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Irenaeus Who?

February 9, 2013

Oh you may not think I’m pretty, but don’t judge on what you see, I’ll eat myself if you can find a smarter hat than me.

—The Sorting Hat, opening lines of the Sorting Hat song

All eyes are on Harry Potter as he goes up for the sorting. There is a period of time where the hat thinks out loud. Finally, the hat says Gryffindor![applause and cheers while Harry smiles widely] If only the choosing of our spiritual leaders could be so simple, but where would we find such a smart and clever hat? And where are our brave and wholesome candidates? Certainly not through manmade apostolic succession. Why? Because it does not exist. No where in the Word of God is there an agreement of apostolic succession. How do we know this? Because God says so. Where? He says it in Deuteronomy 5.16

Honor your father and mother in the manner the Lord your God commanded you, that it may be well with you, and you may be a long time in the land of the Lord your God is giving you.

Are you scratching your heads on this? Good, because the land of the Lord your God is giving you is waiting for attention.

Did Jesus receive a degree in theology? For that matter, did any of the called Apostles receive a degree in Religionomics?

Irenaeus is not a saint. Irenaeus was an instrument of use. An instrument of use to demonstrate that men are filled with the knowledge of understanding, but less able to comprehend the understanding as knowledge. That would be self-knowledge. Why? Because they are of the mindset to organize union when union is organized as a self apart from man.

I wonder if Irenaeus had any imagination, or was he merely a subject to the school of ideology.  What do you think?


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