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As Saint Paul Sees

March 31, 2013

I demonstrated for you what it is to be a servant to men: chained in darkness. Put away the thoughts of a child. What you allow yourself to feed on is where you will sleep. If you are where you should be in one, there is your heart; but if you are not where you should be, you are there in your mind. Do not permit the goals of others to remedy the trail of thine way, but rather pursue that which is within your prayer as one. 

Follow the way determined by whom you are felt. Believe in the path which endureth beyond the frame. The frame is merely a circumstance by which you see that level, but is not the membrane of Life Eternal, and certainly not the freedom in and through the One.

Excerpt from The Prayer of the Apostle Paul

You are [my] mind:

bring me forth.

You are my treasury:

open for me.

You [are] my fullness:

accept me.

You are <my> rest:

give me comprehensible perfection.


  1. Elysia House permalink

    This was beautiful to read and reflect upon today on my birthday. Thank you!

  2. opheliart permalink

    Happy Birthday! And you are welcome. The first I discovered in my notes written to a friend. The second is an excerpt from the Sacred Gnostics Texts. It’s a profound prayer. I am so pleased you are able to appreciate and reflect on these.

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