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Signs and Sadducees

February 10, 2013

One of my greatest joys is searching Godhood. I am a firm believer in open sincerity in fervent and ceaseless prayer, which, if understood as a Sacrament in the Life, garners apparition without all the fuss. It’s a shame that man segregated personhood, dividing it up into the haves and the have nots, claiming a celibacy or a virginity necessary for this or that position, without understanding the meaning in this form of obedience. It is no surprise then that Religion has veered reckless and insurmountable. It became institutionalized, feeding tainted ethics to the masses, and the poor masses ate because so many  had no superior spiritual guidance. Superior guidance is a necessity in Spirit-born apparition , and I use this word as taking the appearance of something remarkable or unexpected (attendance).

… and the Lord spoke to Isaiah, saying, “Go and remove the sackcloth from your loins, and take your sandals off your feet. Thus he did so, walking naked and barefoot three years for a sign and a wonder against the Egyptians and Ethiopians, so shall the king of the Assyrians lead the captivity of Egypt and the Ethiopians, young men and old, naked and barefoot, exposing the shame of Egypt … Isaiah 20 …

Three years for a sign. My brother told me the story of driving through a broken area of the city of Pittsburgh, seeing a vision of an assembly, the start of a church in an existing building, and discovering three years later that a “church” had been started, and not by him, for he was not of the area. Later, through family connections, he found himself an attendee, and soon after, instrumental in the prayer life of that congregation. The point here is that when God ordains something within the life of a person, a person who is in attendance with the Spirit, it comes forth, and is shown thus, and three years is often a reasonable length of time used in the becoming of one to this Sacrament in the Life. God prepares Person that Person may salute God … correctly. And interestingly, my brother said that he sat in the back pew of this small start up assembly for many months, listening, for he was in new territory. He would tell me stories of the repentant drug addicts, struggling to be accepted in the pews of the righteous elite in previous congregations, and of a woman who wept when she learned that the men in this new church would not beat her. “You aren’t going to beat me?” she asked. My brother answered with tears in his eyes, “No, why would I beat you?” The poor woman had known nothing but beatings and sexual abuse from men.

Where did men learn such despicable behavior. It only takes a seed of misogyny to grow a jungle of contempt and abuse. If our assigned religious guides lack spiritual relevance in the wisdom and knowledge of God, the extract from these fruits infect spuriously. Man has squashed the spiritual gifts of the so-called lesser (the ones without the robes), unless what they took to be a gift gave their institution an opportunity to self-ejaculate, and when it suited their Religion, they did it all over the world, sending the signal that men in vestments are the superior when it comes to God, but what they have yet to fully comprehend in this is that the female was made for the declaration within the presidency of the Godhood.


Why is this even relevant for a nonreligious spiritual artist? It is relevant because there is a war on women, and a religious war in the oven. So that I am not lumped into any disingenuous categories, or labeled incorrectly, let me just say that I am not siding with either in those religiopolitical hot button issues. I favor life, but my priority is Life, as is stated in John 14.6. I am the way, the truth, and the Life.  And I am not of any feminist movement. The movement I regard is the movement of Spirrealism. This is part of my calling, and it is not a club of members, solely made up of either sex, but rather, the Way Sacramental. Some choose Religion to suckle from, while others declare Religion institutionalized, and oppressive in self-renewal, and desire God initiation in servitude.

If we go back to Isaiah in his three years for a sign, we begin to understand the importance of God relevancy, and by this I mean, God dependency. It is God instructing the ordination of those called, and God building those manifestos for Life in the Way, and the men in robes, and the women joining orders, is not a requirement for this Spiritual union to be of his election, or for God marriage, or marriage of Church, the uniting within. This is the realm of the Spirit that we are talking about here, not man generated theatrics, appealing to the masses for attention. It’s God attentiveness. Spiritual ascesis, with relationship; with companionship; with brother and sister; with community; within Church, and not as a denial of these relations, for it is in and through others that God calls, and delivers signs.  Those who have endured and who have persistent in their faith in spite of the rejections, being denied and misunderstood and disregarded, are often of a greater message than the plague full of names on the walls of the institutions, or the framed images of the notables in society.  The one still seeking through this is often the one who is found. And if we go back to the weeping woman in the start up assembly, we say: God chooses the least likely for the most heavenly … in His Work.


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