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Broken Arrow … The Guardian

January 14, 2013

Ikon Broken Arrow

This acrylic on board was not my first Spirrealism work, not by any means, but it was the first painting that moved me into effectiveness as artist collaborator within this new movement, which is really a New Vision. Inspired by the fluid and vibrant painterly stroke of Al’s work, I found a small nugget of something glistening beneath the aura of his varied personality. Gold. As Jesus ben Sirach writes in the Wisdom of Sirach …

51.28 Partake of instruction with a great amount of silver,  And gain much gold with it.

As artists, no longer products of religion, having experienced what so many experience in this, and many experiencing without realizing what it is they are experiencing, and how it can suppress the spirit, we have found that Starter for Leavened Bread.


*this venue tends to crop unjustly. to view the full images of those paintings by L. Thiel Hewings visit

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