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Whoops-a-Daisy Religion Style

January 29, 2013


In The Secret Book of James, Jesus mentions faith first. “Be eager for the word. The first aspect of the word is faith, the second is love, the third is works, and from these comes life.” What this is saying is that in ORDER for love and works to produce – to be of the Essence of the Spirituality of Christ – and for works to be effective, or profitable, for self, and another, faith must be of the Essence. It’s paramount. So few understand this concept. So few inspire in this realm of reason – God reality. Not only is New Age popular because it provides that “feeling” of faith to people without making any demands of faith on them, all of REligion is guilty in this. It substitutes REligion (aspects of this) for faith. Demonstration of Truth comes not in the attendance of the body to the building, but in the attendance of the building of the body.

Again, demonstration of Truth comes not in the attendance of the body to the building, but in the building of the body. This requires self-knowledge. It’s not brick and mortar stewardship that is necessary in faith, but stewardship within the community of self-understanding.

Man cannot see God through his own eyes. He must see himself through God’s eyes.


John 4  Samaritan Woman: Photini

Last night, our Lord reminded me of an experience I’d had in the Greek Orthodox Church. It was one of those Acts in Religion that demonstrates the lack of faith in those who claim to be spiritual fathers. I can still see this priest’s face shouting at me when I showed up outside the chapel to ask for forgiveness in case I had done something to offend.

Haven’t you found another church yet?! 

I have fr; I have found another church. I then put out my hand, which caused him to extend his. In his hand was a set of keys. I gently touched the underside of his hand while I leaned down and kissed the top (Greek Orthodox style, and one I shall never do again).

What prompted this outburst? I am a woman, one who dared to read The Philokalia; one who dared to ask a few members if they had read it (many cradle-orthodox had not even heard of it); one who dared to bring up the topic of angels. Was I a zealot in this? Heavens no! As a matter of fact, I was filled with joy. I wanted to share on my findings on the Eastern Orthodox Church, but there was this strange conspiracy concerning me that insisted my assigned spiritual advisor keep me from meeting members. Heavens, we wouldn’t want any of these thinking about reading a book on prayer of the heart, or developing a deeper, closer relationship with God the Father through Depth Ascension prayer. It seems, the idea is to keep them dependent on the clergy, and to imbed the thinking that their silver would be better spent in the parish collection basket, and not on rendering self. For, after all, their Greek “Church” will save them. I guess they never got the memo:

It is by faith and spiritual experience that one can confirm God as Father. Understanding the Greek Orthodox Church by Canstantelos

I hear priests and bishops sharing on their experiences all of the time, so I feel perfectly within my rights in sharing here. It makes for a good homily, and often gets a chuckle out of the audience. I recall one where Bishop Kallistos Ware had been asked by a “heterodox” about being saved.  If you google this, you will get to hear his answer. Also, I feel it’s important to air out these parishes. Every house needs a good Spring cleaning, and … well, there are a few unorthodox Orthodox goings on that need a bit of sunlight. Here’s one that will cause the shades to drop. After I was aborted from the Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and I won’t go into the scary details of what this did to a seven-month-old catechumen emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically, especially when those you trusted had shared your personal emails with others on your spiritual experiences, I received a phone call from my mother, who lives many hours drive from me. She explained to me that she’d received a call from a friend. I remembered this friend but had not seen or heard from her or her husband for at least thirty-five years. This couple was a friend of my parents.; there was no reason for them to be in touch with me, except, this person wanted to relay a message to my mum. She told her that someone had called their house asking to speak with Linda Phiel Hewlings. At first, she told my mum that she thought she’d heard Linda Thiel Hewlings, because the first and second name was familiar to her, but later realized that they had asked for Linda Phiel Hewlings. I found this exceedingly curious since I had exhibited my Salathiel/Selaphiel Archangel of Prayer ikon in the Greek Cathedral art show not long before. Thiel-Phiel … a coincidence? There are no coincidences in orthodoxy, especially when the last name of mum’s friend is MANSFIELD, as in Man’s Field.

I thought it strange when I called what I thought was becoming a dear brother in Christ to ask why everyone was acting horribly, and he replied:

I don’t know what to tell you LT. You asked too many questions, and need to get in good with the priest.

To conclude, I’ll share a bit of humor. I told people that if I had known what God had planned for me ahead of going into Religion, I would have run so fast in the other direction I would have been eligible for the Summer Olympics.

It might be nice if those actually thought about, and experienced, what they sing in the Divine Liturgy:

Σοφία! Ας είμαστε προσεκτικοί!
Σοφία! Σήκω! Ας ακούσουμε το Άγιο Ευαγγέλιο! Ειρήνη σε όλους

Wisdom! Let us be attentive!

Wisdom! Arise! Let us hear the Holy Gospel! Peace be with all.

SPIRREALISM: The Weeping Prophet

The Weeping Prophet -48″ by 72″ by L. THIEL Hewlings

>see for full image of The Weeping Prophet

  1. opheliart permalink

    I received a response to this essay, and I felt it an important voice on this topic, so I have decided to include it here. I am not sharing the full message sent for some of it is of a more personal nature, and not relevant to this subject. The following comes from an artist (painter) in her early seventies.

    re: “I am so very sorry that you had such a hateful experience with the Greek Orthodox Church. Specially when you were seeking for a plAce to worship But don’t you find it odd that you are received by the priest , he gives you a “special ” name and makes you feel special , to pull the rug from under your feet? There is much to all about this. Did he felt guilty because he talked too much about name giving , that even long time parishioners, specially women did not know anything about it? I can come up with a whole bunch answers or possibilities of answers. We must remember he is a man, living among people that probably think he is Jesus Incarnate. His word is law, no one dares or even think of questioning him. And here you come , an intelligent , beautiful woman eager and full of questions!!! He falls once, he tells you about the name, a no- no. God only knows what he thought in his sick mind. She’s dangerous, asks too many questions, to eager to bring change, etc. he lashed out at you out of anger, at himself, and afraid of such a beautiful,intelligent woman. This was too much. Get her away because she can influence other women to Think for themselves , dangerous! You see, Linda, you didn’t do anything wrong , he did. But things happened for a reason. And now you are coming to that realization. You are seeking for the truth the way the Gnostics of old did… By themselves using their minds. The intelligence that God gave you And like them you are going to go through growing pains. How dare you, people will say , that you can seek the truth on your own and a woman to boot! Remember the elections.”

  2. opheliart permalink

    Thank you for your support, M!
    Peace and Love

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