest does not understand Church, for if Church is understood in the vein of Truth, Church should be of renewal, striving to bring all things into the Way. Now here is where the pruning of the tree or vine comes in, and we can look at this a couple of ways. As each Generation of Man comes forth in the Generation of God, pruning is a necessity for the Life of the Vineyard. Man’s desire for the material, and his desire for title and control, get in the way of God Relationship. This results in a lot of dead weight, which is where we have Religious weight. And unfortunately, there is infection in this deadness that jeopardizes the Life of the Vineyard. If priest A tells rows 1 through 100 his “philosophy” on God, contrary to Truth, Rows 1 through 100 is not only infected with false teaching, but so are his children, and their children, and their children, and so on down the family line. But what also happens in this is a sort of whisper-down-the-lane procedure; the tools in this become increasingly unsterile, and the infection becomes worse, as each is a tool, or instrument of use. And Man in his Religion ends up seriously defective – seriously ill. Rumors often find this voice, and end up damaging the entire crop. With this, one of two things must happen: branches get cut, or the tree gets chopped down and tossed into the fire.

This is where the Truth Prophet is mandatory, or mandated (something/someone commanded by God). God gives you the Truth Prophet, an instrument of use. Now, tell me, what has been done with the Truth Prophets sent by God? The story teaches us that man rejects and  murders these. To share a little waker-upper, God is Prophet. Why? Because he knows the minds and hearts of man, and knows how prone to error he is in his walk. As a matter of fact, man is often running in the other direction from where God calls him to follow. This is understood as denial. God is Prophet because God hands man a voice of Truth to show the Way, or better understood:  TO LIGHT THE WAYMan is in darkness and cannot hear where the voice is calling him, and what makes his condition worse is that he hears a lot of voices telling him come this way, and this way, and this way. Ministers borrowing God’s Name are deniably good at this. They take the tools and instruments and use them incorrectly. Why? Because they were in the line of error when that whispering down the lane occurred, and because so many desire control based on self-agenda. Wow, that’s a lot of encrustment (to borrow a word used by an Orthodox priest), and a lot of ineffective and infective tooling, especially if A to Z preaches an erroneous way to rows 1 through 100 in each denomination in each parish setting.

A cradle Catholic who left Catholicism and who joined the Orthodox Church many years ago said, “There are no prophets today.” I was very surprised. This gentleman has insulated himself in these Religions, denying himself the Spirit, for if he were of the Spirit , he would know the Prophet. But the Spirit cannot work where it is denied. And this is exactly what many priests and bishops do to their Gardens. They deny the Gifts of the Spirit, primarily by feeding and fueling defective teaching, or teaching that is so weak it never fills enough to take root. The branches never see new growth. And again, this is not about numbers. Cigarettes have sold billions but are these good for your health? And what fruits have been born from the poorly fed, the poorly taught, the poorly practiced, and the poorly placed? See the Parable of the Sower. Most seminaries and parishes become not Hospitals of Healing, but rather, Manufacturers of Malpractice.

In Part Two: Measure of Leadership 



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