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The Miss Fits

January 24, 2013

Last night someone left a comment by way of another venue. I found this a little odd, but I am sure this individual may have wanted to avoid me. He may have wanted to avoid me, but I am not going to avoid him. His comment was that our essays and comments on SPIR show more of the negative side of his Religion than any other Religion. My first response to this would be to ask: Have you looked at the art? Every picture tells a story – don’t it? Regarding the essays, if Adam and Eve had not seen the opposite of good, how would they know it was good? If you see the answer, you recognize the problem.

Then again, I could respond by simply saying: Your Religion wanted the spotlight; it got the spotlight. It wanted to rule the world, so it is reaping what it has sown. Somewhere in all of this may be a little justice. I mean, a Religion that allows its bishops to sell pornography, and looks the other way when its own members are horribly abused … like Will and his little brother in that tent. Will was only seven; his brother, four. You may have read about it. It was in the news recently. Will beat up the priest 33 years later, but he won the case against him. People are finally waking up to what has been a runaway train – Roman Catholicism. The damage left is so immense, it rattles me just thinking about it. The sad part in this is that it took even more aggression, more bad behavior, for people to see.

Let’s take a look at the inception of this Religion. In Papadakis’s The Christian East & the Rise of the Papacy: The Church AD 1071-1453, under Papal Reform Movement, there’s a list of tenets comprising what the author calls “one of the most synoptic manifestos with the Roman primacy in existence on the subject.” He continues by saying  “the arbitrary terms in which the fullness of Roman universal power is described is unparalleled.” Here are a few of what Papadakis calls headings:

>That the Roman Church was founded by God alone.

>That the pope is the only one whose feet are to be kissed by all princes.

>He may depose emperors.

>That he himself may be judged by no one.

>That the Roman Church has never erred, nor ever, by the witness of Scripture, shall err to all eternity.

>That the Roman pontiff, if canonically ordained, is undoubtedly sanctified by the merits of St Peter.

These are just a few, but the author adds, “Considering the shadowy status of the papacy before 1046, the forceful and outspoken character of these claims is remarkable.”

Unbelievable? Insane, in my opinion. I am tempted to ask if the Prince of Peace must be expected to kiss his toes, or does he think he is that Prince? If I kissed any part of the pope because he is of the stature stated above, as orthodox spiritual, I think that I would lose my Life. If I honored any man in this way as God, and we have only to look at the Prophets in the Old Testament to understand this, I would be rendered unattainable in and through the One. Read God’s Word. I don’t make this stuff up.


Ikon Jesus ben Sirach – L. Thiel Hewlings

The above ikon addresses one very simple virtue – humility. Now, Roman Catholic defenders may rally their works and say , “We’ve got Mother Teresa. She showed humility her whole life!” And I will counter this by saying: You look at her. Have you read any of the recent articles and books on her, or watched the video footage? Unfortunately, for her, she became the RC poster child, and deceived in astronomical numbers. I was always an admirer of this head Sister of Charity. I had three books on her. I was deeply saddened to learn the truth about what goes on in that donation-amassing order. I won’t discuss the self- destructive behavior in terms of the right or wrong of it, or the belief system on God. In this, I say to each his own, but what I draw your attention to in this is the money that did not get used for its intended purpose. Forget the boxes and boxes of medicine and medical supplies donated to this charity that were never used because of Teresa’s penchant for suffering. I was not there; I can’t say for sure, but what I did witness was an interview with the person who succeeded her. What she said, and how she said it, was enough to convince me what was really going on in that organization. The largest and richest Religion in the world? And the sisters aren’t permitted to can a tomato? And they live in the strictest poverty while a pope and his men shuffle the rich corridors of the Vatican and the cathedrals wearing heavy bling? What’s wrong with this picture.

There must come a point in your life where you admit the good, and confess the bad. Yes, admit good. Religion does not need a Religious hierarchy. Believers can still join together and pray, fundraise for the community, donate to assist in paying medical bills for cancer-stricken members within a parish, provide meals for the homeless, and help a pregnant mother with no job.  God is watching to see the intent of your work, and He wants you to be intelligent about it. Know yourself, and know the currency of the order.

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