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Who is Church: a brief sharing

January 11, 2013

Icon Archangel Raphael

Icon Archangel Andradimus (Archangel Raphael): An Unfinished Canvas … L. Thiel Hewlings

I made it through four chapters of  Vladimir Lossky’s The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church when I realized something extra-extraordinarily profound (all the while, I jotted down numerous notes between the lines): Where Lossky expresses the Godhood Energy as knowable, and the Godhood Essence as unknowable, I have found to be the reverse. The Essence of the Spirituality of Christ, which I experience as the Way, or , the Path, is knowable, as Galatians 5.22+ is knowable – a living exercise – and the Godhood Energy is unknowable. Experienced, but unknowable.

First, that I made it four chapters in is telling in itself. Four chapters in and then I said … I must see the back. I went to the back of the book and read the chapter title: Chapter Twelve Conclusion: The Feast of the Kingdom.

Twelve … Feast of the Kingdom. I find this highly symbolic, as the thought came to me … this book should be read in the reverse. And not only is this symbolic, that I read four chapters and went to Chapter Twelve, it is indicative of the message found in John 4, the Woman at the Well, and the message in our David, the shepherd boy, with his five stones chosen from the river.  Five stones, but only one of use. Five husbands, but the fifth not a husband.

A pairing of the ” The orthodox and the provocative conjoin in Spirrealism, the way the Second Testament can potentially unify with the Hebrew Scriptures.”, found in Alfred’s essay, Dialoguing Spirrealism With The Art of L. Thiel Hewlings?

So, why did Lossky see the Godhood as reversed? Well, in my experience …

He had not reached the perimeter of self to understand why one presupposes that fortune under godliness, which would be that pearl – hymnal of the Mysteries on Wisdom.  He got trapped in the outer rim of a form of esoteric ground cover, that meanders and weaves on and out on the kingship … which is a sort of buffer to protect the spirit sensual.

One thing I have learned very early as orthodox spiritual: there are no coincidences in orthodoxy.

+Coming January 2013 … Book of Revelations: Last Book of the New Testament, Or First Book of the New Vision?



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