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The Light Dismantled

January 21, 2013

What is it about believers that makes them unbelievable?


Ikon Prince of Peace – L. Thiel Hewlings

Again, what is it about believers that makes them unbelievable. My head swims with answers on this. Where do I begin? Which point is the better point, the more industrious? First, allow me to share on why I ask such a question. While on a public Christianity Discussion Forum, I dialogued with a woman, and ended up exchanging a few personal emails with her, and one thing she said left me somewhat stunned. I was a newbie on the thread, and had stated clearly that I was directed to that venue to see where “Christianity” was headed. I had had some truly unusual experiences in a few church settings, and God wanted to show me exactly why. What she said to me was truly unusual. There was a brief exchange of unkindness on the thread shown by those defending a set Religion, and some of this came from what my partner in Spirrealism likes to call the Patriarchal Cheerleaders. In mentioning this unkindness on the thread, the woman said to me: Go to another forum. You have a husband.

Go to another forum. You have a husband.

Wow.  I didn’t know what to say. Yes, I am married, but … what does this have to do with sharing Christ on a Christianity Forum? Or even asking questions, which I started out doing to get some answers. Because of an unkindness done to me at a Religious Institution, and the reason I chose the forum I did, was that I had been invited to do an art show at a Catholic Abbey, but discovered I’d been set up when at the opening reception, the bio sketch that I was asked to include (two to three weeks prior to the event) was censored. Actually, it was reduced from three quarters of an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet to about three lines, and the chairperson followed me to the area where my art and bio was being exhibited to see my reaction. The bio was merely a sharing of the Spirit, nothing my friends who read it found questionable. I’d even gotten a few compliments on it elsewhere.

Go to another forum. You have a husband.     Hmm…

The woman even told me where to find this other forum. I didn’t go to the other forum. I wasn’t looking for a husband. And not only did I stay on that forum, I moved onto a few other threads within that forum, and continued to dialogue with these same people, and a few more. Thankfully, because, if I had not stayed, and continued to share, and ask questions, I would never have met my very NON Patriarchal Cheerleader, Al, and I would not have had him to share SPIRREALISM with, and we would not have had in this venue to share with you.

So, what is it about believers that makes them unbelievable? Well, judging from this, I would say that the woman in set Religion was attempting to groom the men on the forum by getting them interested in becoming RC priests, which I have read has a tremendous shortage, or she was looking for a husband. I found it odd, though, with such a huge audience, this woman would target me, unless this is her job, to keep the women away from the forum that she might keep the fields for her own use. Heavens, we wouldn’t want any seeds planted where they might grow something genuinely profitable.


Ikon Archangel Gabriel – L. Thiel Hewlings


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